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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 17 Recap

Mo Yanchen is about to marry Qu Meier. Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng visit the door every day, but he refuses. Mo Yanchen said that he was too naive before. After marrying Qu Meier, he would follow Father Mo for family affairs. Father Mo was very pleased after all his efforts. The emperor heard that Qu Meier had married Mo Yanchen, and sighed that she got what she wanted, but Father Mo’s blending was indispensable for this matter.

Xiao Zhen suggested that she change this year’s hunting to a competition between two princesses, and she was upset. Someone will be ready to move. Mo Yanchen married Qu Meier, Qu Meier finally waited for her sweetheart, affectionate money will always cherish him and protect him.

The emperor asked Qu Xiaotan to compete with Qu Meier in force, and Qu Xiaotan looked helplessly at the sky, why does she have to live a bloody life every day. Mo Liancheng guessed that Mo Yanchen had already joined forces with Father Mo. If Qumeier wins Father Mo, it is easy to fall into the trap. The emperor’s move is obviously to lead the snake out of the cave. Qu Xiaotan and Qu Meier were half a catty, and Mo Liancheng decided to help her prepare for the battle tomorrow.

Unexpectedly, Qu Xiaotan had a scene of assassination the next day. Jing Xin and Mo Liancheng were telling a story, but Mo Liancheng could easily see through it. Qu Xiaotan cursed Mo Liancheng with injuries, but Mo Liancheng’s mood did not fluctuate, nor did he recover his memory. Mo Liancheng asked her, could he not teach her martial arts without her memory? Even if Mo Liancheng’s martial arts weren’t so strong, it was enough to deal with Qumeier.

Mo Liancheng began to help Qu Xiaotan practice martial arts, but Qu Xiaotan wanted to kiss him, and Mo Liancheng obediently sent it. Qu Xiaotan moved his brains, thinking that he just had to find the right direction and run to the nearest position to shoot an arrow. Mo Liancheng then taught Qu Xiaotan to practice swordsmanship, but Qu Xiaotan taught him a set of swordsmanship, and after practicing, he threw himself into Mo Liancheng’s arms. Mo Liancheng reminded Qu Xiaotan that Qu Meier sighed in order to win the competition under Mo Fengyang’s daily practice.

Qu Xiaotan finally recovered Mo Liancheng’s memory, but he refused to let him get close to him, for fear that he would lose control by accident. It’s about to compete, Jing Xin and Yu Hao brought everyone to cheer on Qu Xiaotan. At the beginning of the match, Qu Xiaotan and Qu Meier were full of confidence. Qu Xiaotan won a goal when she went on the court. It turned out that she bought the serving guard before going on the court, remembering the position and easily won the first game. Qu Meier was very dissatisfied, thinking that Qu Xiaotan had hired some superior man, and the man was inherently weak. She didn’t think Mo Liancheng taught her. Qu Xiaotan was very dissatisfied with these words, and suggested that Mo Liancheng should fight the female general, and the emperor approved.

Mo Liancheng was in no way inferior to the female general. Seeing that he couldn’t beat the sword and played again, he didn’t want the sword to fall into Mo Liancheng’s hands. Upon seeing this, the emperor personally went into battle. In a trance, the emperor saw a deja vu from Mo Liancheng. Mo Liancheng didn’t win, and Qu Xiaotan didn’t say anything. After the match, Xiao Zhen escorted the guards bought by Qu Xiaotan and explained that she served the ball in the designated position. Qu Xiaotan recognized it very happily. The position of the commander of the several military commanders in the capital fell to Qu Meier. Qu Xiaotan was also fined and banned from entering the palace in the palace.

When the emperor fought with Mo Liancheng today, she found back memories from the past. She was sure that Mo Liancheng was the son of Liancheng she had been looking for, and she was determined to let Mo Liancheng return to her side immediately.

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