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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 19 Recap

Xiao Zhen threatened Qu Xiaotan with Mo Liancheng’s private intrusion into the forbidden land, and also got the dagger that Qu Xiaotan gave to Mo Liancheng. Qu Xiaotan could only agree to marry Yun Xiu for Mo Liancheng. In the secret room, Mo Liancheng looked for the wind to find the exit, and left smoothly. The next day, Mo Liancheng shook twice while pouring tea to the emperor. The emperor deliberately asked, saying that there had been a lot of changes in the palace recently, and he wanted to beat and beat those who were unsure.

The emperor deliberately held Mo Liancheng’s hand and asked him to watch for himself tonight, but Mo Liancheng had to agree, but insisted on going outside to guard. Xiao Zhen persuaded the emperor to find a reason to bring Mo Lian City into the harem, and Mo Lian City had to guard against him. The emperor was also wondering about his actions. Who was he inquiring about? Xiao Zhen said that Qu Xiaotan had a certain connection with Soul Zhenzhu, and the emperor thought she was good for the big plan, and asked Xiao Zhen to do as planned.

Today Qu Xiaotan married Yun Xiu, but kept hiding from him and refused to see Yun Xiu. Mo Jingxuan came to the mansion and said that Mo Liancheng had gone to the emperor’s palace last night and has not yet returned. Qu Xiaotan was so angry that he cursed the scumbag in his heart. Xiao Zhen came to congratulate and conveyed the emperor’s dictum that she must stay overnight in Yunxiu’s room tonight. Qu Xiaotan returned to the room very depressed, the emperor did not punish Mo Liancheng and rewarded him, everyone understood the emperor’s thoughts. Jing Xin persuaded Qu Xiaotan that Mo Liancheng had no choice but to force him. But Qu Xiaotan still got more and more angry. Yun Xiu swaggered in, making Jing Xin a wink. Qu Xiaotan watched Jing Xin leave, and watched Yun Xiu press against her helplessly.

Mo Liancheng proposed to return to the mansion, and the emperor approved it. At this time, Xiao Zhen told him that Qu Xiaotan had married a new man, and Mo Liancheng was suddenly upset. Mo Fengyang thought Yun Xiu had a problem, and wanted to find out the truth, so Father Mo asked her to be more careful. Mo Fengyang came to congratulate Qu Xiaotan and Yun Xiu. Qu Xiaotan understood that she had concerns about Yun Xiu, so she let her stay in the mansion and observe it.

When Mo Liancheng returned to the mansion, he learned that Qu Xiaotan and Yun Xiu were together. He was jealous for a while. Qu Xiaotan was also angry because of his ambiguity with the emperor. Greet him, Mo Liancheng’s vinegar jar suddenly overturned. Knowing that Mo Fengyang was investigating Yun Xiu, Mo Liancheng immediately went to see Mo Fengyang and inquired about Yun Xiu from her. Mo Fengyang believed that Yun Xiu had many tricks and this reconciliation was by no means simple. Mo Liancheng said he would Find a way to search his room.

In the middle of the night, Qu Xiaotan deliberately hid in the room and told Mo Liancheng to spend the night in the Yunxiu room. As a result, Mo Liancheng couldn’t sleep all night, and drank his sorrows. The next day, Mo Liancheng sneaked into Yun Xiu’s room to search, but was discovered by Yun Xiu. The two fought on the spot, Qu Xiaotan saw this and asked Mo Liancheng to cook lunch for Yun Xiu to make up for his mistake. Mo Liancheng was busy in the kitchen, and Qu Xiaotan and Yun Xiu flirted with each other. Yun Xiu took the cake to Mo Fengyang. Mo Liancheng suddenly approached Qu Xiaotan. When he was about to kiss him, he suddenly said that he was afraid of her choking. Qu Xiaotan was speechless.

Yun Xiu seemed to like Mo Fengyang very much. While watching her practice swordsmanship, he had to cooperate with Qu Xiaotan in acting as Mo Liancheng, but Mo Liancheng had already discovered the clues. Qu Xiaotan asked Yun Xiu to practice the sword, Yun Xiu immediately agreed, and Mo Liancheng sighed and sat beside Qu Xiaotan.

Yun Xiu was afraid of hurting Mo Fengyang, so he refused to make any moves when practicing swordsmanship. Mo Liancheng didn’t understand why Qu Xiaotan wanted to piss him off. After learning the truth, he knew she was jealous, but Mo Liancheng didn’t rush to explain, instead, she felt that she was so cute when she was jealous.

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