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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 17 Recap

Lin Nansheng has made new progress in privately investigating Ikeda Hidesuke. The evidence in his hand is sufficient to prove the other party’s true purpose in coming to Shanghai. Therefore, Lin Nansheng can stay in the Shanghai Secret Service and personally report the situation to Gu Shenyan, showing his determination to save the country. , Only to drive the invaders out of China.

Since then, Lin Nansheng was assigned to the action team, and Hu Daoyi took him to the department to report to the department and introduced several team leaders specializing in spy intelligence. Hu Daoyi called everyone, and in front of them, it was Lin Nansheng who appointed Lin Nansheng as the leader of the fifth group of the second squadron of the Shanghai Action Team, and assigned him a desk so that he could work at any time.

Chen Moqun took the opportunity to ask Lin Nansheng’s opinion, but Lin Nansheng thought that the tape recorder in Zhu Yizhen’s room might be one of the main methods used to communicate information with the Communist Party. In order to prevent Zhu Yizhen from falling into Chen Moqun’s hands, Lin Nansheng’s response was vague, and after Hu Daoyi left, he rushed directly to Zhu Yizhen’s house.

As the action team’s car had a puncture, it could be delayed for Lin Nansheng for a while. He rode his bicycle to the back door of Zhu’s mansion, climbed the wall and entered Zhu Yizhen’s room, and happened to meet Zhu Xiaotian to face the young man who was suddenly visiting Zhu Xiaotian’s attitude was very resistant. He knew that this person was a KMT spy, and now his daughter is being taken into custody at the spy office.

However, Lin Nansheng did not explain much when he came here. He only explained the situation of the tape recorder, striving to take out the things hidden in the tape recorder in a very short time, and preempt the spies to rule out that the radio would cause Zhu Yizhen. crisis. Originally, Zhu Xiaotian took out a pistol to stop his behavior, but seeing that the action team had come downstairs, he had to worry.

Lin Nansheng sincerely said that he had fallen in love with Zhu Yizhen and would never do anything to harm the other party. At this time, the agents who searched Zhu’s house had already entered the house. In desperation, Zhu Xiaotian had to choose to believe in Lin Nansheng, go out to hold the spies, and buy him more time.

The spies rushed into Zhu Yizhen’s room and even clashed with Hu Daoyi. Fortunately, this time was enough for Lin Nansheng to finish the matter in his hands. Zhu Xiaotian breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the radio was restored to its original state, and Lin Nansheng was not found. When Hu Daoyi took the radio, Lin Nansheng walked out and said that he had removed the coil in the radio and Zhu Yizhen was completely safe.

Chen Moqun took people to the station to pick up Zhou Yaoting, but Zhou Yaoting did not expect Zhou Yaoting to arrive early. After Wang Shian learned of this, he was angry that Chen Moqun deliberately concealed himself, so he kept making small reports in front of Wang Shian. Zhou Yaoting asked Wang Shian for Wang Zhi’s files, and after understanding the cause and effect, he asked about Zhu Yizhen again.

Wang Shian had a lot of opinions on Chen Moqun. He told Zhou Yaoting all the things Chen Moqun had concealed. This made Zhou Yaoting think that Chen Moqun was doing something wrong. Regarding Zhu Yizhen’s question, Wang Shi’an also said that Chen Moqun had arranged actions for a long time. If Zhu Yizhen is the Communist Party, Chen Moqun should now have an empirical statement.

It was precisely because Chen Moqun had not picked up anyone, he was anxious to see Zhou Yaoting, but was stopped by the opponent’s guard and had to wait for Zhou Yaoting to pass it through. After meeting again after many years, Zhou Yaoting still smiled at Chen Moqun and accused him of concealing his actions. There was no evidence to accuse the postman and Zhu Yizhen of being a Communist Party, but Wang Zhi was killed.

Chen Moqun tried his best to explain his behavior and begged Zhou Yaoting to allow him to obtain evidence to confirm Zhu Yizhen’s Communist Party status. Just as Hu Daoyi took the radio back, Chen Moqun took Zhou Yaoting and others to the telecommunications department. However, after inspection, no abnormalities were found.

Lin Nansheng secretly informed Zhu Yizhen that she had solved the radio problem and reminded her not to admit her identity. When Zhu Yizhen heard the news that Lin Nansheng brought to herself, she finally relaxed, and calmly faced any doubts from Chen Moqun about her. The truth was that Chen Moqun could not help it.

Because Chen Moqun could not prove Zhu Yizhen’s identity as the Communist Party, he was supposed to release Zhu Yizhen, but he didn’t want to let it go. He was about to use left-leaning activists to imprison him in the Suzhou Institute of Introspection. However, when Zhou Yaoting took away Wang Zhi’s files, he reminded him by the way. Chen Moqun should know the current affairs.

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