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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 18 Recap

Liang Muze took Xia Chu home and bandaged her wounds, and asked her if she had seen the license plate of the car and the people in the car. Xia Chu said that she hadn’t seen anything and that her patient had died. , She was so confused. Liang Muze talked about doubts about Zhuo Ran, and said that if the gun was really Zhuo Ran, would Xia Chu want to believe him? Xia Chu was silent. Liang Muze reported the situation to Dong Zhigang.

Dong Zhigang was a little worried about the safety of early Xia, so he asked Liang Muze to take his annual vacation and spend the days at home with Xia Chu. Liang Muze was very happy, and even cooked for the beginning of Xia, and wanted to make her a durian cake, which was a little touched by the beginning of Xia. Liang Muze received a call from Rao Feng and asked him to pick up Xiaoxue home. So early Xia accompanied Liang Muze to the police station.

On the way back, Long thought that Zhuo Ran had deliberately spared Xia Chu, and also warned Zhuo Ran not to challenge the authority of the master, let alone drag them into the water, and threatened Zhuo Ran with Xia Chu’s life. Zoran was enraged and warned Long Yi that only he could decide the life and death of Xia Chu. After returning home, Migu knocked on the door and found that Zhuo Ran did not answer. He did not answer the phone call to Zhuo Ran. He also heard the sound of broken glass in the room. Mi Gu hurriedly called someone to smash the door. After breaking in, he found that Zhuo Ran fell on the ground. , His expression was very painful, Migu hurriedly called for an emergency call.

Rao Feng listened to the report. The police had found out the identity of the old ghost. Rao Feng asked about the requirements for 3D printing guns. He learned that as long as you download a program on the City of Desire, you can have a 3D printer. There is only one account called Terror Pirate who has downloaded the gun-making program in the City of Desire.

Although it is not possible to find out who is behind the terror pirate, Zoran runs a 3D printing company. Rao Feng also tends to doubt Zoran, thinking that he is very strong. He has anti-reconnaissance capabilities and knows the police’s psychology in handling cases. Just after the meeting, the forensic doctor reported to Rao Feng that he found that the old ghost did not commit suicide but killed him.

Xia Chu also recalled the scene of the crime and told Liang Muze that the old ghost did not commit suicide because he pulled the trigger with his thumb and pulled it with his index finger. The trigger will cause two different wounds. It is also said that this is only noticed by reading detective novels. This also proves that Liang Muze’s suspicion of Zhuo Ran is not established, because Zhuo Ran also knows this. He can’t neglect so obvious. Liang Muze said that he did not want to fight for a win or lose, but hoped that Xia Chu would not be injured because of the past.

Yesterday, early Xia left the job without permission, and now the patient died. The superiors punished Xia Chu for violating the hospital rules and regulations and transferred Xia Chu to the emergency department. Zhang Yichi comforted Xia Chu to be a good doctor wherever Xia Chu was. He also said that he would come back early in Xia as soon as possible. Xiao Xiao approached Xia Chu and said that he didn’t explain the change of shifts at the meeting just to protect himself.

Let Xia Chu not mind. Xia Chu knew that Xiao Xiao was selfish and stingy, but she also knew that she had no bad intentions. When I arrived at the emergency department at the beginning of Xia, I saw Migu and Zhuoran leaving from the emergency department. Before she recovered, a patient with paraquat poisoning came to the emergency department. Liang Muze finally made a durian cake.

He took the cake and went to the hospital to find Xia Chu, only to know that Xia Chu went to the emergency department. He also saw that Xia Chu was embarrassed by the patient’s family. The patient’s family thought that his child would be discharged after waking up. Without knowing how dangerous the toxicity of paraquat is, Xia Chu told him that as long as ten milliliters can cause death, his child’s condition is very dangerous, so he asked him to cooperate with the treatment. Liang Muze took the cake to the office to find Xia Chu, and asked her to taste the cake, without mentioning seeing the embarrassing scene of Xia Chu.

After Migu and Zoran returned to the company, they ran into the police to investigate the murder of the old ghost. Migu and the police said that Zoran was ill. They just came back from the hospital. With Migu’s testimony, Zoran had an alibi. Able to stand still for a while.

Xia Guangyuan was furious with Tang Lin because of the leak of data. When Tang Lin was depressed, Zhuo Ran took the initiative to find him to invite him to dinner, and framed Tang Lin’s prostitution, and went to the police station to rescue Tang Lin. After some operations, Tang Lin trusted Zhuo Ran very much, and Zhuo Ran again. Take the opportunity to seduce Tang Lin.

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