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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 16 Recap

In the days that followed, Lin Nansheng temporarily acted as Lan Xinjie’s driver and often took her to and from get off work. As for Hu Daoyi because he could not get close to Ikeda, he could not obtain any useful information. Wang Shian was very dissatisfied with this, and ordered Hu Daoyi to find a solution and give him a solution as soon as possible to explain to Nanjing.

In the evening, Lin Nansheng waited for Lan Xinjie to get off work outside the dance hall as usual. Zuo Qiuming and Takahashi Chibing got on the line. The two again negotiated cooperation and met with Ikeda and others. They were invited to attend the home he personally arranged for a few days. feast. Privately, Eisuke Ikeda was suspicious of Zuo Qiuming. He always felt that this young man was too sophisticated, so he asked Chibei Takahashi about the situation.

Under the narration of Takahashi Chihyo, Ikeda learned that Zuo Qiuming had military status, and later took off his military uniform because of a mistake. Even if he was involved in business, he still has a strong background. Because of this, Takahashi Chihei is somewhat jealous of Zuo Tyumen, and the opponent has a clear stand and no suspicious motives.

Lan Xinjie didn’t find any news about Ikeda, but with her keen observation, she still found some details, such as the sand in Ikeda’s shoes, indicating that he would often go to the beach. Because Eisuke Ikeda has prepared a dinner at home to entertain people from all walks of life in Shanghai. As a sociable flower Lan Xinjie who frequently visits celebrities and celebrities, he is naturally included in the list.

Lin Nansheng went to Wang Shian in person and reported to him the information he had at present and the opportunity to contact Eisuke Ikeda. Wang Shian was delighted when he heard this. He not only agreed to develop Lan Xinjie as a peripheral staff, and paid a certain amount of remuneration, but even promised Lin Nansheng that if he could obtain evidence to prove Ikeda’s spy status, he would be allowed to continue to stay in Shanghai. Lan Xinjie must take pictures.

Taking into account the danger of this mission, Lin Nansheng paid Lan Xinjie’s money in advance, and at the same time took out a miniature camera, hoping that she could collect as much information as possible to take pictures of specific rooms and objects. In fact, Lin Nansheng didn’t want to put Lan Xinjie in a dangerous situation, but there was no other way to get close to Ikeda except relying on her, because the real purpose of this person’s coming to China this time was to implement a plan of aggression.

At first, Lan Xinjie did not agree to Lin Nansheng’s plea, but thinking that she would soon marry her beloved, coupled with the temptation of a sense of responsibility and heavy remuneration, she finally decided to take a risk. After Lin Nansheng taught Lan Xinjie to use the camera, he asked Zuo Qiuming to ask him why he was with Takahashi Chibei.

Because Zuo Qiuming couldn’t explain his specific tasks to Lin Nansheng, he could only explain that they were a business cooperation relationship, and there was no other comment. Lin Nansheng didn’t insist on knowing Zuo Qiuming’s affairs, so he specifically urged Zuo Qiuming to take care of Lan Xinjie at the banquet, because Ikeda’s affairs are related to whether he can stay in Shanghai.

Zuo Qiuming knew Lin Nansheng’s difficulties and promised to help, which made Lin Nansheng relieved. On the day of the banquet, Lin Nansheng sent Lan Xinjie to Ikeda’s home. Lan Xinjie was still a little scared and nervous, so she smoked a cigarette before going in. When Lan Xinjie entered, Eisuke Ikeda was waiting for Lan Xinjie at the door, but the guard also checked Lan Xinjie’s invitation, which made Lan Xinjie aware of the severity and danger of the task.

At the reception, Lan Xinjie took the opportunity to go out to the bathroom while Eisuke Ikeda and others were having a good conversation with Zuo Qiuming, and then went to Eisuke Ikeda’s room. By the way, he took photos of all the materials and the hangings on the wall of the room with a camera. photo. Qianbing Takahashi realized that Lan Xinjie hadn’t come back for a long time and had doubts about her, so he simply said a few words and went out to search.

At this time, Lan Xinjie hadn’t noticed, she accidentally saw a picture falling out of the book. It was the scene of Ikeda hacking and killing ordinary people, which frightened her. Just as Takahashi Qianbing was about to push the door in, fortunately Fukuda Dazu suddenly appeared, which prevented Lan Xinjie from being discovered.

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