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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 5 Recap

Yang Chenguang went home with a hangover. When he got up in the morning, Meng Xixiu made breakfast for him and wrote “marry me” on the breakfast. Yang Chenguang didn’t pay attention and messed up the words. After guessing several times, he didn’t guess it. In the end, Mengxixi told Yang Chenguang directly and asked Yang Chenguang to marry him. Yang Chenguang wanted to work hard before marrying Mengxixi, but Mengxixi said that he didn’t want a house or a car, so he wanted to get a certificate with Yang Chenguang. Yang Chenguang had no choice but to get a certificate. accepted.

After Yang Chenguang got home from get off work, Meng Xixi made a cake specially for him. Yang Chenguang didn’t appreciate it and asked Meng Xixi to save some money. Mengxi was afraid that Yang Chenguang was under too much pressure, so he proposed that he could go back to his hometown. Yang Chenguang was unwilling and Mengxi. Xixi took out the dowry money his parents gave him and gave it to Yang Chenguang, saying that her money belonged to Yang Chenguang.

Zheng Gan received a female passenger to the Four Seasons Hotel when he was driving in a special car. When he arrived at the hotel, the female passenger asked Zheng Gan to help carry her luggage. Zheng Gan kindly agreed. As soon as he put the luggage, Zheng Gan suddenly had a stomachache. After using the toilet in the guest room, after he finished using the toilet, the passenger’s lover arrived in the room. Zheng Qian was a little embarrassed and did not dare to go out. At this time, Cheng Xin called Zheng Gan, and Zheng Gan hung up after hurriedly said a few words. On the phone, Cheng Xin heard the woman’s voice, and she called Kong Hao to follow Zheng Qian’s location and found the hotel.

Zheng Gan was discovered by the passenger’s lover. While the lover was questioning Zheng Gan, the lover’s wife also came to the hotel to catch the rape. For a while, the scene was very chaotic. Cheng Xin heard the movement and hurried forward to help Zheng Gan to relieve the siege. After this incident, Zheng Qian was complained and couldn’t continue to drive a special car. Cheng Xin took the opportunity to ask Zheng Gan to go to work in the Cheng Group. Zheng Qian was depressed, rejected Cheng Xin, and Cheng Xin left angrily.

When Zheng’s father saw that Zheng Gan had driven a special car for a few days, he would not drive, and he persuaded him to go to the company to find a job first, saying that he had never worked for a day in the company, and his impression of the company was imaginary. Something is not suitable for you, at least you have to go to it first, relying on conjecture to draw conclusions is irresponsibility and evasion. After listening to these words, Zheng Qian reflected on it and felt that he was really short of something.

Yao Jiaren passed the draft primaries and successfully advanced. Yao Jiaren invited everyone to his home to celebrate. Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin did not respond. Zheng Gan wanted to apologize to Cheng Xin, but Cheng Xin was angry and blocked Zheng Gan. , And also told Yao Jiaren that if Zheng Gan went to eat, he would not go, Kong Hao asked Zheng Gan to express his position in the group first, and leave the rest to him and Yao Jiaren.

On the day of the dinner, even though Cheng Xin and Zheng Gan were here, Cheng Xin never gave Zheng Gan a good face. They didn’t say a word, and Kong Hao acted as a peacemaker to persuade them not to have any more conflicts. While chatting, Cheng Xin accidentally leaked her mouth and told about Kong Hao’s blind date, Yao Jiaren suddenly became angry.

Cheng Xin was angry that Zheng could not go to work in the Cheng Group, Yao Jiaren was angry that Kong Hao went to go on a blind date, forcing Kong Hao to take herself to see his parents, two difficult brothers and brothers got together and complained, Kong Hao gave Zheng Gan a bit of his conflict with Cheng Xin , And suggested that he buy a necklace for Cheng Xin to make her happy, but the two of them strolled around in the mall and couldn’t afford any jewelry that could be appreciated.

Zheng Qian was a little down, which was one of the reasons why he wanted to start a business. He wanted to make money to buy things for Cheng Xin by his own efforts. The two were walking and found that a kissing contest was held in the mall. When Kong Hao’s mind turned, he wanted to call Cheng Xin and Yao Jiaren over to participate in the competition. The prize is given to Cheng Xin, and it can be reconciled again.

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