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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 12 Recap

Zheng Qian feels that Tengda can focus on small and micro enterprises. Although these companies are small in scale, they are better in number. However, Tengda will start again. The accumulated experience and contacts are all in vain. Chu Yunfei feels that Zheng Qian The idea is good, but whether this path is suitable for Tenda is still unknown. Chu Yunfei returned to the topic and decided to let Zheng Qian be the deputy director. Qiao Siwen had no choice.

Qiao Siwen threw the plan to Baozi again, Zheng Gan persuaded Baozi a few words and asked him to plan his work plan carefully, and don’t keep making stupid efforts. After Zheng Gan got off work, Cheng Xin came to pick Zheng Gan off work to have a meal to celebrate, but the date between the two was seen by a colleague in the company, and the colleague took pictures of their date. The colleague was from Josven, and the photo was shown to Josven the next day.

With Zheng Gan’s handle, Qiao Siwen deliberately embarrassed Zheng Gan, and wanted to make Zheng Gan back the pot project. Here, Baozi couldn’t help but told him about Qiao Siwen’s deletion of Zheng Gan’s plan. Cheng Xin, Cheng Xin became angry all at once, and ran directly to question Qiao Siwen. Qiao Siwen said that Cheng was very hard-working, and that Cheng Xin liked Zheng Gan, and that the two of them had fallen in love against the company’s regulations.

The disturbance between the two of them grew louder and louder, which disturbed Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei came out to mediate and punished Zheng Qian. Cheng Xin was very unconvinced and felt that it was obviously Qiao Siwen who had done something wrong. Why should he punish Zheng Qian and Chu? Yun Fei said that although Qiao Siwen was wrong, Qiao Siwen is indispensable to Tengda at this stage. Zheng Qian’s small and micro thoughts are good, but they are meaningless for Tengda now.

Chu Yunfei asked Cheng Xin why he supported Cheng Xin so much. Cheng Xin talked about his relationship with Zheng Gan and said that Cheng Jianye didn’t like Zheng Gan. Chu Yunfei also persuaded Cheng Xin that for marriage, the family is really good. important. Zheng Gan came suddenly, he handed in his resignation to Chu Yunfei, and advised Chu Yunfei, for entrepreneurs, must have the courage to break the arm of a strong man, sometimes too good will become an obstacle to the company’s progress, but he did in Tenda I have learned a lot and I am very grateful to Chu Yunfei. After speaking, he left with Cheng Xin.

Kong Hao left home for a few days, Kong’s mother was a little worried. Kong’s father told her that Kong Hao’s positioning indicated that he was in Block B of the Orange Community. Kong’s mother went to Yao Jiaren’s house to find Kong Hao. Yao Jiaren’s family had several anchors on the live broadcast. The mother of Kong was angry at the first glance, but without a word he dragged Kong Hao away.

After Zheng Gan resigned, he stayed at home for a while. Father Zheng suffered a headache and urged Zheng Gan to find a job. He felt that Zheng Gan was not long-term. When he was teaching Zheng Gan, a man named Jiang Jie suddenly beat Father Zheng. On the phone, Father Zheng looked a little uncomfortable, and he deliberately went back to his room to answer the phone. Zheng Gan felt something was wrong. He was listening in front of the door of Father Zheng’s room, and he didn’t hear anything. Cheng Jianye also gave Cheng Xin a meal, and Cheng Xin’s ears became calluses, and he quickly asked Zheng Gan to relax.

Cheng Xin asked Zheng Gan what exactly he wanted to do. Zheng Gan said that he had some ideas after leaving Tenda, but he still couldn’t figure it out. The two were chatting. Kong Hao called Zheng Gan and asked Zheng Gan to come and go out. She couldn’t get out by herself, but Kong’s mother had long seen through Kong Hao’s thoughts and kept persuading Kong Hao to break up with Yao Jiaren, saying that if Kong Hao married Yao Jiaren, she would marry her as a big son.

In the future, Yao’s family will do anything. Come trouble Kong Hao. Kong Hao and Kong Mu couldn’t convince either of them. Zheng Gan found Kong Hao’s family and lied about Kong Hao to play, and only then brought Kong Hao out. Kong Hao had time to breathe. Kong Hao Zheng Gan and Cheng Xin Yao Jiaren went to KTV to sing halfway through, when Kong Mu suddenly called to check the post.

Recently, Mo Xiaobao was very concerned about Mengxixi. He waited for Mengxixi every day at the market, and even gave Mengxixi seafood every day. Mengxixi was a little embarrassed and insisted on giving Mo Xiaobao money. Mo Xiaobao took some tokens. As usual, he carried the seafood to Mengxixi’s house, and finally met Yang Chenguang downstairs. Yang Chenguang teased Mo Xiaobao a few words. Mengxixi wanted to bring the seafood up by himself, but Yang Chenguang said he was afraid of staining his clothes. With the smell, let Mo Xiaobao take it up.

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