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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 14 Recap

Although Father Zheng wanted to be with Jiang Jie, if Zheng Gan opposed him, he would not insist on marrying. Zheng Qian’s heart softened and said that he did not object to Father Zheng and Jiang Jie. Father Zheng was happy and said that he believed Jiang. It was clean, and the two were in agreement. He also told Zheng Qian to rest assured that Jiang Jie would treat Zheng Qian as his own son.

Zheng Gan changed his mind and no longer opposed Zheng’s father and Jiang Jie. Cheng Xin was very disappointed and went to find Jiang Jie by herself. Jiang Jie was very determined and said that he was not married to Zheng’s father in this life.

Cheng Xin rushed away, went to Cheng Jianye again, and asked him if he had any idea of ​​reuniting with Jiang Jie. Cheng Jianye said that even if he wanted to remarry, he wouldn’t be reunited with Jiang Jie. Cheng Xin tried his best to persuade Cheng Jianye and said that Jiang Jie would do it. After remarrying, there will be no chance if he doesn’t work hard, but Cheng Jianye said that since he divorced Jiang Jie, he felt that his fate with Jiang Jie was exhausted, so Cheng Xin stopped talking about it.

Cheng Xin still refused to give up, and asked Cheng Jianye and Jiang Jie to come out to play with him separately. Cheng Xin specifically asked the playground where their family had been to. Cheng Jianye and Jiang Jie were a little strange to meet each other, and they got along very politely. People played with Cheng Xin for a while, and the three of them sat down to rest when they were tired.

Cheng Xin kept talking about the past and wanted them to reconcile. Cheng Jianye and Jiang Jie both said that it was impossible to be with each other, past events. It was all over, Cheng Xin couldn’t accept it, and left the two of them to leave. Zheng Gan came to the playground to look for Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin was sad for a while and said that he would test Father Zheng. If Father Zheng passed the test, he agreed that Father Zheng and Jiang Jie would be together.

Although Cheng Xin agreed with Father Zheng and Jiang Jie on the surface, she was still a little reluctant in her heart, so she deliberately found trouble in Zheng’s house. Jiang Jie was a little helpless, saying that Cheng Xin had always hoped that their family of three would go to the playground to play, but Cheng Jianye had always been very Busy, and after she divorced Cheng Jianye, this became an unfulfilled wish in Cheng Xin’s heart. I hope Zheng father and Zheng Qian will understand Cheng Xin. In order to prevent Jiang Jie and Zheng’s father from being together, Cheng Xin even wanted to make their relationship public.

Kong Hao’s admission results came out, and Kong’s father Kong’s mother knew that Kong Hao’s job was an urban manager. Kong’s mother was very disappointed and wanted to ask Kong’s father to find an old boss to transfer Kong Hao’s job, but Kong’s father resolutely refused to go through the back door. . On the first day Kong Hao went to work, someone set up a stall on the rooftop. Kong Hao stepped forward to discourage him.

The man was an old dough stick. When the two quarreled, the crowd attracted crowds. Yao Jiaren and Niu Ailian happened to be passing by. Yao Jiaren recognized Kong Hao. Feeling embarrassed to pull Niu Ailian to leave, Kong Hao saw Yao Jiaren and went forward to talk to Yao Jiaren, but Yao Jiaren kept evasive. After leaving, he sent a message to Kong Hao not to call herself at night.

The water pipe in Mengxixi’s house suddenly broke. She called Yang Chenguang. Yang Chenguang was with Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu helped Yang Chenguang hang up the phone. Mr. Yang Chenguang wanted to sever the relationship with Mr. Liu, but Mr. Liu persuaded him. Don’t be constrained by the family so early, let Yang Chenguang wonder who is more helpful to his career. Mengxixi couldn’t get Yang Chenguang’s reply, so he posted to Moments for help. When Mo Xiaobao saw it, he ran to Mengxixi’s house to help her fix the water pipe.

Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of Jiang Jie and Father Zheng’s acquaintance. They plan to get the certificate tomorrow. Cheng Xin was very unwilling. Kong Hao gave Cheng Xin a bad idea, but Confucius and Jiang Jie had already got the marriage certificate. When Father Zheng saw that his marriage with Jiang Jie made Cheng Xin so sad, he was so excited that he tore off the marriage certificate he had just received.

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