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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 20 Recap

Migu knew that Liang Muze let Xia Chu hug him, and also lent money to Xia Chu to treat the patients, and sent cakes to Xia Chu every day. Migu was very sure that Liang Muze would like Xia Chu, but Xia Chu said that Liang Muze didn’t say anything. She needed a sense of ritual. Migu said that the sense of ritual does not have to be given by Liang Muze. Anyway, there is only a layer of window paper between Xia Chu and Liang Muze.

Zhuo Ran and Long Yi reported the results of the old ghost to the master. Zhuo Ran also talked about Liang Muze obstructing their actions, hoping that the master would get rid of Liang Muze, but the master said that the last time at Welick had attracted the attention of the Chinese Embassy. He doesn’t want to be extravagant. The master also instructed Zhuo Ran to obtain information about Xia Guangyuan’s experiments. Then Zhuo Ran asked how his father died back then.

The master told Zhuo Ran that his father was shot to death by the Chinese military police because he wanted to guard the goods. Zhuo Ran said that the old ghost was about to die. The master told Zhuo Ran not to believe it. Old ghost.

Liang Muze went to pick up Xia Chu from get off work. The two were still shopping in the supermarket for a while. Xia Chu curiously asked how Liang Muze guessed that Liu Ran was sexually assaulted before seeing Liu Ran. Liang Muze sighed. , Said that his relatives had encountered the same thing, this person is Liang Shaoxue, Liang Shaoxue’s current strange sensitivity is because of the injuries he has suffered. At the beginning of Xia, she was tolerant to Liang Shaoxue a lot.

After returning home, Liang Shaoxue was planning to go to the army to find Tian Yong. At the beginning of Xia she said that if she wanted to see Tian Yong, she would just paint light makeup and dress appropriately. Liang Shaoxue listened. At the beginning of Xia’s words, Liang Shaoxue, who changed his outfit, shocked Tian Yong. Tian Yong looked at Liang Shaoxue and couldn’t help but praise her for her beauty.

Liang Shaoxue was very happy and left her phone number in Tian Yong’s phone. When Tian Yong sent Liang Shaoxue out, Liang Shaoxue vaguely talked about the injuries she had suffered. Tian Yong comforted him. Liang Shaoxue was very moved and couldn’t help but secretly confess to Tian Yong.

Liang Muze was a little bit emotional when seeing Liang Shaoxue replaced the strange clothes, saying that if Rao Feng saw it, he would be very grateful to Xia Chu. Liang Muze asked what kind of life Xia Chu wanted to live. Xia Chu said that he wanted to wear a white coat to save the wounded and be with the one he loved. Liang Muze asked if Xia Chu had come true. Xia Chu looked at Liang Muze and said that it should be soon.

When people got closer and closer, when they were about to kiss, Er Meiao suddenly called, interrupting the two of them. The two quarreled over who was washing the dishes, and finally decided to play the game of pushing hands. Whoever loses went to wash the dishes. Playing with Liang Muze, one could not stand still, and was thrown onto the sofa by Xia Chu, and accidentally kissed Xia Chu. After a while, Xia Chu was a little shy, so he quickly stood up and let Liang Muze wash the dishes.

Early Xia suddenly received a call from Zhang Yichi, saying that Liu Ran waited until the source of the lungs and he could perform the operation immediately. Now that he was short of staff, he hoped that he would go to the airport to pick up the source of lungs at the beginning of Xia. , Xia Chu calculated the time and needed to send Lung Yuan to the hospital before 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Liang Muze went wild all the way, but Zhuo Ran monitored the conversation between Xia Chu and Liang Muze and posted a reward on the City of Desire, asking someone to intercept Liang Muze. Liang Muze and Xia Chu received Lung Yuan and rushed to the hospital.

Liang Muze found someone was following him. He asked Xia Chu to help the box, and he increased the throttle to throw away his tail, and asked Xia Chu to call and inform Rao Feng. Rao Feng learned that Liang Muze had been chased by a car, so he hurriedly took someone to support him. Before Rao Feng’s support arrived, Liang Muze was forced to drive into the sea, but the person chasing the car died on the spot. Liang Muze picked up both Xia Chu and Yuanyuan, borrowed a motorcycle on the side of the road and rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately, he sent the lung source to the hospital in time. As soon as Xia Chu sent Lung Yuan into the operating room, Zhuo Ran suddenly appeared. Xia Chu took two steps back nervously. Zhuo Ran took out a check and said that he would also support Liu Ran. It was only at the beginning of Xia that he relaxed slightly. At this time, Zhang Yichi asked Xia Chu to enter the operating room to observe the operation, and Xia Chu hurried to change his surgical gown. After Zhuo Ran left, Mi Gu called him to remind him to go to the movies at night, but Zhuo Ran refused Mi Gu as an excuse to work overtime.

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