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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 30 Recap

Ren Yuan pointed out that Xiao Mo didn’t know why he was angry. Xiao Mo was the person who was about to become the captain, and he was still so unstable now, and Ren Yuan felt chill with him. Du Wei at the other end also felt that the problem between Wu Di and Xiao Mo has now affected each other’s work, and they must have a good talk. Midsummer Airlines held a meeting about the Aifeimeng plan. Lei Chen deliberately spurned at the meeting and found out that Xiao Mo and his girlfriend Wu Di had a quarrel in the cabin two days ago, in order to push Xiao Mo out of the ranks of the person in charge of Aifeimeng. .

President Li also said that Xia Yu deliberately revised the selection rules for overseas training for her in order to chase Wu Di. Xia Hang came out to maintain it at the right time. He said that the modification of the rules was approved by him, and now President Li did not dare to speak any more. Lei Chen continued to attack Xia Hang. Ai Feimeng planned to make profits for the company, and there were rumors in the company that the Ai Feimeng plan was a contest between Xia Yu and Xiao Mo, and did not put the company’s interests in mind at all. in. Some people also suggested that Xia Hang once took Xia Yu to Xiao Mo’s New Year greetings during the New Year.

Seeing this, Xia Hang had to tell what happened back then. If it weren’t for Xiao Mo’s father, he would not have gone out of the mountain and founded Midsummer Airlines. He has been trying to compensate Xiao Mo for so many years, but Xiao Mo refused those economic compensations, and Xia Hang could only realize Xiao Mo’s dream of flying in love. Plan to compensate him. And in the long run, the Aifei Dream Project can bring fame to the company and allow the company to develop in the longer term, which is much more important than short-term benefits. As soon as Xia Hang’s words fell, the directors applauded in agreement.

Wu Di checked the flight. Xiao Mo originally flew to Paris with her, but Xiao Mo’s name was not on the schedule. It was only after asking that Xiao Mo had taken the initiative to apply for a shift. Du Taotao and Tong Yuan talked about the gossip between Xiao Mo and Wu Di, but Wu Di was sitting behind. The speaker had no intention, and the listener had the intention. Wu Di thought that he was injuring Xiao Mo, so that he was almost removed from the position of project leader by the company director. Xia Hang called Xiao Mo and made it clear that if he and Wu Di could not control their emotions, then he suggested that Wu Di change the guard.

Wu Di asked Xiao Mo to go to the rooftop to make it clear that although Xiao Mo didn’t feel that Wu Di was dragging him down, he calmly made contact with each other less during this time. Wu Di was a little angry, she herself couldn’t be as calm as Xiao Mo, and Xiao Mo refused to say what was in his heart, and the two of them had an unhappy quarrel. Xiao Mo was temporarily notified that he would go to Lu Qiwen’s class and fly a short flight with Tao Shan. Tao Shan was very happy to be partnered with him, because he felt that Xiao Mo was calm and self-sufficient in encounters, and would not be emotional.

Du Wei couldn’t reach Wu Di and was very worried, so he called Xia Yu and asked him to come home. It didn’t take long before Wu Di came back, but she didn’t say anything, just thought it would be nice not to fly with Xiao Mo. Duoduo accidentally learned that Xiao Mo and Wu Di had quarreled. She persuaded Xiao Mo from the perspective of an outsider not to demand Wu Di by his own standards. This would put Wu Di under pressure. Sweet love requires a smile. Wu Di and Xiao Mo’s relationship is not going well, Yu Jie and Luo Dong’s relationship is not much better, Luo Dong is too straight, Yu Jie will always be angry.

Qi Yang flew to Shenzhen by plane, and saw that Hua Hin happened to be working on this plane, so he started talking with her. Ren Yuan, who was resting, came over to interrupt their conversation and said that there was no apple juice he wanted on the plane. Xin brought him orange juice. Hua Hin knew that Ren Yuan was jealous, but just smiled indifferently. Xia Hang invited Xiao Mo and Gao Kai to eat at home. After the meal, Xia Yu sent Xiao Mo out. Xiao Mo wanted to learn from him, how to coax Wu Di, in other words, how to make Wu Di get along with himself without pressure.

The next day, Xia Yu accompanied Xiao Mo to the amusement park and played the role of Wu Di. He pointed out Xiao Mo’s unsatisfactory details of getting along. I have to say that Xia Yu saw the problem of getting along between the two sexes hit the nail on the head.

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