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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 18 Recap

The emperor ordered the male family members of the nobles in the capital to enter the palace to pray for one month, but deliberately avoided Mo Yanchen from entering the palace. Qu Xiaotan was very dissatisfied with this, but Xiao Zhen said that Mo Liancheng must enter the palace to pray. Qu Xiaotan planned to escape when he returned to the mansion, but Mo Liancheng said that they needed the Soul Calming Orb to go back. He speculated that the beads were in the palace, so he wanted to take the opportunity to enter the palace to find out.

Qu Xiaotan brought a dagger to Mo Liancheng to defend himself, and the two reluctantly said goodbye. Xiao Zhen looked at Mo Liancheng in a strange look, and Mo Liancheng was also a little uncomfortable. Soon, the emperor summoned Mo Liancheng. Qu Xiaotan had a nightmare, and Mo Liancheng entered the palace for so many days without any news. She asked Jing Xin to find out some news.

The emperor changed into a very simple and elegant clothes, asked Mo Liancheng to accompany him to throw the pot, and promised the loser a question for the winner. The emperor said that Mo Liancheng was very similar to one of his deceased people, but he would not respect him so much. Mo Liancheng said that he did not dare to be beaked. Mo Liancheng said that he had met Qu Xiaotan and had love in his heart, and the emperor lost his senses for a while.

Mo Liancheng asked the emperor if he had ever heard a gem from a composer, and the emperor said he had never heard of it. Hearing that Mo Liancheng and the emperor were playing pitching pots, Qu Xiaotan was so angry that Jing Xin was going to grab a forty-meter long spear, and that he was going to go to the palace with this gun. Jing Xin was a little speechless. Qu Xiaotan tried his best to let Jingxin cooperate with him to enter the palace.

Qu Xiaotan made a scene of suicide by hanging himself. When Jing Xin went to call for help, she accidentally kicked the stool under her feet, and reacted quickly to rescue Qu Xiaotan, who was almost suffocated. Hearing that Qu Xiaotan committed suicide in the mansion, Mo Liancheng did not have any worried expressions, saying that he had made an agreement with Qu Xiaotan to take care of each other and meet after praying for blessings. After Mo Liancheng left, the emperor thought that his change was suspicious, and even knew that he had the Soul Resurrection Orb, but after some trials, he didn’t look like Young Master Liancheng, so he could only step up his guards first.

Qu Xiaotan still didn’t give up on entering the palace, and took the money to bribe the guards and didn’t go in. At this time, a carriage suddenly passed by outside the palace, and the maids behind him were wearing veils. Qu Xiaotan took the opportunity to get in. When Jing Xin found out that it was too late to follow up. Inside the carriage was the servant general Yun Xiu. The people he led had to be checked, but he gave a meaningful look at Qu Xiaotan to help her cover the past. After entering the palace as he wished, Qu Xiaotan thanked Yun Xiu specially.

Mo Liancheng went to copy the scriptures, and the emperor was receiving envoys. Qu Xiaotan couldn’t see the two of them, so he decided to take the opportunity to see if they had a heart-to-heart talk. Qu Xiaotan was suddenly weak and headache when he approached the Soul Calming Orb, but he soon recovered. Xiao Zhen caught Qu Xiaotan entering the palace and trespassing into the emperor’s palace, Qu Xiaotan ran away quickly. Xiao Zhen also found out that she was moving, but she didn’t know what Qu Xiaotan did.

Yun Xiu was here to be married, and the emperor asked him to be Qu Xiaotan’s son-in-law, and married two days later. Yun Xiu understood that the emperor’s fate could only be so. In the palace, Yun Xiu saw Mo Fengyang happily greeted him. The two had some misunderstandings on the battlefield, but Mo Fengyang refused to listen to Yun Xiu’s explanation. Before Qu Xiao Tanbai had time to be sad, he received the emperor’s decree to marry her and Yun Xiu, and was extremely depressed.

When the day of leaving the palace was near, Mo Liancheng decided to explore the emperor’s palace. This was the only place he hadn’t approached. Mo Liancheng sneaked into the bedroom late at night, accidentally entered the secret room, and saw the records of the Qu family and the Mo family inside. But all this was prepared by the emperor, and Xiao Zhen soon activated the organ under the emperor’s instruction.

Qu Xiaotan and Jing Xin came over the wall to find Mo Lian City in the middle of the night, but they did not expect to be found by Xiao Zhen again. Xiao Zhen said that Mo Lian City was trapped in the forbidden land, and would only help if Qu Xiaotan returned to the mansion and waited for him to marry him. .

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