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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 7 Recap

As soon as Xiao Maruko opened her eyes, she found that Mei Shiqing’s lips were close at hand. Then she knew the fact that Mei Shiqing was pretending to be blind. Mei Shiqing had to offer to compensate with gold and silver jewelry. Xiao Maruko realized that there was an excellent opportunity in front of him, so hurry The lion opened his mouth.

When Mei Shiqing saw that Xiaowanzi was about to ride on her head, she pierced Xiaowanzi’s identity as the fake princess. When she heard that Mei Shiqing was looking for Qiaoyun and Qiuhua to settle accounts, Xiaowanzi immediately admitted to him and took him. The identity of Mei Shiqing was fully revealed, and Mei Shiqing saw that Xiaowanzi must have not lied to himself, so he did not pursue it any more.

The handle was caught in his hand, Xiao Wanzi behaved so docilely at breakfast, so that Qiaoyun misunderstood that the two of them were married. When Si Heng and Qiaoyun left, Mei Shiqing asked Xiao Wanzi to take the role of the princess. Xiaowanzi avoided being sent to the government, so she agreed. When Xiaowanzi walked out of the room, Qiaoyun grabbed Xiaowanzi, and the two of them pressed for questioning. Xiaowanzi had to say that Si Heng had taken him to practice calligraphy. When this matter was over, Xiao Wanzi asked about his father’s whereabouts again, Xiao Wanzi asked Si Heng to find Lao Ba to track down He Yizhi’s whereabouts.

Si Heng looked for it, and finally saw a person on the street who fit the description of Xiaowanzi. After asking a few words, he realized that He Yizhi himself was in front of him. Si Heng wanted to take He Yizhi to see Xiaowanzi, but He Yizhi knew that his daughter was sold to Qinglongzhai. He mistakenly thought that Si Heng was a casino player, so he had to escape all the way to the mountains and the forest.

He happened to run into Xiaobao and his group. He heard He Yizhi was looking for Qinglongzhai, and Xiaobao got it I was forced to ask and found out that it was his father-in-law in front of him, so he took He Yizhi to the inside of Qinglongzhai. He Yizhi burst into Lu Yingyao’s room with excitement. He wanted to find Xiaowanzi, but saw Lu Yingyao’s face.

Fortunately, He Yizhi had a flexible mind and saw through the secret signal Lu Yingyao used, and the two played the role of father and daughter. He looked deep. After Xiaobao left, the two men began to chat in private. After hearing Lu Yingyao’s explanation, He Yizhi only recalled that the person he met that day really came to take him to see Xiaowanzi. But Lu Yingyao knew that Qiuhua was looking for herself, so she begged He Yizhi to come down the mountain in the future and must bring someone to rescue herself. He Yizhi immediately agreed.

Xiao Wanzi was also worried about He Yizhi’s whereabouts. When Si Heng was planning to go out to find a store to change Mei Shiqing’s clothes, Xiao Wanzi tried to persuade him to grab the clothes. Finally freed, Xiao Maruko quickly ran to the casino to find He Yizhi, but he still didn’t see He Yizhi. The sun was about to set, and Si Heng saw that Xiao Wanzi’s figure had not appeared for a long time, so he had to tell Mei Shiqing the matter.

When the night darkened, the timid Little Maruko ran into the Night Spirit Man again, and if Mei Shiqing began to deliberately set the Little Maruko again, Xiao Maruko would not only reveal the latest situation, but also could not restrain herself from making physical contact with Mei Shiqing. Mei Shiqing asked Xiao Wanzi about Mei Shiqing’s views on the appearance of the night spirit man. Hearing Xiao Wanzi said that he would not express his heart, Mei Shiqing couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

After listening to Lingxia’s advice, Xiaowanzi obediently returned to Meifu. Qiaoyun wanted to wash the princess, but was stopped by Si Heng, only waiting for Qiaoyun to resort to a coquettish solution, which made Si Heng soft. Qiaoyun was wondering where Xiaowanzi was, but Xiaowanzi ran back from the outside in a hurry.

Qiaoyun was worried that there would be another war between the two, so she handed the wash basin to Xiaowanzi and stepped back first. Xiao Wanzi told herself that no matter how Mei Shiqing was punished, he should not reveal his thoughts on escaping. Who knows Mei Shiqing kept talking and thanked Xiaowanzi for coming back.

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