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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 7 Recap

Lucas called Zheng Qian and praised Zheng Qian’s ppt for his good work, but he told Zheng Qian that he didn’t need too much personal performance in his company, as long as he worked step by step and followed the previous standard. Exceeding the original standard will cause dissatisfaction with Party A, who thinks that they could have done well before but will not do it, and will increase the workload of others. Zheng Qian was a little disappointed, saying that he understood and left afterwards. After returning home, Zheng’s father asked Zheng Gan how he felt at work the first day. Zheng Gan didn’t say his true feelings, Zheng’s father encouraged him a few words.

In the evening, Zheng Qian studied the internal information of Huaye Media and found that there was a problem with the internal organizational framework of the company. He brought it up during the meeting the next day. Lucas asked him to talk and listen. Zheng Gangang said a few words. Cass interrupted him and said that the question he raised was very good, but today’s meeting should be endless. When there is a special meeting to discuss this issue someday, Lucas just finished speaking, and the participants left one after another. .

The list of outstanding employees came out this month. After reading the list, Lucas decided to remove everyone else and only let Zheng Qian be elected as an outstanding employee. This caused dissatisfaction among colleagues, and Zheng Qian asked his colleague Xiaoli to ask. Why did my colleagues look strange at him? Just as he was talking, Zheng Qian received the bonus from the outstanding employee. He was very surprised. Seeing that Zheng Gan really didn’t know, Xiaoli said that Lucas gave all the bonuses to the three people. Zheng Qian was hired just to flatter Cheng Xin.

When Cheng Xin picked up Zheng Gan from get off work in the evening, Zheng Gan told Cheng Xin about the incident and asked her if she had said anything to Lucas. Cheng Xin said that she really didn’t say anything, so that Zheng Gan should not wrong herself. He also said that he feels that life like this is good now, Zheng Gan’s life is on the right track, and he has enough time to accompany her.

Cheng Xin guessed from Zheng Qian’s reaction that Lucas was trying to flatter himself, so he went to Huaye Media to teach Lucas a meal. Zheng Qian was a little unhappy when he saw Cheng Xin came to the company and opened the back door for himself, and was noisy at the elevator door. After a while, I was seen by my colleagues.

Kong Hao’s parents persuaded Kong Hao to take the civil service examination. Kong Hao was originally unwilling, but he changed his mind and proposed that if he was admitted to the civil service, Kong’s mother would not arrange a blind date for herself in the future. Kong’s mother went to the civil service examination for Kong Hao. He temporarily agreed to Kong Hao. Kong Hao quickly told Yao Jiaren the good news. Yao Jiaren was also a little happy and encouraged Kong Hao to work hard for their future. Kong Hao also began to endorse to prepare for the exam. Kong Mu stared at Kong Hao at home, while Yao Jiaren stared at him outside.

Zheng Qian wrote a plan on the company’s organizational structure and gave it to Lucas, then submitted his resignation to Lucas, and assured Lucas that Cheng Xin would not trouble him. Lucas saw Zheng. He had decided to do it and didn’t want to stay. He said a few polite remarks, and then gave Zheng Qian’s advice, saying that every company is like a pond. With the conditions on which he depends, it is difficult for a fish to change the pond. Environment, but Zheng Gan still wants to give it a try.

Cheng Xin worked hard for a few days and finally made a cake. She went to the company to find Zheng Qian happily. Only then did she find out that Zheng Qian had resigned. She threw the cake to the company pantry and left. Xiaoli sent Zheng Qian a message. Zheng Qian was shocked and wanted to go to Cheng Xin to explain. He found that Cheng Xin had blackened herself again. When Zheng Qian was upset, Kong Hao called to ask Zheng Qian about the civil servant review class.

The heart became angry, and Kong Hao asked Zheng Qian to ask for more blessings. After hanging up the phone, Zheng Qian began to contact Cheng Xin, but Cheng Xin just didn’t answer the phone. After Cheng Jianye got home, he asked Cheng Xin to make a phone call with Cheng Mu, and asked her to come out for a meal with the two of them. Cheng Xin sullenly agreed.

Mo Xiaobao was going to get married in the next few days. He told everyone in his group to prepare the money. Yao Jiaren didn’t know that Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin had a quarrel. He wanted the four of them to go together. Kong Hao reminded Yao Jiaren. Cheng Xin also said that she and Yao Jiaren will go first when that happens. Mo Xiaobao was not very happy here, because Sa Sa kept sending him shopping links to order him wedding items. He was a little upset, thinking that it was almost enough, but Sa Sa wanted everything.

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