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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 17 Recap

Qi Xiangqian said he was here to congratulate him, Bai Ruoxue quickly took out the wedding gifts, and Somerset quickly took Bai Ruoxue to visit the house, Qiu Shi and Qi Xiangqian sat down for a drink. Qiushi said that He Feng was going to hire Kong Shiju to open a financial tutoring class, and Yu Deshui would also go to the evening school to attend classes. Qi Qiangqian sneered, and Yu Deshui couldn’t stare into the sky. Yu Deshui began to read books and prepare lessons in the workshop, but several masters were speechless. Cao Dehe let Kong Shiju wear a long gown to class, how awkwardly Kong Shiju looked, he changed quickly, still a little nervous. Cao Dehe said that Yu Deshui dared to give lectures, but Kong Shiju dared not do anything.

Yu Deshui was in the evening school. He simply understood that everyone would like to listen, but Qi Xiangqian didn’t approve of it. Qiu Shi asked him to listen. He was already a section leader and he wanted to know a little bit more. Kong Shiju and Morosov were both in class, Qi Qiangqian listened outside the door and didn’t understand, even He Feng was in the class. Qi Xiangqian simply went to Yu Deshui to listen to the class. Mother Qi brought out the freshly made cakes for everyone to eat. Cao Dehe, Liu Guiqin and Wang Sulan ate very happily. Everyone came from all over the world and got together without relatives. The fate is really wonderful. Everyone is discussing the good days now, and the days of Dabei Factory are getting better.

After class was over, Qi Xiangqian didn’t remember and didn’t understand. Yu Deshui said that he had a poor foundation and a bad temper, so he asked him to bring wine to the home for a small stove. Qi Xiangqian was speechless, saying that Yu Deshui was blindly. After Morosov finished his lecture, He Feng praised his lecture for being so good. Although Morosov will return to China soon, they will always be good comrades. Hearing that Qi Xiangqian was in Deshui’s class, Morosov decided to give him a separate tutoring. Coming to the classroom, Qi Xiangqian was teaching Yu Deshui’s notes on a blackboard. Morosov praised him for speaking very well. Qi Xiangqian is a good gun and needs some good bullets. I believe Qi Xiangqian can He is the best worker in Dabei Factory.

Mother Qi hasn’t slept yet, and wants to wait for Qi to go home. Mother Qi didn’t have a name, so she wanted Bai Ruoxue to help her out. Bai Ruoxue thought about it and wanted to keep her milk name Ying, so she called Junying. Morosov and Qi Xiangqian watched the entire Dabei factory together on the rooftop. Qi Xiangqian said that the first movie he saw from the Korean battlefield was a Soviet movie. I don’t know when they will live like that, Moro. Sov said that in the near future. Qiushi came suddenly and said that He Feng would let Molossov go there. Morosov told them earnestly that they would live like that.

Qi Xiangqian returned home, Bai Ruoxue was already asleep, and she awakened Bai Ruoxue, and asked about Paul Kochakin, whom Qiushi said earlier. Bai Ruoxue said that Qi Xiangqian had read too little, and she would find more books for him in the future. She felt that Qi Xiangqian and Baoer had the same experience, and maybe Baoer did not like to wash his feet like Qi Xiangqian. Zhao Duofu walked on the road with his two crying children. Wang Sulan was in class today. He could only take a temporary one, and the whole person was at a loss. Zhao Duofu asked Zhao Yongping to take his younger brother to play at the game facility, and then hurried to work. The women came to the class. The teacher was Yu Caifeng. Yu Caifeng taught all the new characters, Qi, and everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Cao Dehe took Kong Weixin home and found that Zhao Duofu’s two children were crying and wailing, so he hurriedly took the children to find Wang Sulan. Wang Sulan saw that the children were stumbling and was anxious to find Zhao Duofu to settle accounts. Qi Xiangqian started reading because of Yu Deshui, and chased Qiushi to read. Qiushi hurried to find Morosov, and had no time to deal with this matter. Wang Sulan punched and kicked Zhao Duofu as soon as she came up. The couple quarreled in the workshop. Qi Qiangqian hurriedly came to help Zhao Duofu get out, but Zhao Duofu scolded him in turn. Zhao Duofu had a fight and the farce ended. Master He laughed loudly, and the couple had a fight at the head of the bed, and what was going on together.

The drought this year is very serious, the Soviet side has also decided to withdraw experts, and Morosov will also leave. Morosov received the notice and locked himself in the room for a day and did not come out. He Feng lamented that he had made a lot of contributions to the factory, and this kind of friendship would never be forgotten.

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