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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 28 Recap

Luo Dong also likes Yu Jie, but he is very nervous when facing her, and even I like you can’t say it. Just then Yu Jie came to the gym and Xia Yu left, leaving time for them to be alone. When Yu Jie asked Luo Dong if he wanted to, Luo Dong hesitated, and Yu Jie thought he didn’t like him. Ren Yuan returned home alone, after he figured it out, he took the meal to the hospital and gave it to Hua Hin. The two went into the insulation room to see Xiao Feifei together, Hua Hin couldn’t help crying. Xia Yu and Luo Dong were preparing to eat together in the restaurant, when they saw Du Wei’s boyfriend and a woman cuddling, looking very close.

Xia Yu asked Luo Dong to go back first, and then called Du Wei and asked her to go to the restaurant. Under Xia Yu’s gesture, Du Wei saw that the boyfriend who claimed to be visiting from Macau tomorrow was showing affection with other women. Du Wei red-eyed immediately and wanted to go up to question, but after being stopped by Xia Yu, Du Wei angrily left. She was sitting on the stairs outside the restaurant and weeping. Xia Yu went to comfort her and made Du Wei happy in a few words. Xia Yu said that Luo Dong and Yu Jie were Huanxi friends, but now it seems that the relationship between Xia Yu and Du Wei is of the type of Huanxi friends, but they still don’t know each other.

Hua Hin wanted to adopt Xiao Feifei, so he discussed with Ren Yuan that night. Ren Yuan didn’t want to. They didn’t want children at all. But Hua Hin felt that Xiao Feifei was very pitiful, and Ren Yuan did not understand her. As a result, Hua Hin became angry about this on the night of her wedding anniversary. Luo Dong, Yu Jie and Tao Shan flew together. Luo Dong did the first takeoff. Before landing, Tao Shan asked them to swap positions and let Yu Jie do the landing. There were two problems with high speed and high descent rate during the landing, and Yu Jie corrected them one by one. Everyone came out together, Luo Dong chatted with the stewardess, but his eyes floated towards Yu Jie.

Luo Dong pretended to go to dinner with the flight attendants, but he didn’t actually go. Yu Jie seemed to see his careful thinking, stopped him halfway, and forced him to ask him whether he liked him or not. Luo Dong could only admit that Yu Jie was very feminine and took him to dinner. Taking advantage of the opportunity of flying a simulator with Xiao Mo, Ren Yuan and Xiao Mo complained about Hua Hin, causing Xiao Mo to crash twice and fall into the sea once. This is simply a stain in the history of his simulator flight. Wu Di told Xiao Mo that Luo Dong and Yu Jie had both taken off and landed, and she also hoped that one day it would be her turn.

On this day, Xia Yu took the initiative to ask him and Wu Di to make a landing. No matter if the weather is good today, Tao Shan agreed to one of them to make a landing. Xia Yu gave the opportunity to Wu Di. Wu Di’s first landing was very successful. After getting off the plane, she wanted to go to Xiao Mo to have dinner to celebrate, but because Xiao Mo was busy with exams, Wu Di did not say that she had successfully landed for the first time today. Later, Xia Yu reminded Xiao Mo to know. He called Wu Di and asked her to eat Japanese food. Wu Di, who was still a little lost, immediately smiled.

The next day, Xiao Mo went to test the simulator, but because he ate sashimi with Wu Di last night, he was uncomfortable and indirectly caused the landing to be poor. He Jun judged him to be unqualified. Yu Jie asked her father to talk about Wang Lin. Her father persuaded her to assume that she didn’t know Wang Lin. Yu Jie was very angry and didn’t eat with him.

Because Xiao Mo had gastroenteritis, Wu Di thoughtfully cooked porridge for him and prepared a light diet for him the next day for him to take to the company to eat. With Wu Di’s care, Xiao Mofei’s simulator is in good condition, which was praised by He Jun. Wu Di bought some vegetables and went to Xiao Mo’s house. Xiao Mo had to go to the company in a hurry to let Wu Di take care of himself at home.

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