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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 19 Recap

Kwong Huidong, a lieutenant officer of the 51st Division of the 74th Army of the National Army, claimed to have long been killed in Gao’an in northern Jiangxi. Now he has just graduated from the German Military Academy and officially known as Meng Annan, and will enter with a new identity. A left-leaning newspaper contacted the Communist Party in time and broke into the interior.

Chen Moqun and Meng Annan confessed the task and contact code in advance, and at the same time took out a watch without a second hand. If there is an accident in the future, other contacts will show up with the watch. Because of Chen Moqun’s first-hand training, Meng Annan was grateful to him, and even more obedient.

Wang Shian was particularly jealous of Chen Moqun. Considering that he was going to return to Shanghai from Hong Kong soon, he used a public phone to reveal the whereabouts of Chen Moqun to the Japanese Gendarmerie Ministry, hoping to use the Japanese to eliminate hidden dangers. That night, the Communist Party faked Pudong Detachment to attack Longhua Airport and blow it up, killing dozens of Japanese soldiers. Until the next morning, the news was published in major newspapers.

Lin Nansheng went to find Wang Shuigen of the Pudong Detachment and learned something from him, thus believing that Gu Shenyan had taken the radio station and a batch of firearms privately, but actually transferred them to other places. Because of this, Lin Nansheng took the initiative to ask Gu Shenyan about the radio station, but he did not expect that the other party would understate that the radio station had been captured by the Japanese.

As the Pudong Detachment attacked the airport at night and spread throughout the streets and alleys, the Shanghai Navy’s united battle has been awarded by Nanjing. Lin Nansheng failed to find the flaw in Gu Shenyan’s body. Instead, he received the task of linking up with the Communist Party, including liaison with the Communist Party. The meeting place was chosen at the Konkel Café. Lin Nansheng went there in person, but he did not expect that the contact person representing the Communist Party was Zhu Yizhen. When he saw the opponent appear, there was a moment of loss of consciousness, even if he said the secret signal, he still couldn’t hide his excitement.

Compared with Lin Nansheng’s helplessness, Zhu Yizhen appeared extremely calm and went straight to the topic of conversation, but when Lin Nansheng asked the Kuomintang and the Communist Party to share information, she immediately interrupted. Because the Kuomintang killed the Eighth Route Army in the north, and at the same time encircled and suppressed the New Fourth Army in Shanghai, such a wicked act of suppressing the Communists did not deserve too much demand.

Zhu Yizhen refused to share information and accepted Lin Nansheng’s book written in advance. When she was about to leave, she saw that Lin Nansheng had ordered a glass of Enron, which reminded her of the beautiful moments in the past. The meeting ended. Zhu Yizhen tried her best to suppress her emotions. But the feelings for Lin Nansheng still showed up, so she got out of the rickshaw in a hurry and hid in an uninhabited alley and wept bitterly.

Lin Nansheng went back to report to Wang Shian, and a few simple words concealed Zhu Yizhen’s identity. Gu Shenyan was a little jealous about this. Several telegrams sent by Zhu Yizhen were intercepted by the Japanese army. Takahashi Chibei guessed that the fisherman had resettled the radio station, so he sent someone to keep an eye on the other party while using a detective car to search for the whereabouts of the radio station. Fortunately, Ji Zhongyuan had been prepared for a long time. He hurriedly told Zhu Yizhen to stop sending the report before the detective car arrived.

Wang Shian summoned all department personnel and officially announced that Chen Moqun had returned to Shanghai in order to spread the news. The accountant who had been helping him with false accounts was worried that it would be exposed, and the whole person was in a panic. Although Wang Shian had the same concerns, he could only put his wealth and life on the Japanese.

Hong Kong cruise ships were gradually approaching the Shanghai pier. Lin Nansheng proposed to pick up Chen Moqun in person. However, not long after the arrival, a large number of Japanese military police arrived. The Japanese learned in advance and lay in ambush at the Hong Kong site, trailing all the way to the Shanghai pier, before Chen Moqun disembarked, and captured him on the spot.

Lin Nansheng witnessed the whole process at the dock, immediately returned to the Military Command Office to explain the situation to Wang Shian, and emotionally determined that the insiders had betrayed Chen Moqun’s whereabouts. Wang Shian was furious when he heard that, feeling that Lin Nansheng doubted himself, and hurriedly sent a telegram to Chongqing, while Gu Shenyan was a peacemaker next to him.

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