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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 15 Recap

Since Zhou Yaoting left, Ji Zhongyuan, with the assistance of Zhu Yizhen, has successfully obtained organizational intelligence. The so-called hotel rooms are nothing but smoke bombs thrown by them to transfer the radio station. The Kuomintang Shangfeng ordered Chen Moqun to immediately return to Nanjing to report on his work and investigate, which also meant that the task of tracking down the ghost postman had ended.

Lin Nansheng took the initiative to process all the data files related to Xu Liwen, which symbolized the previous experience, like a beautiful dream, which burned down the easy life in his hope and completely turned to ashes. After Zhu Xiao finished the business at hand, he was about to take his daughter to Hong Kong. However, before leaving for Hong Kong, Zhu Yizhen seemed to be determined to bid farewell to her father, claiming that she still had an unfinished mission, and then transferred to other regions to perform the mission.

Time flew in the spring of 1937, and Japanese troops were stationed in various places one after another. At this time, the big Shanghai was mixed with dragons and fish, and the various forces twisted into several cross-wires, or peaceful coexistence or fighting with each other. Fang Yubin, director of the Quanxiu Department, went to the Shanghai Secret Service to announce the appointment. Wang Shian thought he would become the new stationmaster, but he did not expect to be an agent, so he was a bit disappointed.

In order to prove his rightfulness, he won Gu Shenyan within two days of his appointment, asked him to serve as the deputy stationmaster, and revealed that the Secret Service would start investigating the Japanese businessman Hidesuke Ikeda, suspecting that he was a Japanese spy. Although Gu Shen pretended to pretend and did not immediately agree, he had already considered it. After all, the deputy webmaster can directly manage the action team, which is conducive to obtaining more core secrets. The only drawback is that the movement is limited, and many things cannot be seen in public. Go ahead and do it.

After discussing with Ji Zhongyuan, Gu Shenyan decided to take over the post of deputy station master, and at the same time, for other reasons, asked Wang Shian to send Lin Nansheng back to the Nanjing special training class. Lin Nansheng learned that he immediately went to help Hu Daoyi process the photos, and begged him to accept himself and join the action team. However, Hu Daoyi made it clear that the action team is now under the control of Gu Shenyan, so Lin Nansheng could only beg Gu Shenyan again.

Knowing Lin Nansheng’s intentions, Gu Shenyan still refused, and he was unwilling to give him a chance to explain. Lin Nansheng walked down the street in a loss, and accidentally saw the poster of “Floating Clouds of Fortune”, which reminded him of Zhu Yizhen, because the two agreed to watch the movie together.

When Lin Nansheng was looking at the poster in a daze, he inadvertently noticed that someone was following him, so he turned around and left. Later, he walked faster and faster, and simply hid in the cake shop. Sure enough, in less than a while, Zuo Qiuming walked to the counter. Lin Nansheng was very surprised to see him. The two good brothers met again in Shanghai after a few months.

Now that Zuo Qiuming comes to Shanghai, because he hasn’t seen Lin Nansheng for a long time, he can’t help but sigh when he sees him again. Lin Nansheng prepared his favorite pastry for Zuo Qiuming. He sat in a remote park for a long time and talked to him about his previous special training classes and the current situation. They all thought that the Japanese army was going to China in large numbers, just waiting to find them. An excuse for provocative war against China.

After finishing the conversation, they went home. Lin Nansheng accidentally saw the pen Zuo Qiuming had given him while he was sorting out his belongings. At that time, he had agreed that if the two were still on the same road, they would meet again sooner or later. However, when Zuo Qiuming embarked on this path, Lin Nansheng deviated a little. The only conviction that he can support is to fulfill the promise that year and defend his family and the country with his own strength.

Through this reunion of the deceased, Lin Nansheng became more determined to stay in Shanghai, so the next day he went to the secret service office to find Gu Shenyan to express his true thoughts. However, Gu Shenyan still did not agree, and even directly handed over Lin Nansheng’s gun, and asked him to report to Nanjing.

With regard to Gu Shenyan’s tough attitude, Lin Nansheng had no choice but to take the transfer order with red eyes, and accidentally saw a file of a Japanese spy placed on the table. When he happened to go downstairs, Hu Daoyi led his men and left in a hurry. Lin Nansheng followed him and found that the spy was following Eisuke Ikeda. Seeing Lan Xinjie and Ikeda Hidesuke together, Lin Nansheng asked her for help to inquire about Ikeda Hidesuke.

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