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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 15 Recap

Bai Ruoxue came to visit Qiushi, and saw that his room was messy and helped clean up. Qiushi’s attitude towards Bai Ruoxue was very different from the past. Bai Ruoxue was also startled. She persuaded Qiushi not to wrong herself in this way. Qiushi asked her, Choosing him between himself and Qi Xiangqian back then, are you completely disappointed in him? Bai Ruoxue said, many things are not as simple as imagined. Although everyone thinks that they are more suitable together, many things in the world are counterproductive.

Qiu Shi thought that the reason Bai Ruoxue chose Qi Xiangqian was because Qi Xiangqian had a good background and a good political outlook. It is indeed good for people like them to find such a big tree as a support. Bai Ruoxue was a little angry. Of course, choosing a person was based on a comprehensive consideration. She has not fallen so far as to trade her marriage and love. Everyone chose their own path, and Qiushi still blessed Bai Ruoxue and Qi Qiang.

Before leaving, Bai Ruoxue persuaded Qiushi to say that Somerset was a good person, and hoped that he would consider it. Bai Ruoxue’s attitude towards Qi forward was still cold, and Qi Xiangqian had no choice but to ask her how Qiushi was hurt and whether she had eaten the bread at home. Bai Ruoxue was obviously uncomfortable going to see Qiushi Qiqian, but Bai Ruoxue said that she would not turn a blind eye to her former friends because of Qi Xiangqian. Qi Xiangqian tossed over and over again and said that she would care about him together.

The review of Qi Xiangqian and Yu Deshui was posted on the bulletin board, but Qi Xiangqian pulled Director Cui to talk about what happened yesterday. Director Cui believed that Qi Xiangqian did not fundamentally solve the problem ideologically and decided to let Yu Deshui He Qi Xiangqian will be suspended from today, and when will it be resolved and when will it resume work. The work of Yu Deshui and Qi Xiangqian were taken over by others, and both of them had no work to do. Bai Ruoxue’s recent changes have changed a lot. The bureau specially conducted field investigations for her joining the party. Her brother went to Taiwan and his family had a business in Tianjin, so the director could only persuade Bai Ruoxue not to be discouraged. Qi Xiangqian ran to find He Feng, but He Feng made it clear that he did not want to see him, so Kong Shiju persuaded him to untie the knot by himself.

Qiushi made balls and sent them to Shengjie, and there was a note on it, saying that they are all people who have fallen into the world, so why do they have known each other before. Qi Mu asked Qi Qiang to give Yu Deshui a few beanbags, but Qi Qiang refused to die, and hurriedly chased him when he saw that Qi Mu was about to go personally. Qi Xiangqian put down the beanbag and was about to leave, but Yu Deshui made him pour the wine with a stinky face, and sat down and drank the glass of wine. Qi Xiangqian had no choice but to drink one cup after another, and Liu Guiqin hurriedly stopped.

But Yu Deshui told her not to mix with her on the grounds of an old lady. Qi Xiangqian quarreled with Yu Deshui. Yu Deshui said he could fight a war, but he would not do it for the rest of his life in the factory. If they could successfully drive out the car ahead of time, he would lead Qi forward at the celebration party. Pedal. Qi Xiangqian fainted and fell straight down. Liu Guiqin was so frightened that she quickly helped her up.

Somerset came to return the lunch box, and when he saw that there were many books in his room, he chatted a few words. Both of them couldn’t forget the past. Somerset suddenly wanted to understand. She decided not to leave, and wanted to start a new life. She advised Qiushi to let go of the burden. They shouldn’t stay in this meaninglessness. Status. Yu Deshui and Qi Qiangqian drank until the evening, lying on the table and complaining to each other. Liu Guiqin mixed the wine bottle with water and sent it over. The two didn’t taste it. Qi Qiangqian collapsed.

Qiushi and Somerset went for a walk together. Speaking of the meatballs made by Qiushi, he said that this is a famous dish in his hometown called braised lion head. Somerset also talked about the days when he was cooking in the army. The two had a good conversation. , Suddenly mentioned Bai Ruoxue and Qi forward. Qiushi suggested that Somerset change her dress.

The dress now does not suit her. She used to be more real, but now she doesn’t follow her heart at all. Shengjie asked Qiushi if he didn’t hate Bai Ruoxue and Qi Xiangqian at all. Qiushi smiled frankly. He only has blessings now. Somerset suddenly reached out to invite Qiushi to dance, and the two danced on the street. Qiushi held Shengjie’s hand tightly, and he wanted to jump forever like this. Somerset became a little shy and ran away in a hurry. Bai Ruoxue waited on drunk and Qi forward, and her heart was full of anger.

The young man suddenly came to Yu Deshui with gongs and drums. He said that he had held a meeting some time ago and deeply realized that on the road of innovation, he should not rush to success, and sincerely apologized to him. When Yu Deshui didn’t catch up, Master He persuaded him to step down. They also took out a review written by Qi Xiangqian, but Yu Deshui felt that his attitude was not correct because he did not show up.

Everyone wants to be Yu Deshui’s apprentices. After all, real knowledge comes from practice. Under the mediation of Master He, Yu Deshui finally reconciled with everyone. Qi Xiangqian resolved the protracted battle with Yu Deshui. He Feng believed that he was right to support young people’s innovation, but there were problems with the methods.

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