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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 18 Recap

Therefore, Wang Shian rewarded Gu Shenyan, Lin Nansheng and Zhao Jinglong, and awarded two fourth-class Baoding medals and one sixth-class Baoding medal. Since then, Lin Nansheng has officially stayed in the Shanghai Secret Service Operation Team, performing hundreds of large and small tasks, and has long become a mature party-state agent.

On August 13, 1937, the Battle of Songhu broke out. Under the superior firepower of the Japanese army, the Chinese army fought stubbornly and sacrificed tremendously. Three months later, Shanghai was completely occupied. With the exception of the Anglo-American and French concessions, the entire Shanghai area was basically occupied by the Japanese. The Secret Service was reorganized into the Military Statistics Bureau and turned into a dormant state.

In the blink of an eye, the underground party organization of the Communist Party of China is also facing an unprecedented severe winter. A large number of contact points were destroyed by the Japanese army. Although the transmitters evacuated some radio stations in time, they still inevitably died heroically. Qianbing Takahashi was dissatisfied with his subordinates’ unauthorized actions, especially the failure of the task of arresting the Military Unification Bureau, which made him very angry.

Ji Zhongyuan and Gu Shenyan met on the street, explaining that the reporting point was cracked by the special high school last night. At present, the organization has sacrificed seven comrades, and this matter needs to be taken seriously as soon as possible. Since the Japanese bomber squadron was stationed at Longhua Airport and continued to bomb the front line of Xiaoshan, Gu Shenyan put the information in a book and quietly handed it to Ji Zhongyuan, reminding him to hurry up and notify the Songhu Detachment of the New Fourth Army to destroy the airport.

After the conversation, the two left the park separately so as not to be suspected. On the other hand, Lin Nansheng and Zhao Jinglong were attacked by the Japanese army during the sanctions against traitors. Most of the brothers died at gunpoint. Because Zhao Jinglong was seriously injured, Lin Nansheng hid him in the corner first, and then led away the Japanese army, hid in the civilian area and put on ordinary people’s clothes, thus concealing the wound and returning to the Military Reconciliation Bureau.

Lin Nansheng has taken over as the captain of the operation since Hu Daoyi rebelled on the 76th. Originally, the task of bombing the airport was given to the Pudong Detachment of the Military Commander Loyalty Salvation Army. However, the other party delayed doing anything and even kept asking the station for gun supplies. Today, the Military Regiment Bureau can only take care of itself and can only set up a Huaxing Foreign Company in the French Concession as a cover. Lin Nansheng returned with injuries and tantrums Wang Shian’s various arrangements, asking him to give an explanation to the sacrificed brothers.

In view of the recent serious casualties, Wang Shian discussed with Gu Shenyan that he wanted to cooperate with the Communist Party and use the Communist Party’s intelligence advantages to help the military reunification gain a foothold in Shanghai, and even push the Communist Party back at critical moments. Gu Shenyan has no objection to this, thinking that Lin Nansheng is suitable for contacting the Communist Party because he has infiltration experience.

However, Wang Shian’s poor handling ability has aroused dissatisfaction with Boss Dai, so Zhou Yaoting was specially appointed to go to the Nanjing special training class to find Chen Moqun, and he was asked to return to Shanghai as the district head of the Beijing-Shanghai district, in charge of the Beijing-Shanghai-Hangzhou third station and the Zhongyi National Salvation Army. ,

The rank is promoted at least. At first, Chen Moqun pretended to shirk, claiming that he only wanted to teach leisurely, but after Zhou Yaoting took the initiative to show his favor and repeatedly explained the reasons, he reluctantly agreed, provided that he had to go to Hong Kong first, including the appointment of the person in charge of important posts in the future. , Don’t allow others to interfere too much.

Gu Shenyan conveyed Wang Shian’s decision to Lin Nansheng and told him to be prepared. Lin Nansheng still did not forget what Chen Moqun said before he left. That was to continue to monitor Gu Shenyan’s movements. Sure enough, he saw Gu Shenyan taking away a telegraph in the supply room register.

Now that the party organization has solved the problem of the transmitter, Ji Zhongyuan learned that Lin Nansheng had come to negotiate on behalf of the military unity, worried that his situation was too complicated, and despite his patriotic passion, he still believed in loyalty to the party state. Gu Shenyan feels that Lin Nansheng is a patriotic young man with a conscience and is worth fighting for, but Lin Nansheng’s trust has not yet been fully obtained, and he needs to be more cautious in his future work.

Wang Shian thought that Chen Moqun would have no chance to stand up again when he returned to Nanjing. He didn’t expect the other party to come back. Because he was worried that he would take the knife, he changed the allowance of the action team’s sacrificed brother to gold bullion in advance. Lin Nansheng didn’t know this, and carried his things to visit Zhao Jinglong, and at the same time took out his savings, which was regarded as compensation to the brothers.

On the way back, Lin Nansheng saw the oncoming female student, and suddenly it seemed that Zhu Yizhen was standing in front of her, and she couldn’t help crying. On the other side, Zhu Yizhen has been organized and arranged to return to Shanghai as a core intelligence officer, and is responsible for meeting with Lin Nansheng to discuss cooperation. Ji Zhongyuan believed that Zhu Yizhen had grown up, but after he left, Zhu Yizhen still could not completely stabilize her mood.

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