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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 13 Recap

Kong’s mother called to check on Gang. Kong Hao quickly took Zheng Gan to fool Kong’s mother. Fortunately, Kong’s mother was not suspicious. When the two of them returned to KTV, they found that Yao Jiaren was angry. Yao Jiaren felt that she was so shameless. This made her He was very disappointed with Kong Hao, and Kong Hao was also very wronged. Every day, to see Yao Jiaren, he went to war. Kong Hao said that he must have a solution to this matter. Yao Jiaren said that he would come to her after Kong Hao figured out a way.

In order to make Yao Jiaren happy, Kong Hao sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night and invited Yao Jiaren out for dinner. Yao Jiaren thought that Kong Hao was going to bring herself to a big meal, but Kong Hao took her to the Chongqing noodle shop when they first dated for dinner. Yao Jiaren was a little disappointed, telling Kong Hao that they are no longer students, and must consider everything in the future. Just like seeing the parents, if Kong Hao doesn’t want a mature solution, there is no way to have a future with her.

Yang Chenguang asked Mo Xiaobao to move the seafood upstairs and then let Mo Xiaobao go. Meng Xixi wanted to keep Mo Xiaobao for dinner, but Yang Chenguang told Meng Xixi not to interact with Mo Xiaobao in the future. He felt that Mo Xiao Bao must be interested in Mengxi, Mengxi was a bit speechless, halfway through the meal, Yang Chenguang received the news and said that he had left beforehand.

Niu Ailian took the live broadcast equipment to Yao Jiaren’s home to teach her live broadcast. Yao Jiaren thought that she would use Kong Hao’s money after graduation, so she wanted to make money from the live broadcast. She felt that she had the confidence to make money and she didn’t need to be angry with Kong’s mother. Up.

When Yao Jiaren was broadcasting live at home, Kong Hao relied on Zheng Gan to go out to Yao Jiaren’s house. Kong Hao felt very uncomfortable watching Yao Jiaren’s live broadcast, but Yao Jiaren felt that he was self-reliant. Cheng Xin expressed support for Yao Jiaren, but Kong Hao just didn’t. In the past, several people were chatting. Father Zheng urged Zheng Gan to go home. Zheng Gan had no choice but to leave. Cheng Xin also followed.

After Cheng Xin returned home, Cheng Xin’s mother Jiang Jie suddenly came to Cheng Xin and said that she would take the journey. When Xin saw a friend, Cheng Xin thought that Cheng Xin’s mother was going to give herself a blind date, so she hurriedly sent a message to Zheng Qian. Zheng Qian was shopping for vegetables in the supermarket, and Zheng’s father specially told him to buy the best of all his things. This made Zheng Qian more curious, not knowing who Zheng’s father was going to see himself this time.

Before Zheng Gan came back, Jiang Jie and Cheng Xin arrived at Zheng’s house first. Cheng Xin reported to Zheng Gan about the itinerary after sitting down. Suddenly heard someone knock on the door, and when he opened the door, it turned out to be Zheng Gan. Cheng Xin knew it was. Zheng Gan’s family, Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan mistakenly thought that their parents were going to arrange marriage for the two of them, and they were very happy.

But when Father Zheng said that he wanted to get a certificate from Jiang Jie, the two knew that today’s happy event was due to Father Zheng and Jiang Jie. Very surprised, Cheng Xin was the first to object, and left Zheng’s house on the spot, Jiang Jie hurriedly chased it out. Zheng Gan asked his father when he met Jiang Jie. Father Zheng said that he and Cheng Jianye and Jiang Jie were university classmates and had known each other for more than 20 years.

When Cheng Jianye was a counselor with him, Cheng Jianye was uncomfortable with the status quo and dragged Zheng’s father to start a business. I don’t know who leaked the news. Both of them were fired from the school. Father Zheng became a middle school teacher, while Cheng Jianye went to the sea to do business. Cheng Jianye had always suspected that Father Zheng had leaked the news, so Father Zheng and Cheng’s family went farther and farther.

Kong Hao and others were a little surprised when they learned about Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan’s parents. Cheng Xin always wanted to get their parents back, at least to give Cheng Jianye a chance. Kong Hao also agreed with Cheng Xin and suggested that Jiang Jie and Zheng’s father should not get the certificate so quickly. You can test them first to find out if Jiang Jie is still able to reunite with Cheng Jianye. In order to prevent Zheng’s father and Jiang Jie from obtaining the certificate, Zheng Gan even went home to steal the account book, but Zheng’s father found it out. Father Zheng thought that it was Zheng Gan who was going to steal the hukou to get married secretly. Zheng Gan was a little ashamed and said that he didn’t want his father to marry Jiang Jie.

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