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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 23 Recap

Although Ling Sheng saw the death certificate issued to him by Allen, he still felt uneasy and asked someone to check them, but he found nothing on the island, so he said that he would have to sprinkle some bait. Ling Sheng came to the hospital to see his father. Seeing him looking through the photos of Lingyue, I felt disgusted and deliberately placed the newspaper with the news of Lingyue’s death in front of his father’s bed, making his father feel sick and fell into a coma again. But Ling Sheng and the reporter turned black and white, slandering Ling Yue.

After seeing the interview, Ling Yue was very worried about his father and insisted on going back to take a look, An Xin wanted to accompany him.

Ling Sheng lay in Xin’er’s arms and kept talking about why his father wanted to do this. Xin’er thought that Ling Sheng was too worried about his uncle. Ling Sheng said that he had a dream. He dreamed that Xin’er had left and said goodbye. Wouldn’t wait for him, but Xiner promised that he would not leave him. From then on, he is no longer alone.

An Xin and Ling Yue, as well as You You and Zhao Lei, met in a hidden movie theater to discuss together how to collect evidence and deal with Ling Sheng. The four of them were joking together, and Ling Yue also questioned their reliability. Ling Yue decided to let Ling Sheng and Yang Hong have a rift first.

Ling Yue found his eldest brother Ling Fang, set up a bureau to let Fang Xue approach Ling Sheng, and also posted on him, deliberately let Yang Hong’s people see and took photos. Yang Hong was very angry after seeing the photos, and felt that she still couldn’t believe Ling Sheng too much. She called Ling Sheng and Ling Sheng asked her to meet, saying that seeing is not necessarily true and that she should explain to her face to face.

Dr. Xiao brought Ling Yue into the hospital as a doctor to see Chairman Ling. Dr. Xiao promised Ling Yue that he and Ai Li would guard every step of the way. Youyou and Zhao Lei set up a bureau to put a recording pen on Yang Hong’s body. Yang Hong was about to meet with Ling Sheng to record all their conversations, and figured out a way to take out the recording pen. It happened that the conversation between the two of them had them done. All things were clearly explained, and even the things about Yu Guo many years ago came to light, and it was Yang Hong who did it.

An Xin and Ling Yue also asked An Sheng for help and went to his home to find the share transfer letter in Yang Hong’s hand. Xin’er and Ling Sheng’s wedding is coming soon. They went to try the wedding dress together. The wedding dress was Ling Sheng’s specific and very romantic. Xin’er was also very happy. Ling Sheng himself felt like a dream.

An Sheng took Yang Hong and his father to Xin’er’s wedding earlier, and drove them away so that Anxin could have a chance to find a share transfer letter. But on the way, Xin’er suddenly turned around, and An Sheng turned around as well. An Xin and Ling Yue found a computer to rebuild the face recognition system, Xin’er came back, they were stopped by Xin’er when they were about to leave. Yang Hong suddenly said that he would also come in when he wanted to go to the bathroom, but when An Sheng opened the door, only Xin’er was at home. An Sheng asked if there was anything wrong with her. Xin’er said no. In fact, she had already let An Xin and Ling Yue go by the back door.

Someone congratulated Chairman Gu at the wedding, but he looked confused. He always thought it was An Xin’s engagement, and asked Yang Hong who she was. Ling Fang asked Ling Sheng for a drink, looked at him but didn’t break him. Yoyo deliberately destroyed the computer of the sound engineer, and then replaced the computer prepared in advance with the staff, so that the crimes of Ling Sheng and Yang Hong could be made public through the big screen of the wedding.

An Sheng came to find Xin’er, and Xin’er also told An Sheng that she saw An Xin and Ling Yue, so Ling Sheng came in to find Xin’er, and An Sheng didn’t finish her words. They boarded the engagement stage together, Ling Sheng promised to Xin’er, and also said that he had prepared a surprise for her. Their love story was shown on the big screen. Suddenly the recordings of him and Yang Hong were released, and the sound engineer became the sound engineer.

You You and Zhao Lei can’t stop. Everyone was very surprised. It turned out that all this was the ghost of Yang Hong and Ling Sheng. Xin’er also knew the truth about Yu Guo. An Sheng wanted to take Xin’er away, but Xin’er cried and asked Yang Hong why she did it. Suddenly Gu Yuanchao fainted. They took Chairman Gu to the hospital, and Xiner glanced at Ling Sheng when she left. The reporter asked Ling Sheng if the truth was like this, but Ling Sheng also insisted that the recording was forged, and Ling Yue went straight to expose his true colors.

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