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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 21 Recap

Migu’s boss gave Migu a business card. He deliberately introduced his nephew Liu Song to Migu. He wanted to match the two of them. He also said that because of the boss’s face, Migu could only accept it.

After Liang Muze sent Xia Chu to the hospital, he went back to the scene of the car accident for investigation. Rao Feng also arrived at the scene. He told Liang Muze about the City of Desire and the terrorist pirates, and said that the terrorist pirates are likely to be antisocial personality. It is also difficult for the extreme terrorists to capture his whereabouts. The terrorist pirates involved in the deaths of Sang Kun and the old ghosts were a big breakthrough.

As the two of them were talking, Rao Feng’s subordinates came to report that the old ghost’s goods had surfaced and that they were going to trade at the bar tonight. The police and the military worked together to squat at the bar and wanted to catch the drug dealer. , Tian Yong, Xiao Teng and Liang Muze’s group, found a suspicious person in the bar, but after approaching, they discovered that the suspicious person was just a cover to divert their attention. The real transaction was conducted in the Yunshan Tunnel, Rao Feng learned After the news, people hurriedly checked the traffic on the road near the Yunshan Tunnel.

Rao Feng’s actions were a step late. The person who distracted the police at the bar was Long Yi Yirong. The real deal was made by Zhuo Ran pretending to run out at night and handing over the goods to the buyer. After Zhuo Ran delivered the goods, he continued into the tunnel. After leaving, she found Liang Shaoxue, who was wearing early summer clothes, lying unconscious on the side of the road. Liang Shaoxue happened to see the buyer driving by before she fell into a coma. Zhuo Ran recognized that Liang Shaoxue’s clothes belonged to Early Xia, and sent Liang Shaoxue to the hospital.

Zhang Yichi successfully performed the operation on Liu Ran. Xia Chu thanked him for allowing him to observe the operation. Zhang Yichi reminded Xia Chu that patients still have a 25% chance of infection after the operation and should always pay attention, but Xia Chu is still very grateful for giving Liu Ran this opportunity . Later, early Xia borrowed Xiao Xiao’s cell phone to call Liang Muze. On the way back to the army, some of Liang Muze called Liang Muze to express his gratitude to Liang Muze and said that she felt that Liang Muze was by her side when she was in danger.

I was particularly relieved, Liang Muze used the car’s Bluetooth to answer the phone, Xiao Teng and Tian Yong heard all the words in the beginning of Xia. When Xiao Teng was booed at the side in early Xia, he hung up the phone in shame and annoyance. Liang Muze was so angry. Tian Yong and Xiao Teng dropped the car. There were three days left of Liang Muze’s vacation. Dong Zhigang learned that Liang Muze was interested in Xia Chu, and he even lent his car to Liang Muze to drive. He also told Liang Muze to treat Xia Chu well.

After Liang Muze and Dong Zhigang talked, Tian Yong approached him to ask about Liang Shaoxue. Liang Muze called back and asked if Xia Chu saw Liang Shaoxue. Xia Chu was still angry about what happened last night and was very fierce towards Liang Muze, but in the end he received Zhuo Ran’s By phone, I learned that Liang Shaoxue fainted on the side of the road last night, and it was Zhuo Ran who sent her to the hospital.

Liang Muze also rushed to the hospital after learning of the situation. He knew that Zhuo Ran was more suspicious of him after the Yunshan Tunnel yesterday. Zhuo Ran deliberately provoked Liang Muze, saying that Liang Shaoxue’s clothes were from the beginning of Xia, or he and the first one in the beginning of Xia. The clothes that Xia Chu wore when I kissed the last time, I still don’t feel enough to think about it. Liang Muze punched Zhuo Ran with anger.

Xia Chu quickly pulled the two away. Liang Muze was even more angry when he saw Xia Chu still defending Zhuo Ran. He pushed Liang Shaoxue and left. On the other hand, Zhuo Ran said that Liang Muze had a violent tendency, and he was very worried that Xia Chu lived with Liang Muze, but Xia Chu was a little wondering how he knew that he was living with Liang Muze. He had never told him before, so Zhuo Ran said that Migu told him. .

After returning home, Xia Chu asked Liang Muze why he wanted to play Zoran. Liang Muze disdain to explain. Liang Shaoxue suddenly woke up to help Liang Muze explain. Xia Chu was a little embarrassed and asked Liang Muze if what Liang Shaoxue had just said was true. Liang Muze did not answer. After kissing Xia Chu directly, Liang Shaoxue stayed aside and took a photo with her mobile phone.

After Liang Muze kissed the beginning of Xia, he directly took Xia Chu to the mall to buy a new dress. After buying the new dress, the two of them went to the game store to play games. When they were tired, they went to eat desserts. They were happy like a couple of gods and goddesses. Liang Shaoxue reported the situation to Liang Muze’s mother Mu Min at home. After Liang Shaoxue called Mu Min, she called Tian Yong to report his safety and confessed to Tian Yong. Tian Yong’s teammates overheard Liang Shaoxue’s confession. When Tian Yong hung up, they couldn’t help but ridicule. he.

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