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Love O’Clock (2021) 恋爱生物钟

Love O’Clock (2021)
Other Title: 恋爱生物钟, 恋爱生物钟, Lian Ai Sheng Wu Zhong

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Xi Dao

Release Date:
Jun 20, 2021
Related Show:
Adapted from a novel of the same name by Su Yishan


  • Peng Chu Yue as Lu Yun Zhi
  • Sharon Wang as He Zhen
  • Jerron Wu as Han Shi
  • Ji Mei Han as Lin Tian Yi
  • Guo Yun Qi as Qi Cheng
  • Tiffany Gao as Mi Si Wei

A sweet romance between editor Lu Yun Zhi who has a strict timeline for everything and the quirky He Zhen who is a serious procrastinator.

Lu Yun Zhi is the star editor of a publishing house. He takes pride in his flawless working style and cares a great deal about maintaining his public image. While he tries to appear mature, he is just like a child who can feel happy over the smallest compliment and throw a chair in frustration at the smallest mistake. He Zhen is a girl with eccentric ideas. She’s turned into a night owl from spending her time writing her novel. Her days and nights are a blur, her life chaotic yet she’s the type who doesn’t care about appearances. This is the story about the highly disciplined editor and the energetic writer.

Watch “Biological Clock in Love” online, introduction to “Biological Clock in Love”: He Zhen, the young author who turns day and night all the year round, uses an antique clock to please Lu Yunzhi, the editor-in-chief of the book culture, in order to become a contract author with Book Culture, but he is “sending When the clock encountered a total solar eclipse, the mysterious power of the antique clock was awakened, and the two were forced to exchange their biological clocks. In order to solve the various conditions caused by the mutation of the biological clock, the enemies who insisted on not contacting each other had to start “trading.” Over time, Lu Yunzhi, who was cold and unsatisfactory to express, moved his heart to He Zhen, took the initiative to pursue her, and started a fantasy and romantic sweet love with her.

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