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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 19 Recap

The fact that Gu Zhe was about to sell the company made Li Qian very angry. Gu Zhe was so scared that Gu Zhe dared not go to Li Qian, so he had to ask Yu Qingqing to say something good, but Yu Qingqing also knew Li Qian’s temper, which really made Li Qian angry. I dare not persuade it. But it doesn’t work, Yu Qingqing had to euphemistically tell Li Qian that because the company owes loans, and coupled with this financing opportunity, Li Qian is not opposed to financing, only that he should not find Li Rong’s Li Jingfan.

Yu Qingqing believes that they used to make up their minds many times before. Gu Zhe would only cry when he really encountered a problem. It is difficult to know that he had paid attention once and let him go. Li Qian believed that if they didn’t care, Gu Zhe would definitely ask for help. The family members will surely be sold off the stars at that time. The stars are like their children’s hard-won. Therefore, Li Qian felt that he could not lose the stars and would continue to operate anyway.

Lu Shao found out that Ma Hao’s account abroad was actually used to confuse the audience. The domestic account has not been moved. It can be seen that Ma Hao has prepared everything in advance, but Ning Chengming believes that the money will not disappear out of thin air. Yes, as long as the operation is done, there will be clues. Lu Shao guessed that there is a ghost inside the company, but at present he has no actual evidence and clues.

Qi Wei told his guess. Since the time when Ning Chengming disappeared, Cao Mei and Ma Hao were very close, and Cao Mei had come to Qi Wei more than once to inquire about Ning Chengming’s whereabouts, so he guessed that Cao Mei might be with Ma. Hao is in a group. Ning Chengming used the two-month rent exemption as a condition to make Lu Shao responsible for investigating the details of Gu Zhezu’s three previous generations as soon as possible.

Cao Mei made something that Ning Chengming loved to eat to please her. Ning Chengming didn’t want to pay much attention to it, but coldly asked what Cao Mei and Ma Hao had said before together. Cao Mei claimed that Ma Hao had something to do with her. The heart of admiration has always wanted to be with her, but she refused.

At the same time, Cao Mei was anxious to dispel the collusion between herself and Ma Hao, and quickly explained that Ma Hao did not know anything about what she did to Ning Chengming, for fear that Ning Chengming would continue to ask, Cao Mei deliberately mentioned the previous father’s alive. At that time, it was the happiest time to have her father with her, but now she is only left with Ning Chengming. Hearing this, Ning Chengming didn’t ask more.

Although Ma Hao escaped, he was uncomfortable. The escape brought him a dark life. It also reminded him of many things that year. Ma Hao was originally just a child born in a poor family, even because he paid one yuan. Putting it in the lunch box as a tuition fee was ridiculed by his classmates. Ma Hao is also the hope of the whole family, hoping that he can take the family out of poverty. Ma Hao desperately wanted to study hard for a scholarship, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t surpass Ning Chengming.

The classmates laughed at Ma Hao for bullying Ma Hao because of poverty. Only Cao Mei was kind to Ma Hao and gave a lot of care. Ma Hao had different feelings for Cao Mei since then, and there was another one at that time. The individual is Ning Chengming. Although Ning Chengming looks cold and arrogant, when Cao Mei’s father asked who Ning Chengming would like to do the project with, Ning Chengming chose Ma Hao and thought that Ma Hao’s character is very good. Well, although it’s not smart, it’s a rare character. Thinking of this, Ma Hao didn’t feel good about it. Since he couldn’t turn back, he could only choose to leave.

The middleman, Li Qian and others waited for the buyer to arrive, but were told that the buyer had temporarily changed their position. This person had a good understanding of Stellar and lowered the price in advance. Li Qian was angry and cursed this deliberately falling into trouble. The low-price bastard, and the scolded bastard Ning Chengming has entered handsomely and asked Li Qian whether he was scolding him? He also stated that his surname has always been Ning and never changed his surname to Wang.

Ning Chengming was not satisfied with the copy that Li Qian drafted overnight, and threw it into the trash can without even looking at it, and took out the copy he drafted. Ning Chengming and Li Rong wanted to buy the star, Li Qian Naturally, I felt unhappy about the sudden change, and the two of them started to quarrel at the meeting. In the end, both parties proposed to take a break. Taking advantage of this time, Ning Chengming proposed to have a separate talk with Li Qian to calculate the ledger.

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