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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 19 Recap

Seeing that Xia Chu was in a bad mood, Liang Muze asked about her being transferred to the emergency department. Early Xia talked about patients who drank paraquat on their hands, saying that the patient’s condition was very bad, and those who drank paraquat could survive. There were very few people, and the patient did not cooperate. He refused to say how much she drank.

The patient’s father could not tell. Xia Chu didn’t understand why an 18-year-old girl committed suicide by drinking poison. She was young and beautiful. Regardless of her popularity, Xia Chu couldn’t figure out why she would commit suicide when she went to a dinner. Liang Muze guessed that the patient might have been sexually assaulted. Xia Chu was shocked and ran to the patient Liu Ran. Dr. Song was asking patiently. Liu Ran refused to talk about how much poison Liu Ran had drunk.

Doctor Song was busy, so he asked Xia Chu to take care of Liu Ran. Xia Chu lay down on Liu Ran’s bed and patiently persuaded her, saying that she had done nothing wrong, but the person who hurt her was wrong. Liu Ran was poked at the center of the matter and finally couldn’t help it. She began to ask Xia Chu for help. Early Xia rescued herself and told Xia Chu that she didn’t drink paraquat because she couldn’t stand the smell of paraquat, so she just vomited it after holding it in her mouth for a while, but the terrible thing about paraquat is that even she Without drinking it, paraquat will penetrate into the blood with the skin.

Although it is difficult to rescue Liu Ran, they have formulated a complete treatment plan in early Xia and hope that Liu Ran can survive. And in the past few days, Liang Muze has also changed. He tried to make a cake and sent it to the hospital in early summer.

At the beginning of Xia’s evening, she tasted the cake and found that the cake was still hot. She guessed that Liang Muze hadn’t gone far, so she rushed to the hospital and stopped Liang Muze. Liang Muze asked if Xia Chu would return home tonight, Xia Chu shook her head. He said that Liu Ran’s situation was not good. At the beginning of Xia, he blamed himself and complained about why a poison like paraquat was invented. Liang Muze said that there is no absolute good or bad in the world. It’s just that some people use it improperly. After becoming a poison, she didn’t have to worry about it, as long as she did the right thing. After listening to Liang Muze’s words, Xia Chu’s mood improved a little, and she went back to work again.

The hospital deliberately held a meeting to discuss Liu Ran’s condition, hoping to formulate an effective treatment plan. A doctor suggested that Zhang Yichi’s team use ECMO, which is artificial lung, for Liu Ran. However, it costs 70,000 to 80,000 per ECMO. With the follow-up treatment costs, Zhang Yichi felt that giving Liu Ran an ECMO was too risky. Even if Liu Ran used it, she might not be able to save her in the end. Xia Chu was very stubborn and insisted on giving Liu Ran a chance and contacted her in private. Liu Ran’s father told him about ECMO.

Liu Ran’s father said that he would save Liu Ran even if there was only a silver lining, but Dr. Song blamed Xia Chu for telling Liu Ran’s father about ECMO, saying that the treatment plan was too much Radical and risky. Early Xia shouldn’t tell Liu Ran’s father about this, but in the end Zhang Yichi’s blood was impressed by Zhang Yichi. After discussing with the team, Zhang Yichi decided to use ECMO for Liu Ran.

I went to Liu Ran’s father to explain the situation. Liu Ran’s father had a car accident when he was going to raise money. The doctor failed to rescue Liu Ran’s father. The use of ECMO for Liu Ran was also put on hold. Early Xia still refused to give up, and called Migu, hoping that she would report on the incident and help Liu Ran. Liang Muze came to the hospital and saw that Xia Chu wanted to treat Liu Ran. He also hoped that Xia Chu would not leave any regrets in the future. He gave Xia Chu a bank card and asked her to help Liu Ran.

Liu Ran’s uncle came to the hospital. The uncle wanted to take Liu Ran out of the hospital. With Xia Chu’s advance payment, he agreed to continue Liu Ran’s treatment. Xia Chu told Zhang Yichi and Dr. Song about the incident. Although they felt that Xia Chu It was too stupid, but I chose to participate in crowdfunding with Xia Chu and continue to treat Liu Ran.

Xia Guangyuan was getting depressed because of the data leakage of the project. Xia’s mother saw that Xia Guangyuan was like this and asked him what had happened. However, Xia Guangyuan still refused to speak. She just let Xia’s mother feel relieved, so she called the Institute’s Security Division. .

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