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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 10 Recap

After Zheng Gan settled the work, he asked Cheng Xin to go for a ride. He said that he was a little impatient before. In fact, he knew that Cheng Xin was good to him. Cheng Xin felt better after hearing Zheng Gan’s words. Zheng Qian went to the planning department of Tengda Media, and the director Qiao Siwen received Zheng Qian, but he also ridiculed Zheng Qian’s name as being too tacky. Qiao Siwen took an employee handbook to Zheng Qian and let him get familiar with it.

After Zheng Gan went to work, Cheng Xin also came to Tengda Media to look for Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei asked what was wrong with Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin chong Chu Yunfei acted like a baby. He said that he wanted to come to work at Chu Yunfei’s company, and called to the planning department. Chu Yunfei readily agreed to Cheng Xin. After getting Chu Yunfei’s consent, Cheng Xin went to the planning department to look for Zheng Gan. Zheng Gan was shocked. The water in her hand splashed Cheng Xin all over.

Zheng Gan asked why Cheng Xin was here. Cheng Xin said that she was here. At work, she wants to work hard with Zheng Qian. Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin found a place where no one was there to talk. Zheng Qian told Cheng Xin that the first item in the employee handbook was to prohibit employees from falling in love. If they were found out, they would have to leave one of them, but Cheng Xin didn’t take it seriously. , I also feel particularly exciting.

Kong Hao told Yao Jiaren about the failure of the exam. Yao Jiaren was furious and felt that Kong Hao didn’t care about him at all. Kong Hao was very wronged and said that he had taken half of his life to prepare for the exam. Apart from the fact that he did not see his parents, he treated Yao Jiaren. Yao Jiaren is irrefutable. Kong Hao was admitted to a civil servant unexpectedly, Kong’s mother was very happy, and remembered to check on his girlfriend for Kong Hao. Kong Hao invited Yao Jiaren to dinner and said that he was admitted to the civil service. Yao Jiaren was very happy. After the meal was gone, he took Kong Hao to buy gifts for Kong Hao’s parents, preparing to see the parents.

When it’s time to get off work, all other colleagues stepped off work. Only the colleague Baozi was still working on the plan that was returned by Qiao Siwen. Zheng Qian looked at the plan and had an idea in his heart, so he took the initiative to leave overtime and Baozi to revise the plan together. Cheng Xin stayed with the two of them, and the two changed their plans until late at night. After Zheng Gan returned home, they found Kong Hao squatting downstairs. Kong Hao said that he was robbed by love and asked Zheng Qian for a loan. money.

Mengxixi went to the vegetable market to buy crabs for Yang Chenguang to eat. It just so happened that the seafood in this market was provided by Mo Xiaobao’s family. When I was strolling around at the Mo Xiaobaolai market, he just saw Mengxixi, so he prepared two boxes of fresh crabs for him. In order to help Mengxixi, he also helped Mengxixi move the crab back home.

Qiao Siwen knew about Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin staying up late to help Baozi write a plan. Qiao Siwen was worried that Zheng Gan would be promoted by Chu Yunfei and his power would be emptied, so he said that Zheng Gan’s plan was too bad, yes. As soon as he criticized Cheng Xin defending Zheng Qian, it happened that Chu Yunfei passed by and read the plan written by Zheng Qian, and felt that Zheng Qian’s writing was good, so he asked him to give the plan to the client first and see how the client reacted.

Cheng Xin was very disdainful of people like Qiao Siwen, and Zheng Gan asked her to show Qiao Siwen some face in front of Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei held a meeting and said that the client was very satisfied with the plan this time, and he wanted to give Zheng Qian a head start.

Qiao Siwen’s subordinates flattered, saying that if it weren’t for Qiao Siwen’s leadership, Zheng Qian would not be able to make the plan so smoothly. , Qiao Siwen and his subordinates sang a peace. Cheng Xin didn’t give Qiao Siwen face, and directly said that he only knows to ask for credit, and usually only acts as a hand-off shopkeeper. Qiao Siwen was a little angry, reminding Chu Yunfei that most of Tengda’s business was brought by him. Zheng Qian knew that he could not offend Josven, so he also echoed Josven. After the meeting, Chu Yunfei asked Cheng Xin to come to his office.

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