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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 19 Recap

Cao Dehe couldn’t bear the money, and wanted to stew the chicken well. Zhao Duofu asked Zhao Yongping to give Qi Xiangqian the big radish, saying that Liu Guiqin and Wang Sulan stole it. Of course Qi Xiangqian has to take care of it, but Bai Ruoxue feels that it is all about filling his stomach, and it is excusable to do this kind of thing. . Qi Xiangqian felt that he could not steal it at any time, and aggressively took the radish to find Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan.

The two quarreled with Qi Xiangqian. Wang Sulan said that Zhao Duofu used him as a brother to give him a carrot. Qi Xiangqian avenged his grudge. The three were in a quarrel, and Qi Fendou suddenly called Qi Xiangqian to go home and said that Qi Jianshe had brought a lot of cabbage gangs back. Zhao Duofu and Wang Sulan hurried Qi Xiangqian home. Qi Jianshe knew that his family could not have enough to eat, so he tried his best to get some food back, but Qi Qiang beat him up and even drove him away. Bai Ruoxue and Qi Mu were too anxious to stop him. .

Qi’s mother went out to find Qi Jianshe with a flashlight. Qi Jianshe cried very sadly. Qi’s mother quickly comforted him, saying that Qi Qiangqian was afraid that he would make a mistake. Qi Jianshe was very aggrieved. The cabbage gang did not steal or rob, but exchanged them. Zhao Yonggang also came crying suddenly, saying that Wang Sulan and Zhao Duofu hit him, because of the white radish, the two refused to go home with Qi’s mother.

Mother Qi hugged her two children, and Zhao Duofu and Qi Xiangqian came out to find someone in the middle of the night. Qi’s mother told Qi Jianshe and Zhao Yonggang about Qi Xiangqian when he was a child, and persuaded Qi Jianshe not to hate him. Qi Xiangqian and Zhao Duofu came over noisily and wanted to take their two children home. Zhao Yonggang yelled to go to Qi Xiangqian’s house, Qi Jianshe was going to Zhao Duofu’s house, and Qi’s mother let them go. Live with their godfathers.

Qi’s mother was angry with Qi forward because of this incident. Qi Xiangqian didn’t like Qi Jianshe’s calculations, but agreed to change his temper. Qi’s mother took out the food coupons Xiao He gave two days ago. Bai Ruoxue has become thin and thin these days, and she has to practice qigong and acting and still have to manage how the group can stand it. Qi mother asked him to give the food coupons to Bai Ruoxue, since she was a child.

The family situation is just fine, and they can’t be wronged even if they suffer and suffer. Qi’s mother said that she wanted to go back to her hometown for a while, and that she wanted to live in her home yard, but in fact she felt that she couldn’t help here and was holding her back. It was even more heartbreaking to see the children not getting enough to eat. Qi Xiangqian hurriedly said too much that she didn’t die from starvation with this mouth, so that she could live here steadily, and the whole family would live together if they wanted to live. Qi Xiangqian’s attitude was very firm, and Qi’s mother could only agree.

Cao Dehe put the chicken in the store. Everyone felt a little disgusted by the smell. Wang Sulan was chatting with Cao Dehe. A passing wild cat took the chicken away. Cao Dehe fell in a hurry and accidentally said that Kong Shiju bought it back. Before Wang Sulan had time to think about it, she was told that relatives had arrived at home and hurried back. I heard that six relatives came, everyone teased that Zhao Duofu’s hair should be gone.

Qi Xiangqian and Zhao Duofu were brothers, but they couldn’t help much. So when they got home, they rummaged and found their own. Subcoat has entered the city. Qiushi and Somerset had enough rations without children. I heard that six relatives came to Zhao Duofu’s family and wanted to help. Wang Sulan was angry, but after all, he was a relative of Zhao Duofu’s family and could only hold his breath to cook. Zhao Duofu was also helpless and almost went back to open up wasteland and farm.

Bai Ruoxue sold her jewelry for one hundred and fifty yuan. When she left, she happened to meet Qi Xiangqian holding a woolen coat and behaved, but this was Qi Xiangqian’s only decent dress, and Bai Ruoxue refused to let it go. He pleaded, took out the money and gave Qi forward. Qi Xiangqian was very upset when he heard that she had become her mother’s jewelry. Bai Ruoxue had trouble comforting him and everyone needed to solve problems together. Qi Xiangqian wanted to give all the money to Zhao Duofu. After all, their family was more difficult than the family, but Bai Ruoxue felt that Qi’s mother and children were also his own flesh and blood, so how could he not consider family matters.

Zhao Duofu looked at six people, big and small, crying, Wang Sulan became anxious. He is the pillar of the family, and of course he has to solve problems. Wang Sulan was hard-hearted, and did not intend to drive her relatives away. With so many people in the family, she would never be suffocated to death. Zhao Duofu was grateful. Qi came forward. Zhao Duofu thought he was here to make trouble, but he did not expect that he put out some money on the table and bowed a few times to Wang Sulan. Seeing the truth in adversity, Qi Xiangqian and Zhao Duofu kept complimenting Wang Sulan, and the atmosphere became cheerful. After eating, Qi Xiangqian took everyone to open up wasteland and cultivate land.

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