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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 25 Recap

Lei Chen expressed to Lu Qiwen his expectations of him, but Lei Chen’s importance put Lu Qiwen under a lot of pressure. Wu Di accompanied Xiao Mo back home to visit his mother. After sitting down, Xiao Mo said that he had already met Wu Di’s mother. It was a misunderstanding last time. Xiao’s mother was very happy when she heard it, and prepared meals for them with a smile. Wu Di ate spicy food and coughed. Xiao Mo brought her water very thoughtfully. Xiao’s mother saw it in her eyes and knew in her heart that her son really liked Wu Di.

Before going to bed at night, Wu Di suddenly saw a spider in the room and was too scared to sleep. Xiao Mo came to the room to play on the floor to accompany her, and soon fell asleep, leaving Wu Di alone and awake. Wu Di is a spoiled princess, not used to living here, but she can get used to it for Xiao Mo. The next day, she also offered to let Xiao’s mother teach herself some hometown dishes in the future. Sometimes Xiao Mo missed the dishes made by Xiao’s mother very much. Xiao’s mother was unexpected and pleasantly surprised, but she didn’t expect that Wu Di would actually cook for Xiao Mo herself.

In Macau, Xia Yu just came out after the meeting, and unexpectedly saw Du Wei walking by holding a man’s hand. After the man left, Xia Yu stepped forward to inquire and learned that the man just now was the boyfriend who let Du Wei pigeons last time. His reason was that he was transferred last time, so he didn’t come to meet her. Du Wei simply believed it. Xia Yu felt that Du Wei had met a liar and kindly persuaded her, but Du Wei kindly regarded her as a donkey liver and lungs. Xiao Mo and Wu Di went to the warm house to see Kang Kang, and Kang Kang is now recovering well.

The two left from the warm home and walked on the country road with their bicycles. They talked about each other’s relatives and family affairs. When the two began to talk to each other about their parents’ parentage, it meant that they loved each other more and more deeply. Now it seems that Xiao Mo and Wu Di are like this. Today Yu Jie was flying in rotation, Luo Dong came over, Yu Jie deliberately asked about Xia Yu, and also teased Luo Dong and Xia Yu’s relationship. Xia Yu sang love-lost love songs while driving, torturing Luo Dong in the co-pilot.

It happened that they came to the company, Gao Kai took two tickets for Faye Wong’s concert and gave him two tickets, saying that it was given by Xia Hang’s friends. He thought young people should like to listen to Faye Wong’s songs, so he asked Gao Kai to give the tickets to Xia Yu. . Xia Yu didn’t ask for it. He accidentally learned from Du Taotao that Wu Di also wanted to listen to Faye Wong’s concert. He immediately turned back and went to Gao Kai to get the two tickets back. Xiao Mo went to dinner with Xia Hang, and heard that Xia Hang said that he had two tickets for Faye Wong’s concert, and Xiao Mo wanted to buy the tickets in Xia Hang’s hands.

Xia Hang generously stated that the ticket was with a friend of his, and he could send it to Xiao Mo directly when he came back. Xiao Mo was very happy when he heard it. When Xia Yu heard Xiao Mo and Yu Jie talking, thinking he already had a ticket, he knew that his plan to go to the concert with Wu Di was ruined, so he had to invite Yu Jie to watch it together. Xia Hang wanted Gao Kai to help him ask Xia Yu to return the ticket. Gao Kai didn’t want to do it. Xia Hang could only go out and cook two bowls of noodles for Xia Yu, and successfully returned the ticket.

The next day, Xia Yugang told Yu Jie that the tickets for the concert were gone, and soon Xiao Mo handed the tickets to Wu Di. He was absolutely wrong, and he went to ask Xia Hang to find out that he had given Xiao Mo the ticket. Xia Yu was very upset, and Xia Hang was puzzled. It was only after Gao Kai explained that Xia Yu liked Wu Di, and Xiao Mo was now a rival in love. It may also be that the sky is not beautiful. There is a super typhoon in Shanghai, and the plane cancels the flight. Xiao Mo and Wu Di’s original plan to go to Shanghai to watch a concert is ruined.

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