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Market of Love (2021) รักล้นแผง

Ruk Lon Paeng (2021)
Other Title: รักล้นแผง, love overflow, Market of Love

Genres: drama, romance, comedy
Phumiphat Sangwanvorakul
Jomjai, Chairat
Channel 7
Release Date:
June 12, 2021 –
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  • Ratree Wittawat


Sia Ruai (Santisuk Phromsiri), a former charismatic merchant Build yourself to become rich as the name suggests. Open up “Rich Mitr Market” according to your dreams. But the day when dreams come true Her beloved wife came back and died, leaving only Noo Rung (Chetinnara Phongpeeradet), the daughter who was richer than Chong Ang Huang Khai. Sia Ruai prevented the young men from approaching the rainbow mouse. Like the rainbow mouse that has had a gland for her father (instead of her mother) since she can remember. No matter which girl comes close to Sia Rich, it must be considered by Rainbow Rat first.

Sia Ruai hopes that Noo Rung will manage the market on his behalf. But it’s stuck in the place for Noo Rung, this world is driven by Passion. Moreover, Sia Rich never asked Noo Rung to help in the marketing work from the beginning. Noo Rung’s Passion is not marketing management like her father wants. But it’s going to study abroad in order to find something you like. Or to be called simply, Noo Rung is a young tyrant.

with much love for children Sia Rich did not dare to offend Nu Rung. But plans to set conditions for Noo Rung to join with Bee (Ploypailin Tangprapaporn), net idol Yod Fallo Noi, to open a shop “Farm Rak”, a non-toxic vegetable-fruit shop. And if within 1 year, Noo Rung can make a profit of 2 million baht. Sia Rich will allow Noo Rung to study abroad as he wants.

But letting Nong Rung come to open a shop in the market Instead, it’s a risk that Noo Rung will have a young man coming to sell dumplings and Yiam (Thanakorn Sribanjong), a handsome, forward-thinking man. He seemed to be the one who made the heart of Mr. Nootist shake. Visit was a friend in elementary school of Mon (Nattapat Chiraphasut), a soybean seller with a calm face and a small talk, and Sae (Mongkol Saatbunyapat), a chao Kuay shop merchant, Saiha Jomkalon, two mischievous people who persuaded them to come and open. A stall selling grilled pork at Ruay Mit Market

And I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or what. causing Noo Rung to divide the area in front of Farm Rak’s shop to visit and open a shop selling grilled pork “Ping Yim” next to each other, even though Sia Ruai is not happy to have her most tenacious daughter stay close to Yum. But he has to remember because Yim is a cousin of Toei (Saithan Niyomkarn), the owner of a karaoke shop that Sia Rich is following.

But then, it seems like the heavens will favor Sia Rich. When Noo Rung accidentally hears that Sae Chuan visits the incense stick, he vows to flirt with Noo Rung in order to get money to pay off Mon and Sae’s debts. Which is great, will get both Noo Rung as a girlfriend and get to sell things in the market for free. Rung immediately pinned that great is a scammer. and she will never be fooled by this cunning merchant.

Even though Nu Rung has a bias against Yim but not discouraged Trying to prove to yourself that you are sincere with Noo Rung. and never thought of joining the plan with Sae In addition, Ying also helps Nun Rung from the tumultuous problems that arise in the market. Because of the unusualness of each panel tenant who is diligent to create stories every day, whether it is Jae Mao (Ratree Wittawat), a seller selling chili paste, Pak Zaab who can do everything to sell things. The owner of an egg shop, riotous Jae Hom (Natthamon Sinothok), a seller selling dry goods, the most extreme, Jadung (Wittaya Jetaphai), a former policeman who turns into a motorcycle rider, ice cream (Wor) Risara Artmontri), a girl selling smoothies who diligently seduces young men throughout the market; and Sib Thit (Nawapaiboon Wutthananont), a passionate young minister. who like to come around and flirt with Rung Great’s number one enemy.

when coming in contact with the life of the market people Makes Noo Rung and Yim know that the big obstacle that makes the market people not have the will to develop the Rich Mitr market is informal debt that everyone is a debtor of Sia Ma (Watchara Pan-iam), a cruel creditor with a volatile mood. who like to use their underling twins like Haus (Pong Anan Wangsitidej) and Hai (Phasawat Wangsitidej) to collect interest Noo Rung would like to help solve this problem. Therefore, he used his knowledge of the finances he had learned to suggest a plan for debt relief for the market people. with Sia Rich and Great as reinforcements Until finally, everyone can open their eyes and open their mouths without relying on informal loans anymore.

Sia Ma is angry that Noo Rung has come to help the market people pay off their debts. Therefore, he planned to let his subordinates burn the Rich Mitr Market. by giving Nu Rung Shop a fire source in order to imply that the rich burned the place Yii heard of all the plans of Sia Ma, so together with Mulberry, Sae, and Siddhith, they successfully captured the ticks and lice. But he could not stop the fire at Noo Rung restaurant Great to take risks to save Rainbow’s life without fear of death. Makes Noo Rung confident that she truly loves and is sincere with her.

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