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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 9 Recap

On the way back, Meng Xixi and Mo Xiaobao talked about their worries, and felt that Yang Chenguang had become less and less careful of themselves recently. It was supposed to get married as soon as he graduated, but now Yang Chenguang has been making excuses to shirk, Mo Xiao Bao comforted Mengxixi a few words, let her understand Yang Chenguang, and said that getting married too early is not good, she is an example, Mengxixi also persuaded Mo Xiaobao a few words, saying that others are so good, there will be A good girl likes Mo Xiaobao.

Everyone went home after their vacation. Mengxixi took Mo Xiaobao’s car. On the way back, Mengxixi kept looking at the phone and waiting for Yang Chenguang’s reply, but she didn’t know that Yang Chenguang had betrayed her and had an incident with Mr. Liu. Relationship.

Cheng Xin drove home after sending Zheng Gan. There was a motorcycle on the road that followed her all the way to home. Cheng Xin thought it was a hooligan. After getting out of the car, she wanted to teach that person a lesson, but found that it turned out to be. My friend Chu Yunfei is back. Cheng Jianye warmly welcomed Chu Yunfei and asked him what his plans are after returning to China. Chu Yunfei said that he plans to become a media company.

Cheng Jianye said that he has a media subsidiary, but there are big problems in management, so Chu Yunfei has it. Time to go to his company to give some advice. During the meal, Chu Yunfei always looked at Cheng Xin intentionally or unintentionally, but Cheng Xin looked at Zheng Gan’s photo wholeheartedly and did not pay attention to their conversation.

The next day was the final of Yao Jiaren’s draft, but Kong Hao was watched by Kong’s mother reviewing at home and couldn’t get out at all. Zheng Qian asked Kong Hao to play football on the excuse of Kong’s mother. Kong Mu directly rejected Zheng Gan. Yao Jiaren was eliminated at the game and wanted to call Kong Hao to tell Kong Hao that Kong Hao never answered the phone.

Yao Jiaren was a little upset. Someone from the live broadcaster came to say hello to her. She couldn’t hold back her temper for a while. After the live broadcaster walked away, Yao Jiaren’s old classmate Niu Ailian recognized her to greet her. Yao Jiaren was shocked and did not recognize Niu Ailian for a while. Niu Ailian saw that Yao Jiaren had been eliminated, so she said that she would have told herself earlier. ,

I can let Yao Jiaren win the championship, Yao Jiaren is a little puzzled, Niu Ailian said that she is the judge of this competition, and this kind of competition is cheating money, so Yao Jiaren should not participate in the future. Yao Jiaren asked why Niu Ailian is so famous now. Niu Ailian took Yao Jiaren to her studio. There are many live studios in the studio. Yao Jiaren looked very novel. Niu Ailian threw an olive branch to Yao Jiaren and invited her to join her studio.

Chu Yunfei went to Huaye Media at the invitation of Cheng Jianye. Lucas received him warmly. Every time he saw a department, he asked the employees to stand up and say hello to Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei was a little uncomfortable. When he arrived at the office, Chu Yunfei accidentally saw the improvement plan written by Zheng Qian and appreciated Zheng Qian’s plan very much. He also asked Lucas for the contact information of Zheng Qian and took away the plan written by Zheng Qian.

After visiting Huaye Media, Chu Yunfei went to Cheng Xin’s refitting workshop to play with her. He also said that Cheng Jianye wanted Cheng Xin to go to work at his own place. Cheng Xin was afraid that she would mess with Chu Yunfei, so she refused Chu Yunfei. , The two drank milk tea, Cheng Xin was on a whim, and Chu Yunfei took photos with love. After Chu Yun flew back to the company, he called Zheng Qian and asked him to meet and chat. Zheng Gan agreed without hesitation.

Zheng Gan went to Chu Yunfei’s Tengda Media. Chu Yunfei was straightforward and hoped that Zheng Gan would come to work in his own company, but Zheng Gan said that he wanted to start a business in the future. Chu Yunfei expressed his appreciation for Zheng Gan and said that Tengda could help Zheng Gan accumulate experience. Chu Yunfei moved Zheng Gan, and Zheng Gan decided to join Tengda.

Kong Hao drank coffee before going to take the civil service exam. As a result, he had a stomachache in the examination room and frequently asked to go to the toilet. This time wasted time and again. Kong Hao didn’t even paint the answer sheet, and the exam was over. Kong Hao left the examination room in despair, only Mo Xiaobao came to pick him up.

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