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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 9 Recap

When Mei Shiqing heard Xiaowanzi’s request, he said at the beginning that as long as Xiaowanzi learns to write three characters, he can walk out of Meifu. Mei Shiqing wrote down his name, and Xiao Wanzi had to start to draw a gourd. Seeing Xiao Wanzi’s clumsy appearance, Mei Shiqing hugged Xiao Wanzi from behind and taught Xiao Wanzi to write. A warm heat approached him, Xiao Wanzi couldn’t help swallowing saliva, and Mei Shiqing also smiled. The extremely close distance caused both of them to begin to speed up their heartbeats, but Si Heng suddenly approached, breaking the ambiguity between the two.

When Mei Shiqing came back again, she found that Xiao Wanzi started to concentrate on calligraphy. She was so enthusiastic to learn that Xiao Wanzi wanted to escape. Mei Shiqing misunderstood that she wanted to meet Situ Lin, and was so angry that she quarreled with Xiao Wanzi again. . Mei Shiqing angrily began practicing swords with Si Heng, and when he turned around, he didn’t find Xiao Wanzi, only the distorted name ink stains all over the room.

Mei Shiqing came to the Chamber of Commerce with a carriage, but did not notice the arrival of Xiaowanzi. On the other side, Xiao Wanzi came to the agreed place and found He Yizhi. He Yizhi wanted to take the Xiaowanzi to escape, but the very responsible Xiaowanzi didn’t want to escape. He Yizhi had to report the county to Qiaoyun and others. The current situation of the lord, the biggest problem at present is how to rescue the princess.

Nan Batian questioned Little Treasure’s pawnshop that no one could take up the post. It turned out that everything was because of the Assault by Era Spirit, and suddenly people were panicked. Nan Batian scolded Xiao Bao and cast all his anger on Xiao Bao. Nan Xiang reminded Little Treasure to calm down Nan Ba ​​Tian. Xiaobao returned to the stockade and heard the brothers discussing that the Prince of Shanxia had married the princess, so he decided to take someone to kidnap the princess and offer it to Nan Batian.

Xiaowanzi practiced calligraphy until late at night, but she didn’t expect that Mei Shiqing didn’t have the heart to pity and cherish jade. Instead, she helped Xiaowanzi hang the beam to practice calligraphy. She was so angry that Xiaowanzi threw the pen straight. Xiaobao rushed to the Prince’s Mansion at night and went straight to the room. He was confused by Xiaowanzi and ran. Before two steps were taken, he ran into Mei Shiqing.

The two of them met on a narrow road and flew to the garden to make a move. When Maruko woke up, she was shocked to see the scene of the two fighting. The guards heard the sound surrounded, Mei Changyun saw that Mei Shiqing was not blind at all, and was so angry that Mei Shiqing was also sent to prison. When Xiaowanzi returned to the room, Qiaoyun asked whether Xiaowanzi had known about it long ago. Only then did Xiaowanzi tell about the contract. Qiaoyun proposed to replace the princess with Xiaobaoye so that he could successfully rescue Lu Yingyao.

The next day, Xiao Wanzi came to the prison and thanked Mei Shiqing for his life-saving grace. When asked about Xiaowanzi’s calligraphy results, Xiaowanzi wrote these three words in Mei Shiqing’s palm. Mei Shiqing looked at it. A smile appeared on Xiao Maruko’s face. Xiaowanzi ran to the interrogation room, Xiaobao deliberately wanted to tease Xiaowanzi, so he deliberately whispered to Xiaowanzi, and then complained about Xiaowanzi’s appearance and figure. She was so angry that Xiaowanzi almost had a murderous heart, and Mei Shiyuan had to drive Xiaowanzi out. Afterwards, Qiaoyun surveyed the terrain in advance and learned that the dung truck had a special entry and exit door.

Nan Xiang was worried when Xiao Bao was arrested, and Lu Yingyao also began to worry, and took the initiative to ask Nan Xiang about Xiao Bao’s safety. Although Nan Xiang was ridiculed by Nan Xiang, Lu Yingyao’s frowned brows could not be released.

Qiuhua tried to bring He Yizhi into the Mei Mansion, which aroused the suspicion of Si Heng, who was patrolling on the side. Xiao Wanzi walked up and saw that Si Heng was about to draw his sword. He Yizhi knelt down and deliberately asked the princess to preside over justice.

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