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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 15 Recap

Cheng Jianye came to Zheng’s house after learning about Cheng Xin’s affairs. After seeing Zheng’s father, he became a little angry. He was even more surprised when he learned that Zheng’s father and Jiang Jie were married. With a set of villains behind the set, Cheng Jianye also said that Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin were dating. Jiang Jie had an awkward relationship with Zheng’s father because Zheng’s father had torn up the marriage certificate.

Zheng’s father coaxed Jiang Jie for a long time. Jiang Jie arranged for Cheng Xin and Zheng Ganzheng father to go to the amusement park together. Cheng Xin thought of pranking and asked Zheng father to accompany him to play the game. In order to please Cheng Xin, Zheng father was obedient to Cheng Xin.

Cheng Xin deliberately asked Zheng’s father to accompany him on some exciting projects. Zheng’s father sat with Cheng Xin on a large pendulum, and he couldn’t bear it. Cheng Xin deliberately asked Zheng’s father if he could do it. Zheng’s father hurriedly acted and said that he was going To take care of Jiang Jie for the second half of her life, Cheng Xin’s face changed after hearing this, and she would not let Zheng Father play with her.

Cheng Xin took an opportunity to ask Jiang Jie if she was really happy with Father Zheng. Jiang Jie said that he married him because he was happy with Father Zheng. Father Zheng is not like Cheng Jianye. Cheng Jianye only cares about herself. Jiang Jie also told Cheng Xin that Zheng’s father treated her like his biological daughter, and he hoped that Cheng Xin would accept him.

Kong Hao was complained when he went to work. The team leader called Kong Hao to have a meal, and asked him to remember to enforce the law with a smile in the future. Kong Hao had to agree, and smiled at work. After get off work, Kong Hao and Kong Mu said that they would look for him. Zheng Gan, in fact, went to find Yao Jiaren, but Yao Jiaren was busy live broadcasting and didn’t want to accompany Kong Hao.

Cheng Jianye waited at home for Cheng Xin’s return. Finally, he waited until Zheng Gan sent Cheng Xin back. Cheng Jianye was a little angry. After Cheng Xin came back, she tried her again and asked her if she was determined to be with Zheng. Working together, Cheng Jianye felt that Zheng Gan was useless and was not worthy of Cheng Xin, but Cheng Xin felt that Cheng Jianye really only cared about his own inner thoughts, as Jiang Jie said, and didn’t care about the thoughts of others.

The happiness he felt might not be at all. For the happiness she wanted, Cheng Jianye ordered Cheng Xin to break up with Zheng Gan, but Cheng Xin was so angry that he ran away from home and went back to Zheng Gan’s house.

When Cheng Jianye went to the company the next morning, he told Chu Yunfei about the quarrel with Cheng Xin. Chu Yunfei advised Cheng Xin to keep Cheng Xin away from Zheng Gan. Chu Yunfei felt that Cheng Xin was favored by Cheng Jianye since he was a child. Growing up in the palm of his hand, he doesn’t understand that being with ordinary people like Zheng Qian is a matter of worrying about money.

Cheng Jianye is thoughtful and feels that if Cheng Xin is allowed to live a life without money, maybe he won’t feel Zheng Gan. Attractive. Cheng Jianye went to the Zheng family and wanted to take Cheng Xin away. Cheng Xin was determined not to leave, so Cheng Jianye took out a matrimonial agreement and said that Zheng Gan could be with Cheng Xin after signing. Zheng’s father was furious and resolutely opposed the matter.

Zheng Gan also said that he would not sign this contract, nor would he give up Cheng Xin. Zheng’s father also said that as long as Cheng Xin was willing, the door of the Zheng family would always be open to her. Zheng’s father agreed to Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan’s marriage. An eviction order was placed on Cheng Jianye.

Meng Xixi smelled perfume on Yang Chenguang’s clothes when he was washing his clothes. Yang Chenguang spread a panic and said that he did not doubt Mo Xiaobao’s repairing water pipes at home, so Meng Xixi did not doubt himself, Mengxixi Had no choice but to give up. Kong Hao refused a dinner with his colleagues after get off work and went to accompany Yao Jiaren specially.

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