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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 21 Recap

Nowadays, the Shanghai Naval Control Station is no longer a safe place. Chen Moqun thought hard for a long time, and finally took the intelligence clues he had in his possession to seek refuge in Takahashi Chibei, thus confessing information about Peiping, Qingdao, Tianjin, etc. The secret point of contact between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang. Takahashi Chibei was very satisfied with this, and carried out arrests based on intelligence, and arranged Chen Mo to work in the Wang puppet government, and he served as the director of the Central Committee.

It didn’t take long for the newspaper to publish the news that Chen Moqun had defected to the enemy. After Lin Nansheng learned of this, his whole person almost collapsed. Gu Shenyan sensed the possibility of rebellion in the Pudong Detachment, so he took the initiative to remind Wang Shian that he no longer had to provide guns and ammunition to the opponent. And he told Ji Zhongyuan to try his best to intercept the supply of Pudong Detachment.

The Shanghai area of ​​the Wang puppet government is about to be established. The Japanese Army Major General Uemura will attend the celebration ceremony on that day. This person participated in the Nanjing Massacre in 1937. Therefore, Chongqing immediately sent Wang Shian to kill him at all costs. Wang Shian convened an emergency meeting to announce Shangfeng’s instructions. Because Shangcun Jing was too low-key and rarely showed up on weekdays, only the celebration of the meeting was the best chance of assassination.

At the same time, in order to prevent someone from sabotaging the celebration meeting, the special high school specially appointed Chen Moqun to take charge of the security work of the venue. At the same time, it was necessary to find out the fisherman’s hidden radio station in Shanghai as soon as possible. Chen Moqun knew something about the fisherman, but he only heard his name and didn’t see him. He couldn’t provide reference to Takahashi Chibei. On the contrary, Hu Daoyi made a special trip to give Chen Moqun gifts and mentioned Wang Shi’an. Little people walk.

Gu Shenyan believes that Chen Moqun is already familiar with the strength of the internal personnel of the military reunification, and if he randomly sends people to implement the plan, he may be easily seen through. Considering that Lin Nansheng is Chen Moqun’s confidant, perhaps only he can surprise Chen Moqun, but Wang Shian is so upset with Lin Nansheng that he refuses to lift the confinement order easily, and then goes to Lan Xinjie for help.

It is precisely because Lan Xinjie knows Chen Moqun that she is a good candidate to provide information. Even though she was previously married to a second lieutenant of the 87th Division of the National Army, it is not easy for the second lieutenant to sacrifice and live alone with her child in Shanghai. . Wang Shian personally visited Lan Xinjie and threatened Li to lure her into doing things for herself. Lan Xinjie had no other choice but to make sure that her son arrived in Chongqing safely.

According to the clues provided by Care Shenyan, Ji Zhongyuan faked the Pudong Detachment to receive supplies and successfully took away a batch of guns and ammunition. Zhu Yizhen found a suitable house to rent in the French Concession. He was mainly responsible for sending reports to the party organization. Chen Moqun helped Takahashi Qianbingwei monitor the radio equipment. Unfortunately, Zhu Yizhen’s reporting time was too short to know the exact location, so he could only give a rough idea. position.

Since Lin Nansheng was put in the confinement room, he has completely fallen into a state of depression, and he has not seen the blood and vitality of the original. Gu Shenyan felt the same for this, and personally said some words of relief to Lin Nansheng. The so-called relief was just exposing his current state of mind. Chen Moqun was convicted of surrendering to the enemy, but Lin Nansheng was not sad because of this. Instead, he felt hesitated. His doubts all stemmed from problems with his beliefs, and he was worried that his sacrifices and efforts would not be rewarded.

After graduating from the normal school and enrolling in the special training class, and then joining the Party State Secret Service, all Lin Nansheng did was to defend the country and not fall into the hands of the traitors and traitors. However, Chen Moqun’s departure had obviously caused Lin Nansheng to lose his way. Gu Shenyan believed that he did not need to attach his faith to anyone, and should be tested in continuous practice and battle.

Although Lin Nansheng belongs to a party-state agent, Gu Shenyan has tried to absorb him into the party organization through his observations during this period of time. Seeing that Lin Nansheng was devastated by the destruction of his faith, Gu Shenyan encouraged him to cheer up as soon as possible, find a way to leave the confinement room, and do something more beneficial to the people of the country.

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