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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 8 Recap

Zheng Qian and Kong Hao went to the wedding first. Kong Hao paid the money and felt a little distressed. He took the cake at the wedding and wanted to eat the money back, but Zheng Gan had no thoughts, thinking about whether Cheng Xin would come and what should he do when he came. Coax her, when Cheng Xin came, Zheng Gan didn’t know how to speak, so he could only hug her while taking a group photo, but when the photo was taken, Cheng Xin stayed far away.

At this time, Mo Xiaobao and Sa Sha’s family suddenly quarreled. Sha Sha’s family was rushing to collect the gift money. This caused dissatisfaction with Mo Xiaobao’s parents. They felt that they were too shame to do this kind of thing. The two sides quarreled, Mo Xiaobao. Together with Sa Sa and the guests, Sa Sa forced Mo Xiaobao to ask Mo Xiaobao’s parents to apologize. Cheng Xin looked at the aggressive Sasha and couldn’t help stepping forward to teach him.

Sa Sa’s mother pushed Cheng Xin away and Zheng Gan. Stepping forward to protect Cheng Xin, Mo Xiaobao stopped everyone and wanted to make Sa Sa take a step back. Sa Sa insisted on asking Mo Xiaobao’s parents to apologize. Mo Xiaobao refused to agree, and Sa Sa dropped the diamond ring. , Said that he would not get married on the spot.

After the chicken and dog jump, the guests all left. Only Zheng Gan and the others were drinking with Mo Xiaobao. Cheng Xin drank too much. She praised Mengxi that she was dressed beautifully today, and asked her to do the same in the future. Kong Hao asked Yao Jiaren to see his parents early, and finally arrived at Zheng Gan. Cheng Xin said something to his heart through Jiu Jin. Zheng Gan looked at Cheng Xin who was wronged, feeling very guilty, and apologized again and again. Cheng Xin asked Mo Xiaobao to take it. Take out the time capsule, let everyone put in everything they want to say, and see it again a year later, everyone had to do it.

After the marriage between Mo Xiaobao and Sa Sa became sluggish, they played games at home and did not sleep. Kong Hao was a little worried about Mo Xiaobao, so he called a few people out to talk about Mo Xiaobao’s affairs. After Cheng Xin was drunk, the relationship between Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan eased a little. Everyone discussed how to help Mo Xiaobao out of the shadow of broken love. Cheng Xin suggested finding a resort hotel, eating some delicious food, and soaking in the hot springs. Yao Jiaren said Yes, it looked at the hotel, and Mo Xiaobao agreed.

However, Kong Hao was ashamed of his pocket, and he was probably bleeding out if he went out to play. He wanted Zheng Gan to make some other suggestions, but Zheng Gan refused. Cheng Xin called Mengxixi to come out to play, Mengxixi also refused because of money matters, but Cheng had a wealth of money, so it was enough to let Mengxixi people come.

After a busy day, Yang Chenguang came back and spread out on the sofa. Mengxi squeezed his feet and asked him if he would like to drink soup. Yang Chenguang was a little unwilling to think that the food was not good. Mengxixi was also angry and said that if Yang Chenguang disliked the food. Okay, let’s hand in some household items. Now the family uses her dowry money. Meng Xixi also proposes to find a job to subsidize the family. Yang Chenguang insists not to let Mengxi go to work and promises to give Mengxi the subsidy after the salary is paid. Home.

In this way, everyone went to the resort hotel. Mo Xiaobao looked at Mengxixi sitting by the pool and looked particularly good, so he picked up his camera and took a few photos of Mengxixi. Although he came out to play, Mo Xiaobao was still a little depressed. Apart from vacation, Yao Jiaren also grabbed Kong Hao’s endorsement. When Mengxixi was playing outside, Yang Chenguang did not have any greetings. Cheng Xin felt that something was wrong. Let Mengxixi not feel wronged. Everyone played until the evening. Mengxixi wanted to buy some souvenirs for Yang Chenguang, but everyone was too tired to walk. Then Cheng Xin asked Mo Xiaobao to accompany Mengxi together.

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