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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 16 Recap

He Feng said that Qi Xiangqian lacks respect for teachers in thought. They are veteran engineers for decades, and even engineers often ask Yu Deshui for advice. He Feng bitterly told Qi Xiangqian that he is now the leader and can no longer rely on his temper. Although Yu Deshui has some old society thoughts, his work ability is really nothing to say. He Feng felt that Qi Qiangqian was a good piece of steel, but he needed experience.

He asked Qi Qiangqian to think about it and gave him a bottle of medicine, saying that it was for Qi’s mother to treat his stomach. She kept all the food she could eat. It was given to them, and he just became hungry and became a stomach ailment. Wang Sulan hurriedly threw the child to Qi’s mother and ran to the hospital to prescribe medicine. Qi’s mother has been very popular with her children since she left. Cao Dehe took a piece of material and said it was for Somerset and Qiushi. They will get married next week. This is unintentional.

Yu Deshui posted Qi Xiangqian’s review at home and asked Yu Caifeng to read it to him, but the more he listened, the more things went wrong. Liu Guiqin was a little disgusted, but Yu Deshui was very proud. They couldn’t make innovation without him. Yu Deshui took the children to the restaurant, and Liu Guiqin complained a few words.

Somerset and Qiushi took photos and got the certificate. Bai Ruoxue passed by and saw the two leave side by side. She was more happy than sad. Although Bai Ruoxue never regretted choosing Qi Qiang, there was a certain position in her heart from beginning to end. Leave it to Qiushi. Cao Dehe took out an old object to give it to Qiushi and Somerset. One of them is an engineer and the other is a doctor. Sooner or later they can use it at home.

Bai Ruoxue put away her previous clothes, completely changed to a new style, put on her apron and started cooking. Qi Xiangqian went home and saw that Bai Ruoxue’s outfit was a little strange. She felt that the clothes she wore before were more beautiful. Bai Ruoxue said that she had become a leader and that it was inappropriate to wear the previous clothes. Qi Qiangqian thought that revolution and beauty were not contradictory.

Qi’s mother turned out a piece of fabric to sew the quilt for Somerset. Marriage is the most important thing in a woman’s life, so she will replace it when Somerset’s mother is absent. Qi’s mother knew that Shengjie could not bear the grievances of marrying Qiushi for a lifetime, and they were very good match. When Qi mother heard about Somerset and Qiushi, Bai Ruoxue and Qi Qiangqian, she asked, she had no other meaning, marriage is really involuntary. Although there is no relationship between husband and wife, they have come together these days.

How great is the fate of Qi’s mother, Qi’s mother hopes that they can pass this hurdle from the bottom of their hearts. Somerset said that their friendship was forged on the battlefield, and of course it will not disappear. Qi’s mother wanted Somerset to be a girl for herself, but Somerset happily agreed. Qi’s mother also gave Somerset the ring on her body, and the two were worthy of their mother and daughter. Qi’s mother combed Somerset’s hair once. This is their custom. After marrying, she was a daughter-in-law of someone else’s family. Shengjie was deeply moved.

Bai Ruoxue made steamed buns, remembering that Shengjie and Qiushi were getting married, but Qi Xiangqian felt that it was inappropriate to care or not. Bai Ruoxue felt that they needed to open their knots, and went to Dao Xi together at night. Qi Qiangqian refused. After thinking about it, he decided to go with Bai Ruoxue. Bai Ruoxue complained about him carefully. Qiushi and Somerset’s wedding did not invite anyone, nor held a grand ceremony, in line with their style. Qiushi wrote a poem for Somerset, and Somerset suddenly asked Qiushi if he would miss Bai Ruoxue.

Qiushi said that he would never think again from now on, and only Shengjie would have in his heart. The knock on the door suddenly sounded, it was Qi Xiangqian and Qiushi who came, and several people were a little embarrassed. Wang Sulan was busy taking care of the children, and Zhao Duofu made a meal, and the two of them murmured again because of the money. Zhao Duofu coaxed Wang Sulan, and when he talked about the marriage of Somerset and Qiushi, Wang Sulan mentioned that he had sent a letter to Somerset.

Qiu Shi helped Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue pour wine, and the four clinked glasses. Qi Xiangqian changed his method to adjust the atmosphere, but Shengjie kept his face straight. Bai Ruoxue said that they are the most important friends in their lives, so they don’t want the previous events to affect their friendship. Somerset quickly explained that they had come too suddenly, and they were eating openly, but when he spoke forward, she didn’t know what to say. . Qiushi hurriedly took out some cakes, and Shengjie said that Qi Xiangqian was insincere, and Qi Xiangqian said nothing was right, and everyone was speechless.

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