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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 11 Recap

Chu Yunfei called Cheng Xin to the office. Cheng Xin blamed Chu Yunfei for turning a blind eye to Qiao Siwen’s behavior. Chu Yunfei understood the problems of the planning department, but the change cannot be accomplished overnight. It takes time and With the opportunity, he hired Zheng Qian, hoping that Zheng Qian would bring changes to the planning department.

Cheng Xin felt that she was helping Zheng Gan to speak. Zheng Gan still didn’t appreciate him. He felt that Zheng Gan had betrayed him. However, Zheng Gan said that he did not want to be involved in the struggle between Chu Yunfei and Qiao Siwen. The workplace notes I wrote over the years have been given to Cheng Xin for her to take a good look.

Kong Hao took Yao Jiaren home. He lied that Yao Jiaren was Zheng Gan’s friend and took Yao Jiaren for a few days. But Kong’s mother was not a fool and felt that something was wrong at first glance. Kong Hao told her that he and Yao Jiaren were just ordinary friends, but Kong’s mother I don’t believe it. Kong’s father, Kong Mu, questioned Yao Jiaren’s family background during the meal.

Kong Hao originally wanted to conceal Yao Jiaren’s father’s career and wanted to say that Yao Jiaren’s father was engaged in transportation, but Yao Jiaren didn’t want to lie, saying that his father was a taxi driver and his mother. In the factory, she would go to the neighborhood committee to help. Kong’s mother was a little disappointed and asked about Yao Jiaren’s work. Yao Jiaren said that she wanted to be an actor. She is still working hard. Kong’s mother unabashedly expressed her disdain.

She felt that Yao Jiaren was fantastic. Seeing that Kong Hao had been defending Yao Jiaren, Kong’s mother confirmed the relationship between Kong Hao and Yao Jiaren. She also believed that Yao Jiaren taught Kong Hao to lie. She saw that Yao Jiaren was dressed decently and asked Kong Hao if she had spent all the money on Yao Jiaren. On the body, Kong Hao and Kong Mother quarreled, Yao Jiaren got angry, stood up and left the Kong family directly, Kong Hao hurriedly chased it out.

Kong Hao finally coaxed Yao Jiaren and promised to fight against Kong Mu to the end. After Kong Hao returned, Kong Mu immediately stated that he would not let Yao Jiaren in, and said that Yao Jiaren must have taken a fancy to the Kong family’s conditions. Kong Hao has some Silent, saying that their home is not so good. The only advantage is that they have a home in Huahai. The two people become more quarrelsome. Kong Hao ran away from home in a rage and went to Yao Jiaren.

Qiao Siwen’s project about DU jewelry’s planning project was turned off. He wanted to throw the pot to the bun. Zheng Gan looked at the planning plan and felt that he could modify the plan again. Maybe he could impress the customer. Chu Yunfei called He pleaded with the customer, Mr. Huang, but Mr. Huang rejected their proposal and has already cooperated with others.

Zheng Qian didn’t want to give up, and Cheng Xin went to DU Jewelry to find President Huang. In order to chase President Huang, Cheng Xin gave his foot to the shop. President Huang talked about things in the store, and Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan waited outside the store. With President Huang, after waiting for a long time, President Huang didn’t come out. Zheng Gan felt that they had shown enough sincerity. Since President Huang ignored them, he had to think of other ways.

In the evening, Zheng Qian called Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao, and forced President Huang into Cheng Xin’s car. Huang was very helpless and could only let Zheng Qian talk about his marketing plan. Zheng Qian talked about his thoughts, Huang I always admired Zheng Gan a few words, but said that his plan was not enough to impress people. Zheng Gan sent her home and bought her dinner and medicine. She didn’t want to owe Zheng Gan favor, so she agreed to give Tenda Media another opportunity.

Cheng Xin was very happy. She solved the problem with Zheng Qian without relying on Cheng Jianye this time. In the evening, Zheng Gan spent the whole night writing a plan, and fell asleep directly on the desk. When Qiao Siwen came to work, he saw Zheng Qian asleep, so he secretly deleted Zheng Gan’s plan. Qiao Siwen just deleted it.

After Zheng Qian’s scheme was involved, he turned around and found that Baozi was behind him. Zheng Gan lost the plan, and when Huang was about to leave, Zheng Qian directly talked about his ideas and successfully attracted Huang’s attention. Cheng Xin took advantage of this time to find the plan and succeeded. Completed this program demonstration. Zheng Qian’s plan touched President Huang, and President Huang decided to continue to cooperate with Tenda Media.

This time Zheng Qian saved the DU Jewelry project. Chu Yunfei wanted Zheng Qian to be the deputy director to assist Qiao Siwen and develop new customers. Qiao Siwen was very disdainful, saying that this industry relies on resources and connections, and Zheng Qian is a newcomer. With no resources at all, Zheng Qian also has his own ideas, saying that the original market is saturated and he wants to develop a new market.

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