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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 29 Recap

Wu Di saw Xiao Mo didn’t eat the porridge he cooked for him, which made her a little angry. Later Du Wei asked, she said Xiao Mo always accommodated herself, and he didn’t say that the porridge was not delicious, which made Wu Di feel a little uncomfortable. Du Wei explained that maybe Xiao Mo didn’t eat the porridge she cooked for other reasons. To make Wu Di happy, Du Wei offered to go shopping with her, but Wu Di declined. Xia Yu understood that Xia Hangming had asked Gao Kai to take herself out to discuss business affairs with a man named Miss Bai, but actually wanted to give them a blind date.

So Xia Yu ran away, leaving the official and private affairs to Gao Kai to solve. He then walked boringly on the street when he accidentally saw Wu Di drinking by himself. He went up and sat opposite Wu Di and asked Xiao Mo why he didn’t accompany her. Xiao Mo just drove by and saw the two of them eating together, so he called Wu Di. Wu Di lied that he was eating with Yu Jie. Xiao Mo didn’t expose her lies, and drove away silently. Wu Di and Xia Yu complained, and Xia Yu said that they had to solve the problem by themselves.

Hua Hin brought Xiao Mo Chinese medicine and told him to boil water and drink it. Qi Yang was divorced, and he asked Hua Hin to come out for dinner and complain. He did not forget their previous regretful feelings. Hua Hin reminded him that he is now Ren Yuan’s wife. Ren Yuan called her and learned that she was having dinner with Qi Yang. He was jealous and was not in the mood to cook, so he just soaked in a bucket and paid for it. After Hua Hin returned, Ren Yuan expressed his dissatisfaction. As a man, he can feel Qi Yang obsessed with his wife, so he doesn’t like Hua Hin and Qi Yang to go out.

Hua Hin believed that he and Qi Yang were innocent, so he didn’t take Ren Yuan’s complaints and jealousy at heart. Midsummer Airlines has a plan to train outstanding co-pilots overseas every year. The company budget is only enough to train three people. Xia Yu proposes to expand the quota to five. Later, Wu Di accidentally found out that he had been selected, so he went to Xia Yu to inquire about it. Xia Yu explained that the selection rules have been changed. In addition to the original flight speed and performance records, the selection ranking for teamwork has been added this time.

Wu Di has worked as a flight attendant and is the only person in Midsummer Airlines who has turned from a flight attendant to a pilot. Therefore, she understands the flight attendants very well. Sometimes her captain broadcasts greatly reduce the number of times the passengers make things difficult for the flight attendants and increase the passengers’ attitude towards Midsummer. The company’s satisfaction, the flight attendants are very satisfied with her. Wu Di seemed to believe it, and Du Wei later asked if Xia Yu had modified the selection rules specifically for Wu Di. Xia Yu did not admit, but did not deny that the conversation between the two was heard clearly by Xiao Mo who came over.

Xiao acquiesced that Xia Yu was doing this to harm Wu Di, so he told Wu Di the truth. The next day Wu Di told Xia Yu that he wanted to give up this opportunity, which made Xia Yu very helpless. Xia Yu went to question Xiao Mo, but the two only talked a few words. Wu Di didn’t know how to face Xiao Mo, Du Wei had to go down to see Xiao Mo instead of her. Du Wei reminded Xiao Mo to think more from Wu Di’s perspective. Lei Chen won an overseas training place for Lu Qiwen, which made Lu Qiwen grateful.

That night, Xiao Mo thought about it and sent a message to Wu Di, but the two still did not solve the problem, which directly affected the next day’s flight. Xiao Mo and Wu Di actually quarreled a few words before taking off, and they had different opinions when they got on the plane. Ren Yuan drove them off in a fit of anger and changed two backup pilots. Xiao Mo went to Hua Hin’s house for dinner, and when Ren Yuan came back from get off work, Xiao Mo apologized to him for what happened today.

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