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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 20 Recap

Everyone started work together. Liu Guiqin found a job for Wang Sulan and asked her to go to the bathhouse to sell bath tickets for 18 yuan a month. Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan were very happy and quickly thanked Liu Guiqin and Director Ma. Mother Qi made shoes for the new child from Zhao Duofu’s family in the middle of the night. Today, she shared the food with Qi Jianshe and Qi Fou, and Qi Xiangqian was helpless.

Bai Ruoxue was busy working overtime and did not come back today. Qi’s mother felt sorry for her even more. She didn’t complain about suffering and suffering, and asked Qi Qiangqian to care about and love her. Tomorrow is Bai Ruoxue’s 30th birthday, and Qi’s mother asked Qi Qiangqian to pick Bai Ruoxue home in person. . Zhao Duofu thanked Wang Sulan very much, and kept repeating it in the evening. He really didn’t expect Wang Sulan to be like this. He felt that he had despised her before, and the couple whispered in the bed. Zhao Duofu got up and thanked her for a while.

Qi Qiangqian called Bai Ruoxue, who was picked up by Ping Ping, saying that Bai Ruoxue was busy rehearsing and had no time. Qi Qiangqian asked her to tell Bai Ruoxue that he would take her home tonight. Qiu Shi asked Qi Xiangqian why he didn’t go to night school, and said that tonight was the weakest link he had to go to. Qi Xiangqian explained that Bai Ruoxue was celebrating his birthday today, and Qiushi promised to help him make up lessons in the future.

Bai Ruoxue was busy rehearsing, her face was not so good, but she could only drink water to satisfy her hunger, but she did not complain. Ping Ping thought she and Qi Xiangqian were in trouble, and said that Qi Xiangqian would come to pick her up today. Cao Dehe and the others heard about Wang Sulan’s family and thought she had done very well, so they should take a high look at this matter. Cao Dehe said that God would bless Wang Sulan with kind thoughts. Take the bathhouse as an example, so many people can’t ask for it.

Mother Qi made longevity noodles for Bai Ruoxue at home, and Qi Fendou said that when Bai Ruoxue came back, she would perform a show for her. At the same time, Bai Ruoxue forced her body to rehearse, but eventually fainted because of lack of physical strength. Qi Xiangqian received the call and hurried to the hospital. Fortunately, Bai Ruoxue was fine, but he needed more nutrition and rest. Qi’s mother also hurried to the hospital. At this time, everyone was lacking nutrition, but Qi’s mother was very self-blame. She felt that she was here to compete with Bai Ruoxue for rations, and even complained that she was not dead. Qi Xiangqian was called by the doctor.

Qi’s mother overheard the news that Bai Ruoxue was pregnant again. The high-intensity training of Bai Ruoxue’s malnutrition would affect the fetus, and the training needs to be stopped. Qi Xiangqian was so happy that he couldn’t find Bei, but Qi’s mother couldn’t be happy. How could Bai Ruoxue be so weak now to save the fetus? Bai Ruoxue had never suffered, and she couldn’t bear to suffer such a crime with them. Qi’s mother asked Qi Qiangqian to go back. She wanted to take care of Bai Ruoxue here, but thinking that the two hadn’t gotten along well for a long time, she decided to let Qi Qiangqian stay, and went back to find Cao De and buy chicken to eat.

Cao Dehe was very happy watching Kong Weixin chewing on chicken legs, but Kong Shiju felt that she was too accustomed to the children, and sooner or later she would ruin the family. Cao Dehe entered a hundred boxes of rabbit heads and asked Kong Shiju to talk to Director Ma about the deal. Before the two broke, Kong Weixin took the drumsticks and went to fight together. Everyone saw the drumsticks swarming up and snatched the drumsticks away. Kong Weixin was also injured, and Qi Fendou hurriedly helped him scratch. He Feng met Qi’s mother on the road and was about to go home and get out of the car to greet him.

He heard that Bai Ruoxue had fallen down and took out a dim sum from Beijing Daoxiang Village for Qi’s mother to taste. He always remembered the kindness of the year. After Bai Ruoxue woke up, Qi Xiangqian said that she had asked for a leave of absence, but Bai Ruoxue suddenly said that he didn’t want the child anymore. He came at an untimely time. Bai Ruoxue is currently in poor health, and coupled with the shortage of food, he can’t buy food even if he has money. Qi Xiangqian disagrees, he is not a big man if he can’t support the children.

I heard that Bai Ruoxue was pregnant again, and Liu Guiqin was also anxious. Now everyone is worried about this meal. Somerset was also pregnant, and Qiushi came to pick her up from get off work every day. Many doctors in the hospital were envious. Qiushi came here today with the clothes Qi’s mother sewed for the child, and Shengjie asked Qi’s mother to help her child with a name. Mother Qi secretly divided the snacks between Qi Fendou and Qi Jianshe, but Qi Fendou wrapped it up, and she wanted to save some for Kong Weixin. The children were still hungry, so Qi mother sang to them. Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue looked at the moon in the sky, Qi Xiangqian did not understand romance as always.

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