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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 27 Recap

Qi Yang and his wife plan to adopt two healthy babies. Both Ren Yuan and Hua Hin can understand. They came out after eating. Ren Yuan asked Hua Hin why Hua Hin broke up with Qi Yang in the first place. Hua Hin said nonchalantly that it was because of a misunderstanding. At that time, everyone was young and it was normal to break up because of the misunderstanding. Han Liwei decided to teach flying knowledge to the children of Aifeimeng for free. Xiao Mo and everyone warmly welcomed him.

Ai Feimeng’s plan has been implemented and the website is all ready. Next, Yu Jie, Xia Yu and Luo Dong will go to teach the children about flying together. After the end of the meal, the three of them ate together. Yu Jie continued to quarrel with Luo Dong. After the meal, Xia Yu asked them to stay in place and reflect, and drove over by themselves. Blossoming cake shop opened, Xiao Mo brought a gift to her, and happened to see Han Liwei. Duoduo accidentally said that Han Liwei helped him choose the location of the store, and Xiao Mo felt that Han Liwei was not easy with Duoduo.

Xia Hang prepared some pictures of girls for Xia Yu and persuaded him to meet these girls. Xia Yu teased that his father was also single, so he could find a stepmother for himself. Xia Yu was neither big nor young, but was chased and beaten by Xia Hang. Kangkang is in stable condition recently. Wu Di and Xiao Mo took him to the aviation school. Wu Di wanted to take him to the sky, but Xiao Mo solemnly told her that Kangkang is now a patient and they are not Kangkang’s guardians and are not qualified to take him. By plane. Kangkang was also sensible. Seeing Wu Di and Xiao Mo quarreling over this matter, he took the initiative to give up the opportunity to fly.

But even so, Xiao Mo still let Kangkang see the first angle of view in the plane through the tablet, and it was considered Kangkang’s dream of flying. Lei Chen felt that the Ai Fei Meng project was Xia Hang’s image of himself, but it was strange that he actually let Xiao Mo and Xia Yu take charge of this together. Lu Qiwen told him that during the New Year, Xia Hang took Xia Yu to Xiao Mo’s hometown to pay a New Year greeting. Lei Chen felt even more that the relationship between Xia Hang and Xiao Mo must not be simple. Since the last time Du Wei laughed at him for finding a fake girlfriend to fill the front, Xia Yu began to want to really fall in love with Yu Jie.

For this reason, he asked Luo Dong to buy two movie tickets for himself, still in the Lovers’ Hall. When he arrived at the movie theater, Xia Yu hesitated again, and by this time Yu Jie had arrived, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and go in to watch the movie with Yu Jie. But to his surprise, Wu Di and Xiao Mo were next to him. After watching a movie, Xia Yu only felt embarrassed. Later, Du Taotao asked Yu Jie if he was really with Xia Yu, and the story of them going to the movies together spread throughout the company. Yu Jie made it clear that she already has someone she likes, no matter what, that person will not be Xia Yu.

Yu Jie was worried that Xia Yu would misunderstand, so she took the initiative to tell him that the person she liked was Luo Dong, because she was not sure whether he liked him or not, so she used Xia Yu to test, and after she finished speaking, she went straight away, Xia Yu felt inexplicable. Yu Jie invited Luo Dong to the rooftop, opened her mouth to confess to him, and said that he would give him time to figure out whether to accept him or not.

Hua Hin bought some supplies for Xiao Feifei, which almost made Ren Yuan misunderstand that she was pregnant. She went to see Xiao Feifei in the hospital and took the initiative to go in and hug her. Xiao Feifei had a good impression of her and stopped crying when she embraced her.

Since Yu Jie confessed to him, Luo Dong feels embarrassed. In fact, he also likes Yu Jie, but now he is not ready to fall in love with Yu Jie naturally. On the first anniversary of Hua Hin and Ren Yuan’s marriage, Ren Yuan rented a private plane to take Hua Hin to a mysterious island for vacation. Hua Hin temporarily received a call from the hospital and learned that Xiao Feifei’s condition had deteriorated, so she left Ren Yuan to go hospital. Xia Yu and Luo Dong exercise together, and he mentioned Yu Jie again.

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