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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 14 Recap

Due to Nanjing’s forcible intervention, Chen Moqun had to release Zhu Yizhen, but in private he sent someone to monitor him and keep an eye on the other party’s movements. Zhu Yizhen returned home intact. She was surrounded by servants as soon as she got off the car. They felt distressed for her. At the same time, Boss Zhang dragged his handicapped body back to the tailor shop, looking at the mess in front of him, he couldn’t help feeling a moment of desolation.

That night, Gu Shenyan stood calmly in front of the window, seeming to find a few secret agents watching outside the window, and he was still the suspected target. As for Zhu Yizhen, after turning the crisis into peace, she reconsidered about the recent events, thinking of the sacrificed comrades and Lin Nansheng who was full of lies, she couldn’t help crying.

Lin Nansheng calmed down the mood that had been shaken, and continued to report to Chen Moqun as if nothing had happened, and under his arrangement, returned to work in the archives, finding flaws in Gu Shenyan’s daily behavior every day.

Since Zhu Yizhen was expelled from Shenjiang University, Zhu Xiao first planned to take her to Hong Kong, but Zhu Yizhen insisted on staying in Shanghai because she still had unfinished tasks. Zhu Xiao first knew that his daughter could not let go of the concerns, so he could only persuade Zhu Yizhen to stay away from politics with family love and the people around her who cared about her.

In the following days, the telecommunications department discovered that the higher-level radio station that the Communist Party had disabled suddenly called frequently. The director of the telecommunications department went to report the incident to Chen Moqun. Chen Moqun asked them to keep an eye on the radio’s movements, try to catch the Communist Party superiors, and unearth postmen and underground organizations in Shanghai.

The Telecommunications Division approached Gu Shenyan to declare the radio materials, and Gu Shenyan took the opportunity to inquire about the news, so as to set up Chen Moqun. Wang Shian wanted to do business with the Zhu family, but didn’t know how to proceed, so he simply called Gu Shenyan to find a way. Gu Shenyan asked Wang Shian to take advantage of Zhu Yizhen’s release this time to build a favor, and by the way, share a little dry shares with Zhou Yaoting, so that he can make a good relationship with Nanjing.

Wang Shian was delighted when he heard the words, and his mouth was full of words of thanks to Gu Shenyan. Gu Shenyan took this opportunity to contact Ji Zhongyuan by Wang Shian’s phone, and agreed on a time and place for the meeting according to the secret code. The agents followed Gu Shenyan to the seafood stall and saw him talking with Ji Zhongyuan, who was disguised as the stall owner, because the distance was too far to hear the conversation clearly.

Gu Shenyan informed Ji Zhongyuan of the secret service, and explained that Boss Zhang and Zhu Yizhen were still under surveillance, so they could neither evacuate nor do anything. If you want to really remove the spies’ control, you also need to start from Chen Moqun.

In the Secret Service, Chen Moqun deliberately guessed the actions of the Communist Party with Gu Shenyan and wanted him to express his opinion. Gu Shenyan followed Chen Moqun’s analysis. Zhang Ma went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables and found that someone had come and stuffed Zhang money and asked her to help return Zhu Yizhen. Seeing the Guangci Hospital written under the banknotes, Zhu Yizhen went alone and saw the nurse Ji Zhongyuan arranged in the hospital, and took over the task of the organization.

After leaving the hospital, Zhu Yizhen came to the bank and took out the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee radio station from her safe. The following agents saw Zhu Yizhen carrying a large suitcase around the street, guessing that there must be a problem inside, and then reported to Chen Moqun. Gu Shenyan deliberately left the secret service, pretending to be secretive, and even indirectly revealed the room number to Lin Nansheng.

Lin Nansheng believed that it was true, and immediately went to report to Chen Moqun. Chen Moqun compared the routes of the two and determined that they were going to meet at Huizhong Hotel, so he led many special agents to rush. Faced with Chen Moqun’s sudden intrusion, Gu Shenyan was very surprised and took the initiative to get up and ask about the situation. However, Chen Moqun turned a deaf ear to this, only to confirm whether the two had exchanged handbags, and then forcibly opened the suitcase that Zhu Yizhen had brought, only to see the equity distribution book and many gold bars in it.

At this time, Zhou Yaoting, Wang Shian and Zhu Xiaotian came out from the side, apparently gathering together to discuss business. Zhou Yaoting was very dissatisfied with the appearance of Chen Moqun, thinking that the other party wanted to seize Zhu Xiao’s first bribe to himself. So in front of everyone, Zhou Yaoting rejected Zhu Xiaoxian’s cooperation and decided to report Chen Moqun’s behavior to Nanjing.

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