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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 20 Recap

Ning Chengming and Li Qian were arguing about their respective positions in the corridor. Suddenly there was a power outage. Li Qian was too lazy to talk to Ning Chengming and wanted to swipe his card to go out, but the access control couldn’t be used because of the power outage. Ning Chengming was still calmer and thought about everything. There will be emergency switches everywhere, and under observation, I found that the emergency switch is on the wall.

However, neither Ning Chengming nor Li Qian alone can touch either. Li Qian suggested riding on Ning Chengming’s neck to activate the switch. Ning Chengming did not back down, but instead proposed to step on Li Qian to touch the switch. Of course. Li Qian didn’t bother to care about Ning Chengming, and finally Ning Chengming stepped on Li Qian to activate the switch.

Guanding’s money was deceived. In fact, there is also a secret gold lord Gu Lan’s money that was also defrauded by Ma Hao. This made Gu Lan very frustrated and worried that she would become a brainless person in Li Jingfan’s eyes. vase. Li Chen comforted Gu Lan, thinking that Gu Lan personally selected by Li Jingfan as his daughter-in-law would definitely not think so.

Gu Lan knew very well that if Li Chen were to use this incident to write a TV series, Ning Chengming’s missing time would definitely have some car accidents, amnesia, love, and even abandon his original partner and fall in love with other women. Li Chen Surprised by Gu Lan’s imagination, it actually made him half of his guess right. After Gu Lan heard this, he felt that Li Chen knew Ning Chengming’s whereabouts a long time ago but he deliberately didn’t say anything, and then watched Ma Hao take her money from Gu Lan to complete what is called the acquisition of Guanding.

Li Chen hurriedly coaxed Gu Lan, comforted Gu Lan not to be angry, and said that at that time Li Qian suddenly got a man back, he was also embarrassed, but this was Li Qian’s personal affair, and his brother had to take care of it, Li Chen Seeing that the money Ma Hao defrauded could not be retrieved for a while, he proposed to marry first according to the ideas of the elders, but Gu Lan asked Li Chen to cut off all the “flowers” around him before discussing marriage.

When they returned to the conference room, Li Qian and Ning Chengming had also been forced to reach a consensus. Ning Chengming proposed that Li Qian stay unconditionally for five years and not be allowed to leave. In exchange, he could keep the company’s employees. The layoffs must not exceed 20%. The rest of the employees are free to choose to stay. Yu Qingqing even thinks that Li Qian still has feelings for Ning Chengming to compromise, but Li Qian said that his current feeling of heart has disappeared, it is just a cooperative relationship.

After the meeting, Ning Chengming was invited by Cao Mei to have dinner, and he had great opinions on Ning Chengming’s acquisition of Stellar, thinking that it was for Li Qian, but Ning Chengming said that no matter what the reason, his purpose was to raise money. Fill the company’s capital flow vacancies and solve the company’s current problems.

Cao Mei knew that he was wrong, and had to agree, but she asked Li Qian to be her assistant. Unexpectedly, she was rejected by Ning Chengming. Ning Chengming proposed to ask Li Qian to be the assistant president, which was actually worse than the vice president Cao Mei. It was half a level higher, which made Cao Mei strongly opposed to it in his heart, and moved out the directors, thinking that they would not agree.

However, Ning Chengming was confident that he could persuade those directors and unceremoniously reminded Cao Mei to leave after dinner. Cao Mei returned to the car and looked at the door of Ning Chengming’s house. He suspected that Ning Chengming was suspicious of her, so he deliberately arranged Li Qian to press her on her head. In order to dike Li Qian, Cao Mei secretly found someone to watch Li Qian closely and report Li Qian’s every move at any time.

The materials and data prepared by Li Qian can be used for teaching level, but Ning Chengming still picks out a lot of faults and asks Li Qian to do it again, and also asks Li Qian to make coffee. Li Qian is angry and asks Qi Wei to make coffee. Go, but Ning Chengming said that he had been used to Li Qian’s coffee for a long time, and was so angry that Li Qian wanted to put poison in the coffee.

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