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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 22 Recap

Chen Mengzhen and Luo Xiaojun ran into Zhang Yichi while flying a kite in the amusement park. Zhang Yichi saw that the two of them couldn’t fly the kite, so he stepped forward to repair them. Luo Xiaojun didn’t believe Zhang Yichi at first, but Zhang Yichi repaired the kite in threes or twos. , Successfully let the kite fly. Luo Xiaojun admired Zhang Yichi very much. When the two were flying the kite together, Zhang Yichi talked about the question Luo Xiaojun asked last time.

He said that he would show the utmost sincerity to get along with Chen Mengzhen for a period of time. As for the result, he didn’t know. Ask Chen Mengzhen, Chen Mengzhen probably won’t know. I hope Luo Xiaojun will give him some time, and Luo Xiaojun agreed. Zhang Yichi handed the kite string to Luo Xiaojun, while he sat next to Chen Mengzhen and chatted with her. Talking and chatting that the kite string was broken, Luo Xiaojun and Zhang Yichi hurried to chase them.

When Xia Chu and Liang Muze were playing outside, Xia Chu asked Liang Muze if he was jealous. Liang Muze did not answer, but he was a little bit angry. He sullenly rode his bike and ignored Liang Muze. When the two stopped, they broke off. The kite from the line came just towards the beginning of Xia, and Liang Muze quickly grabbed the kite with his eyes and hands.

The two saw Chen Mengzhen and Zhang Yichi together. Liang Muze felt that Zhang Yichi’s love history was too rich for Chen Mengzhen, but Xia Chu felt that Zhang Yichi was right, and wanted to match Zhang Yichi and Chen Mengzhen for a try. When the two were arguing, Zhang Yichi and Chen Mengzhen came back after buying water, and seemed to have heard the quarrel between the two, making the scene a little embarrassing for a while.

Liang Muze and Xia Chu received a call from Liang Shaoxue on the way back. They learned that Mu Min had come here on a business trip and had already arrived at Liang Muze’s house. After stopping the car, Liang Muze told Xia Chu that Mumin had come home, so that Xia Chu remembered that she was her own. My girlfriend, Xia Chu was a little funny. He asked Liang Muze to kiss himself, if he wanted to make Liang Shaoxue believe in their relationship. Liang Muze denied, saying that he really likes Xia Chu, but he can’t promise Xia Chu. Very disappointed.

After the two went home, Mu Min was clamoring to send Ermiao away. Liang Muze hugged the cat. Suddenly, Liang Muze found something wrong with Ermiao’s collar. After some groping, he found the bug in Ermiao’s collar. . Liang Muze hurriedly sent the wiretap to the police station. Rao Feng asked him if he had any suspects. Liang Muze directly said Zhuoran’s name. The two chatted, Liang Muze decided to find another place to arrange Xia Chu and Liang Shaoxue before finding the intruder.

Xia Chu was thinking about the bug at home, and she unconsciously began to doubt Zhuoran. At this time, Xia Mu called and asked, saying that Mu Min had called her and called her in-laws. Xia Chu explained that she was helping Liang Muze. So busy, pretending to be her girlfriend, Xia’s mother quickly asked Xia Chu whether she liked Liang Muze or not. Xia Chu didn’t understand her own heart, so she asked Xia Chu how Xia Guangyuan and Xia Guangyuan fell in love.

While speaking, Mother Xia heard Xia Guangyuan’s knock on the door, and hung up the phone in a hurry. Xia Guangyuan talked to the Security Department about the information leakage, worried that he would no longer be able to do research in the future, and even more worried that this would affect Tang Lin’s career, Xia’s mother quickly comforted him. Later, she sent a text message to Xia Chu, telling her daughter that she actually disliked all the shortcomings of Xia Guangyuan, but also loved all his advantages.

Zhuo Ran met Tang Lin and lied to him that Xia Guangyuan agreed to serve as a consultant for the new pharmaceutical factory. Tang Lin was a little surprised. Zhuo Ran also offered a contract, saying that he could get a salary of 100,000 yuan a month as a consultant for the new factory. Tang Lin Sure enough, my heart was moved and I signed the contract.

After Liang Muze returned home, Xia Chu returned the gift Mu Min had given to Liang Muze. He also said that Mu Min wanted her to prepare for the meeting between the two parents, and also asked her to persuade Liang Muze to change careers. Liang Muze asked her how she wanted to change careers, and Xia Chu said This was Liang Muze’s own choice. Liang Muze asked Xia Chu if he had brought Zhuo Ran back. Xia Chu denied it. He also said that he didn’t want to doubt Zhuo Ran and wanted to leave. Liang Muze took Xia Chu, but Xia Chu did not struggle.

He got close to Liang Muze and kissed him. After the kiss, he said that he was even with Liang Muze. Liang Muze still persuades Xia Chu to be wary of those around him, and teaches Xia Chu to learn to protect herself. Only by protecting herself can he have a chance to save more people. Xia Chu does not understand why Liang Muze wants to say this to himself, and Liang Muze said that he is only talking about himself. I was about to move defense, and I asked Xia Chu if he really didn’t tell me about changing jobs. Xia Chu said good night and left.

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