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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 21 Recap

Friends found that Lu Miao was abnormal in recent days, so a few friends discussed how to make her happy, and thought about a few things that made Lu Miao sad. There was no way to prevent Lu Miao’s parents from getting divorced. The only way to get Grandpa Lu Miao to recover as soon as possible is to start with Jiang Haoyue and think about whether there is any way for him to stay and not go abroad.

Shi Che asked Jiang Haoyue to meet on the rooftop, saying that he had never considered Lu Miao’s feelings. Lu Miao cared about him so much. Now that he has encountered so many sad things, why Jiang Haoyue chose to leave at this time. Jiang Haoyue said that she hoped that Lu Miao could live well, and only if she left her to live well. Shi Che expressed incomprehension of his words, so he used the radical method, saying that he wanted him to leave so that Lu Miao would be with him.

Although he was really happy about Jiang Haoyue’s departure from Shi Che, he hoped that Lu Miao would be happy. Seeing Jiang Haoyue retreating and then retreating, he was really angry. In the end, he decided to use the radical method again and origami plane to Lu Miao. He confessed that he knew that Lu Miao would not accept his confession with a high probability, but the result was not important. The important thing was to provoke Jiang Haoyue’s urgency through this incident in order to keep him.

Lu Miao could not accept the fact that Jiang Haoyue was about to leave. He was very depressed. Dad Lu looked at his daughter like this, and took her to the beach. He took out the “water rocket” he made when he was a child. The shape of the rocket was filled with it. A note with troubles written on it can be launched into the sea and sky with water, so that troubles can be taken away together.

Shi Che prepared airline tickets for 195 countries around the world for Lu Miao. He wrote the name of each country on a piece of paper and folded it into a paper airplane. He threw the airplane down from the top floor and confessed to Lu Miao with a loudspeaker. She was willing to accompany her to every country she wanted to go to. Lu Miao didn’t realize that this was a confession to herself at first, so he shouted out all the countries he wanted to go to. The moment Shi Che said “I like you”, the horn broke, which may be God’s will. Xie Ziye downstairs saw a paper airplane. The city above was Switzerland. She clipped the airplane into her book.

Shi Che failed to confess in public with a loudspeaker, so he confessed again to Lu Miao in front of Jiang Haoyue in the corridor. Jiang Haoyue couldn’t bear to continue listening and left directly. After receiving Lu Miao’s negative answer, Shi Che suddenly changed his face and pretended to be joking. When Lu Miao returned to the small bookstore, Xie Ziye couldn’t stand it anymore, and directly told Shi Che that she really liked her. However, at this time, Lu Miao already had the boy who really liked her, and he really couldn’t accept Shi Che’s. like.

Xie Ziye’s male assessment has already produced a full score, that is Qu Wei, Xie Ziye decided to confess to the senior as he originally wanted. Qu Wei directly refused Xie Ziye’s confession, because he knew that Xie Ziye didn’t really like him from the bottom of his heart, saying that he must first meet that person before he can feel like it.

Jiang Haoyue was about to leave the country, and Jiang’s father didn’t want his son to leave, so he cautiously tempted him during the meal, saying that he could help him reject Jiang’s mother. Jiang Haoyue was relaxing by the sea, taking pictures of the most beautiful sunset scenery for Lu Miao, leaving the computer down when she left.

Xie Ziye saw Shi Che look lonely on the court, so he took him to the amusement park to try various exciting projects, Shi Che released the haze of confession failure in the shouting. Lu Miao met Jiang Haoyue at the door of the class and realized that he was angry at him a few days ago, so he apologized and put on him the amulet he made by himself.

Lu Miao came to the beach to relax and stumbled upon Jiang Haoyue’s computer on the beach. She secretly opened it and found the video that Jiang Haoyue had recorded for herself. She was very sad while watching and crying. In fact, she was very dissatisfied with Jiang Haoyue.

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