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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 26 Recap

All airports in Shanghai were closed due to the typhoon. Wu Di and Late Xia failed to fly to Shanghai to watch the concert. The disappointment on Wu Di’s face was obvious. Hua Hin went to the hospital to see the child, Xiao Feifei, who was born on the plane. He happened to have his first love Qi Yang. After the two chatted for a few words, Ren Yuan called Hua Hin. He was already outside the hospital waiting to pick her up. Qi Yang chased it out, leaving Hua Hin’s call. Ren Yuan’s man’s intuition made him think Qi Yang was not easy, so he asked Hua Hin who he was, and Hua Hin admitted that Qi Yang was his first love.

This next post is far from calm. At first, I thought Hua Hin’s first love was an ugly and fat person. Now I see that his figure and appearance match his own. Facing the jealous Ren Yuan, Hua Hin only found it funny. Wu Di was still regretting that he could not go to Shanghai to watch the concert. Xiao Mo sent a message to her and planned to take her to Macau tomorrow. Wu Di still had some expectations, but it turned out that Xiao Mo had brought himself to the planetarium, speechless and a little lost. Hua Hin wants to go out temporarily to meet with Qi Yang, so Ren Yuan is at home alone.

Qi Yang asked Hua Hin to come out to listen to her opinion. His wife is in poor health and has not been able to spoil the child in the past few years. If he can’t be pregnant, he will see if he can adopt an orphan. Hua Hin said this was a good thing, but he still had to ask his wife’s opinion. Hua Hin returned home and explained to Ren Yuan why Qi Yang had asked him to go out. Ren Yuan died of anger and honestly gave her hot dishes. Wu Di came back from Macau and talked to Du Wei Xiao Mo about not understanding romance. In fact, Xiao Mo is very good now, but she wants him to be more romantic.

Wang Lin of Donghai Airlines came to Midsummer Airlines to learn and communicate. In the next period of time, she will get along with everyone as a preparatory flight attendant. Wang Lin’s temperament is very good, she is also very humble, everyone thinks she is easy to get along with. Only Yu Jie looked different when she saw her, because she remembered that Wang Lin seemed to be her father’s affection. Wang Lin’s first flight happened to be flying with Yu Jie, but Yu Jie pretended not to know her and put the coffee she handed aside. Captain Yu could see that Yu Jie knew Wang Lin.

Luo Dong’s father became more and more ill and had just finished the operation. Luo Dong came to see his father. The second sister said that his father wanted him to come back and take over the company. Luo Dong was very surprised. Xiao Mo, Wu Di, and Tao Shan flew to Paris together, and Xiao Mo asked her to go to the tea restaurant she wanted to eat together after getting off the plane. They rested in the hotel, Xiao Mo sent her a message, and waited for her in the lobby. Wu Di was half an hour late when she accidentally saw Li Yanbing and Xiao Mo come down together. In front of Li Yanbing, Wu Di was not upset.

After Li Yanbing left, Wu Di let out his anger, Xiao Mo comforted him, and Wu Di had just calmed down. Xiao Mo received another text message from Li Yanbing in the tea restaurant. He was not good at explaining that Wu Di was completely disappointed, leaving Xiao Mo to go to Republic Square. Fortunately, with Du Wei’s help, Xiao Mo learned that Wu Di was in the square and immediately went to Wu Di. Xiao Mo comforted and apologized again, and Wu Di died out. Xia Yu saw Luo Dong’s sad face, and when he asked, he realized that Luo Dong had the idea of ​​not being a pilot and wanting to go home to help because of his father’s illness.

Xia Yu explained Luo Dong in a few words, and Luo Dong understood how he should choose. Ren Yuan accompanied Hua Hin to see Qi Yang and his wife. They learned that they wanted to adopt two children. The adoption application has been submitted. Now they are only waiting for the final review result. Both Ren Yuan and Hua Hin think this is good.

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