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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 6 Recap

Cheng Xin forgave Zheng Qian, but Yao Jiaren was still a little angry with Kong Hao. Yao Jiaren finally found a job as an advertising model, but Kong Hao worried that Yao Jiaren’s advertisement would be seen by his parents, so he went to the TV station to find a relationship. Yao Jiaren was taken away. Yao Jiaren was very angry and left in anger.

Yang Chenguang worked overtime at the company. When Yang Chenguang’s boss, Mr. Liu, saw that he had not left, he waited for him to take him home after get off work. Mengxi saw Mr. Liu with some doubts in his heart, so he interrogated Yang Chenguang for a few words, and Yang Chenguang replied After a few sentences, he became a little impatient and lost his temper at Mengxue. But seeing Mengxue’s grievance, Yang Chenguang was a little helpless and quickly apologized to her, saying that he was a little sad because of suspicion, and his attitude was a little impatient.

After returning home, Meng Xixian asked Yang Chenguang when she would have time in the past few days. She wanted to get the marriage certificate first, but Yang Chenguang said that she had recently taken on a big project and was too busy with work. Xixi gave himself some time and waited until after this period of work to get married. Yang Chenguang promised that he would give Mengxi a good future.

Cheng Xin persuaded Zheng Gan to go to work in the company. Zheng Gan wanted to vote for his resume first, but Cheng Xin said no, saying that he was Zheng Gan’s working resume, and asked Zheng Gan to go to work at Huaye Media, a subsidiary of Cheng Group, and wait for a while after training. Go to the head office again. Cheng Xin went to Huaye Media the next day and asked the person in charge of Huaye Media to accept Zheng Gan.

The person in charge was very flattering to Cheng Xin and fully agreed to Cheng Xin’s request. Cheng Xin arranged Zheng Qian, and when he got home, he called Zheng Qian and told Zheng Qian to go to work tomorrow. Zheng Qian was a little caught off guard, thinking it was too fast, and wondering if Cheng Xin had walked through the back door for himself. Of course, Cheng Xin denied it, and also said that Zheng Qian should give herself a reward. The reward is to let her take Zheng Qian off work every day.

When the alarm clock went off the next morning, Zheng Gan hurriedly got up to wash and prepare to go to work. When Zheng’s father saw that Zheng Gan was so motivated, he specially made breakfast for Zheng Gan. Cheng Xin was already waiting downstairs when Zheng Gan went downstairs. Uncle Wang was a little surprised when he saw Zheng Gan go to work in a luxury car. Before Zheng Qian went to work, Lucas, the general manager of Huaye Media, had already told his colleagues that Zheng Qian was Cheng Xin’s boyfriend and asked everyone not to offend Zheng Qian, otherwise the job would be gone. Lucas also took his colleagues with him. They greeted Zheng Qian and arranged a separate office for Zheng Qian.

After Zheng Qian got acquainted with the environment, he wanted to find Lucas to arrange a job for himself. Lucas walked away after a few words. Zheng Qian always felt a little weird. He felt that his colleagues were very kind to him and alienated. He asked Yaoyao in the logistics department. Yaoyao said that he thinks too much, so he can adapt to it. Zheng Qian took the initiative to find a colleague for some work, but his colleague did not let Zheng Gan help.

Seeing that his colleague Xiao Sun was very busy, I asked him if he needed any help. Xiao Sun saw that he was very sincere and was embarrassed to refuse, so he asked him to make a ppt and told Zheng Qian to copy and paste according to the materials he gave. However, Zheng Qian played freely. Xiaosun handed the ppt to Lucas but was scolded by Lucas. He had to tell the truth. Lucas sighed and told Xiaosun not to let Zheng To do any work, Lucas asked Zheng Qian to come to his office again.

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