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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 20 Recap

Lin Nansheng believed that someone had betrayed Chen Moqun, and now he was even more worried about his safety, so he wanted to send someone to rescue him as soon as possible. However, Wang Shian deliberately delayed, saying that he had searched for multiple relationships and no one could help him, so he waited to observe Chen Moqun’s movements in the gendarmerie.

Gu Shenyan hurriedly posted the newspaper to spread the contact code and informed Ji Zhongyuan of the situation. After all, he had worked with Chen Moqun for many years, and even though the other party was cruel, he was still very ethical in national justice. Ji Zhongyuan speculated that the Pudong Detachment was suspicious of taking refuge in the Wang puppet government, and even frankly said that after the New Fourth Army blew up the Longhua Airport, it came back to the station and was attacked by the Pudong Detachment.

When Chen Moqun came to the Japanese military police, he was still calm and composed. Takahashi Chibei treated him as a guest. He not only prepared clean suits, but also arranged exquisite snacks, hoping to take this old military agent for his own use. However, Chen Moqun did not eat hard and soft, Takahashi Chibei was not annoyed when he saw this, but instead ordered his subordinates to release Chen Moqun, designing to force the opponent to desperate.

At this time, the Shanghai General Liaison Station of the Loyalty Salvation Army was destroyed by the Japanese. Wang Shian believed that Chen Moqun had betrayed the intelligence to the Japanese, but Lin Nansheng fought hard on reason. When Chen Moqun came to the Juntong contact point, he first brought a pistol for self-defense, and then called for Lin Nansheng to go to the Hengyuan Hotel on Ladu Road to meet him.

The agent at the contact point hurriedly reported the situation to Wang Shian, and Lin Nansheng was relieved after learning that Chen Moqun had escaped safely. Wang Shian ordered Gu Shenyan to lead people to follow, so as not to fall into the trap set by Chen Moqun and the Japanese. Chen Moqun waited anxiously in the room, and happened to see Lin Nansheng stepping down from the car through the window, with several military command agents following him, so he was very disappointed in him, and he directly charged the pistol with bullets.

When he came to the room, Lin Nansheng put the pistol directly on the table, proving that he was not hostile to Chen Moqun, and wanted to prove one thing, that is, whether Chen Moqun was cooperating with the Japanese. Lin Nansheng saw Chen Moqun denying decisiveness, so he guessed that there was a third party’s interference. Chen Moqun knew that he had been framed, and the apostasy had been true, and it was completely impossible to return to the military reunification.

While Lin Nansheng was lobbying hard, Wang Shian received a reply from Chongqing, demanding an immediate ruling on Chen Moqun. The secret agents answered Wang Shian’s order call and tried to break into the room to kill Chen Moqun. Unexpectedly, Chen Moqun reacted quickly. After shooting back, he jumped out of the window and escaped.

Suddenly, the scene fell into chaos, and Lin Nansheng chased Chen Moqun and asked him to go back and explain clearly. But Chen Moqun knew that he was hopeless, so he shot Gu Shenyan who was chasing him. Although it missed, it was enough to explain his attitude, and then walked down the street desperately, not knowing where to go.

When Chen Moqun left, Lin Nansheng returned to the Juntong Station to report to Wang Shian and asked about the shooting of Chen Moqun, but Wang Shian was reprimanded. Seeing Wang Shi’an take out the sanction order issued by the Chongqing headquarters, Lin Nansheng was very chilled, and even doubted the authenticity of this sanction order, and proposed to find out the truth and return Chen Moqun’s innocence.

When Wang Shian saw this, he was furious, and was stunned to unload Lin Nansheng’s gun and forbid him to take part in any more actions. However, Lin Nansheng made no secret of expressing that he hated the betrayal of his comrades, which was far more hateful than traitors, so he insisted on investigating it clearly. Wang Shian locked Lin Nansheng for reflection. Because he was worried that Chen Moqun would retaliate, he sent additional guards to protect his personal safety.

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