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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 22 Recap

After many years, Lan Xinjie saw Chen Moqun again. It was nothing but wrong. Compared with the former station master in the military commander, Chen Moqun seems to be more guarded now, it is difficult to bring her closer, and they are all in each other. Cope with courtesy. When Chen Moqun had just walked on his front foot, he squatted guarding Zhao Jinglong outside the door, and quietly photographed the whole process with a camera.

The next morning, Wang Shuigen hurriedly came to Zhao Jinglong, claiming that the Pudong Detachment and the Hunan Detachment joined the Wang Puppets. Some of the brothers were unwilling to defect and were killed. He was the only one who risked his death and escaped. Zhao Jinglong was shocked when he heard the news and quickly reported the situation to Wang Shian. Because the incident happened too suddenly, Wang Shian was furious, so he ordered Gu Shenyan to speed up the assassination plan in an effort to restore the face of Shanghai Station.

However, Chen Moqun knew well about the actions of the Military Command. He set up an ambush in advance, causing heavy losses to the action team. If Gu Shenyan hadn’t issued the retreat order in time, I am afraid that even Zhao Jinglong would have been killed here. Lin Nansheng learned that the mission had failed, and left the confinement room without authorization to find Wang Shian, and asked the public to execute the assassination of Shangcun Jing. Originally, Wang Shian did not agree. It can be seen that Lin Nansheng has already issued a military order. Together with Gu Shenyan’s persuasion, he finally agreed to his request.

That night, Ji Zhongyuan urgently contacted Zhu Yizhen and Wang Yunwei. He transported the things Zhu Yizhen needed into the back kitchen in advance in the name of delivery, while Wang Yunwei was mixed in the performance team and participated in the singing rehearsal. As for Zhu Yizhen, he needed to be in time. Change the female staff’s ID and use their identity to facilitate passage.

In a blink of an eye, on the day of the celebration, Zhu Yizhen and Lin Nansheng appeared in different identities, looking for opportunities to assassinate them separately. Hu Daoyi found that the two navies had been killed for no reason, and immediately reported to Chen Moqun, looking for suspicious people around. They did not know that Lin Nansheng and Zhao Jinglong hid their pistols in their hats in advance, and successfully escaped the security check. Even Zhu Yizhen got the pistols from the ingredients and prepared to wait for the opportunity. action.

After the singing performance, Uemura Jing took the stage to give a speech for the conference. Just as Lin Nansheng was about to do his hands, Hu Daoyi noticed that the second floor was strange, and shouted to attract everyone’s attention. The scene was chaotic. Lin Nansheng had to fight with the Japanese military police. Wang Yunwei took advantage of the chaos and hit Uemura, but he was shot and killed immediately.

The crisis at the scene no longer allows Zhu Yizhen to cherish the grief. She suppressed her emotions in time and rescued Lin Nansheng who was rounded up by the Japanese army. The two hid in the meeting room. Seeing that the Japanese army was surrounding the nearby building extremely quickly, Lin Nansheng planned to take charge of covering Zhu Yizhen to leave after the break, and get out according to the temporary evacuation plan.

Before any further action, Chen Moqun led people to the second floor. They kicked the door of the conference room and saw the rope hanging downstairs along the window. Others checked the cabinets in the conference room one by one, and found no abnormalities, and they concluded that Lin Nansheng and Zhu Yizhen had escaped.

By luck, Zhao Jinglong escaped from the venue and immediately dialed the public phone to contact the military united front to inform Shangcun Jing’s murder and explain Lin Nansheng’s situation at the same time. Wang Shian only cared about whether the task was completed, and had no time to care about Lin Nansheng’s life and death. On the contrary, Gu Shenyan made a plan overnight to prepare for rescue.

Lin Nansheng and Zhu Yizhen were trapped in the room and had difficulty getting out. While waiting for a favorable opportunity, they chatted about the anti-Japanese topic. Lin Nansheng was inspired by Zhu Yizhen’s words. Until the next morning, Zhu Yizhen saw the gendarmerie disperse one after another, trying to contact the outside world in the shortest time.

Gu Shenyan came near the venue building, sat in Zhao Jinglong’s disguised rickshaw, walked forward all the way, and threw smoke bombs at every window. It didn’t take long for the building to sound an alarm. Lin Nansheng and Zhu Yizhen rushed into the crowd and ran out of the building. The two drove away from the car that Gu Shenyan had prepared. After arriving in the suburbs, they exchanged pistols. Before leaving, Lin Nansheng gave her pocket pistol to Zhu Yizhen to use her as a self-defense. Zhu Yizhen has experienced this shared adversity and has eased his attitude.

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