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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 18 Recap

Somerset came to give Qi’s mother Bai Luobogan from Qiushi’s hometown. Recently Qiushi is helping Morosov with some sort of things. Morosov is about to return to China. He has been in the Dabei factory for so many years and everyone is reluctant. Qiushi asked Somerset to buy some food to entertain Morosov, which was a practice for him. The news that Morosov was leaving was spread, and everyone was very disappointed. Yu Deshui respected Morosov from the bottom of his heart, and Morosov was leaving in a week. His only wish was I just hope that everyone can go to night school every day, and he will teach everyone what he can teach, and everyone has agreed.

Qi’s mother sold the silver hairpin for white noodles. Cao Dehe said that she should change to jade rice noodles and eat them for several days, but Qi mother was afraid that the jade rice noodles were not as good as the white noodles. The children were upset. Cao Dehe said that Kong Weixin was not in good health and wanted to ask Master Zhang to do a chicken tonic. Morosov left a piece of information, which he recorded at the Great North Factory and should belong to them.

Morosov values ​​their friendship with each other very much, and Qiushi said that their friendship will last forever. Morosov’s last lecture is over, and he believes that the Chinese people will not fall. He Feng bid farewell to Morosov with Qiushi, Qi Xiangqian and others, and everyone rushed to make a medal for Morosov. Morosov lamented that there is a confidant in the sea, and the end of the world is close to each other. I hope everyone will give their names. Written in the notebook, he will think of everyone when he sees their names.

Qi Mu and Bai Ruoxue came with the steamed white-noodle buns. They could not let the guests go hungry. There were plum blossoms on the buns. After Morosov bid farewell to everyone, Morosov hoped to listen to Chinese songs again, and Bai Ruoxue sang a song to say goodbye to Morosov. Suddenly a lot of people gathered in the Dabei Factory, and Qiushi hurriedly went to check.

Qi Xiangqian and Zhao Duofu said that everyone was not at ease. It became a question whether the car could be built after the Soviet experts withdrew. Everyone was panicked. Qiushi hurriedly said that the Chinese people are no worse than the Soviets. The locomotive they built is only a locomotive. will be better! He Feng believes that the sky is boundless, so he decided to go to the ministry.

As the days passed, the children grew up. The children are a little bit angry when the family eats pickled vegetables every day, but now there is no way for the food shortage. Qi’s mother gave Qi Jianshe and Qi Fou some potatoes and told them not to eat them all at once. Cao Dehe secretly gave Kong Weixin some delicious food, but Kong Weixin secretly brought half a piece to Qi Fendou. Qi Jianshe was a little unhappy when he saw this, and ran to find Cao Dehe for three pieces of fruit candy. Cao Dehe asked Kong Shiju to go to the northern suburbs to fetch chickens.

When Kong Weixin was growing up, he had to make up for it. He also asked Kong Shiju to pack a little so that no one could see it. Because of the famine, the workers didn’t have much energy to work, so Qi Xiangqian encouraged everyone to climb this hurdle, but Master He was a bit listless. Yu Deshui gave his wotou to Master He. Now is a difficult time. The more at this time, the more he has to overcome this difficulty on his own. The Chinese know how to be grateful and have backbone. They must rely on themselves to straighten their waists, and their speeches greeted applause.

Qi’s mother boiled wild vegetables for everyone, and the children gathered around waiting to be fed. Yu Caifeng didn’t know why Liu Guiqin and the others went there. Qi Mu said that adults have adult affairs. Qi mother distributed all her food to the children, but she didn’t drink it, but the children were still hungry. Qi’s mother didn’t know what to do, so she told everyone a story to fill up their hunger. The children laughed, but Qi mother secretly cried.

Qi Mu’s ration is not here, and Bai Ruoxue is busy with the work of the unit, Qi Xiangqian is very grateful. Bai Ruoxue said that she had suffered and she didn’t need him to take care of it. The rations at home were not enough. Recently, Qi’s mother has always cooked porridge for the children. Qi’s mother is always hungry, and Bai Ruoxue is worried that she can’t hold it.

The chickens that Cao Dehe and Kong Shiju bought stinks. This was a matter of buying and reselling privately, and the two of them were helpless.

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