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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 12 Recap

The first time Ji Zhongyuan received the news, he rushed to the restaurant based on the secret code. He sat quietly at the next table to order, listening to Wang Shian complaining to Gu Shenyan, complaining that Chen Moqun did not treat him as a deputy.

The webmaster puts it in his eyes, and it is now a decoration. When Gu Shenyan saw Ji Zhongyuan appear, he pretended to be comforting Wang Shian, but in fact revealed the news of Chen Moqun’s arrest in disguise, but Wang Shian was unaware of this, and even thanked Gu Shenyan for his righteous speech and took the initiative to toast to him. .

As for the interrogation room of the Secret Service, Lin Nansheng knew that Chen Moqun and Hu Daoyi were monitoring the conversation outside. In order to prevent Zhu Yizhen from being tortured, and due to the accusation of identity, he had to resort to radical generals to show that the reason why he approached her was nothing but for the sake of preventing Zhu Yizhen from being tortured. In the clues of investigating the Communist Party, there is nothing truthful about every sentence previously said.

Zhu Yizhen was shocked and indignant. She insisted on proving her innocence. Regardless of her relationship with the Communist Party, even Chen Moqun was helpless and had to admit that she had underestimated this daughter. Chen Moqun questioned Lin Nansheng, asking him why he suddenly ran back to the dormitory, and anything that Zhu Yizhen had said. Lin Nansheng thought about Zhu Yizhen’s accusation of the KMT for harming his compatriots, and was struggling for this. In the end, he still had reservations about Chen Moqun and just found an excuse to prevaricate.

Wang Shian discovered that Chen Moqun sent someone to follow him, and he was so angry that he called the other person in directly. Gu Shenyan took this opportunity to go to the bathroom and successfully met with Ji Zhongyuan and exchanged known information with each other, including the arrest of Zhu Yizhen and Fuan. thing. Chen Moqun asked Ji Zhongyuan to notify Zhu Xiaoxian first, and get in touch with Zhou Yaoting, deputy director of the Nanjing Special Service Department as soon as possible.

Because Zhou Yaoting’s relationship with Chen Moqun is at odds, Chen Moqun believes that the contradiction between the two should be used to rescue them, and all evidence of Zhu Yizhen’s connection with the Communist Party should be erased as soon as possible. Otherwise, even Zhou Yaoting himself would be difficult to help. Ji Zhongyuan escaped the eyes of the secret service, and finally met Zhu Xiaoxian and explained the situation to him and the fact that Lin Nansheng was a KMT spy.

In order to rescue his daughter, Zhu Xiao immediately called Nanjing and invited Zhou Yaoting to Shanghai to deal with the matter. He immediately informed the family that no one was allowed to use the phone to prevent being monitored. The servants were very worried about the safety of the eldest lady, but Zhu Xiao first tried to stabilize everyone’s mood, pretending to be calm and relaxed, saying that it would be resolved soon.

Hu Daoyi interrogated Fu’an severely and forced him to tell the truth. However, Fu’an refused to admit that Zhu Yizhen was a Communist Party, even if he was tortured to a degree. Zhu Yizhen heard the screams of Fu’an next door, and was panicked. Lin Nansheng recalled what Zhu Yizhen had said, and began to question the identity of the party-state and the way he dealt with the Communist Party.

Seeing that Fu’an has never been able to compromise, Chen Moqun has no choice but to find a breakthrough from Zhu Yizhen. The bruised Fuan was dragged to Zhu Yizhen, thinking that she would break through the psychological defenses and confess. Unexpectedly, when Fu’an saw this, he repeatedly denied Zhu Yizhen’s identity, reminding her in disguise that she should be silent.

Just as Chen Moqun was thinking about other methods and was preparing to serve Zhu Yizhen to change her mouth, unexpectedly, the Nanjing Special Service Headquarters called and informed Chen Moqun that she was going to receive Zhou Yaoting who had come to Shanghai. After learning of this, Chen Moqun understood that the postman had already acted and was able to contact Nanjing in such a quick time, and he was even more worried about the next plan.

Because of this sudden change, Chen Moqun was very passive. Before Zhou Yaoting arrived, he took Zhu Yizhen and others to the outskirts, and shot them to death one by one to intimidate Zhu Yizhen. Seeing all the comrades sacrificed, Zhu Yizhen almost collapsed when it was Fu’an’s turn.

Chen Moqun found that Zhu Yizhen was still stubbornly resisting, so he shot Fu’an in front of her and asked Lin Nansheng to execute Zhu Yizhen himself. Lin Nansheng tried to be calm and tried to plead for Zhu Yizhen, but Chen Moqun used a gun against his head as a threat, but Zhu Yizhen still gritted his teeth and insisted that he had never contacted the Communist Party.

Seeing that the method completely failed, Chen Moqun had to take Zhu Yizhen back. After all, she was Zhu Xiaotian’s daughter and couldn’t deal with it rashly. As the car started and drove away, Zhu Yizhen saw through the window of the car that the victims were thrown into the pit and buried by the secret agents, and she was deeply saddened.

Returning to the interrogation room, Zhu Yizhen was completely lost and let the other party hold her in the interrogation chair. Chen Moqun asked the secret agents about Gu Shenyan’s behavior yesterday, and learned that he and Wang Shian went to the hotel and did not show any strange behavior, including the monitored phone calls.

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