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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 20 Recap

Grandpa Lu Miao came to the city hospital for treatment. After returning home, he saw that his mother was still unwilling to forgive his father. At night, Grandma Lu Miao wrote all her life with her grandfather Lu Miao over the past few decades in a notebook. Seeing her haggard grandma, Lu Miao comforted and said that her grandpa would definitely get better.

The school has started the annual third year recommendation. Jiang Haoyue has decided to go abroad and has given up the opportunity to fight for the recommendation. Jiang Haoyue accompanied Lu Miao to visit her grandfather after school. Seeing that Lu Miao was depressed, she could not tell her about going abroad.

That night, Jiang Yi discovered Jiang Haoyue’s application for going abroad. The father and son had a big quarrel, and the content of the quarrel happened to be secretly heard by Lu Miao who had come to send Ping An Fu. Lu Miao’s mood was even worse when he was in a bad mood. When he was waiting for the bus the next morning, he heard Jiang Haoyue’s TOEFL speaking course in his earphones, and suddenly became a little angry.

Jiang Haoyue received a call from her mother. Her mother rented an apartment for him in a foreign country. She was famously afraid that her son would be uncomfortable living with her current family. In fact, she still didn’t want to be due to Jiang Haoyue’s arrival. Will disturb my good life now. On the one hand, he can’t worry about his son in China, and on the other hand, he thinks that his son is a cumbersome. How can Jiang Haoyue, who is so smart, fail to understand his mother’s thoughts on such arrangements?

Jiang Haoyue recalled that when she had just recovered her legs when she was a child, her mother came to her and begged her to take her away, but her mother cruelly refused. At that time, it was Lu Miao who hugged herself and said she was with her. Recalling this, there are hundreds of flavors in my heart that are beyond words. That night, Jiang Haoyue recorded all her thoughts, and prepared to leave it to Lu Miao after she left.

Lu Miao was in a depressed mood. He took his pet chicken Congcong while walking on Binhai Avenue. When she met Su Daifei who was running and working out, Su Daifei told her that if she didn’t know what to do, she would run forward. s answer. After speaking, he continued his fitness.

Grandma Lu Miao went out to exercise and was stuck on some gangsters asking for money. Jiang Yi met by chance and beat the gangsters away. Lu Miao’s father bought a new sofa that his wife had always wanted in order to make Lu’s happy. However, Lu’s mother asked to return the sofa after returning home, because now is when the money is needed, and there is no spare money to buy something that is not urgently needed. thing. Seeing that his mother had to pull money on everything, Lu Miao’s grievances that had been accumulated for a few days vented out of his anger.

When Father Lu learned that Jiang Haoyue was about to go abroad, he talked with him, saying that if he wanted to find her mother and want to live a better life, then he agreed with it. If Jiang Haoyue regarded herself as a burden and didn’t want to disturb Lu Miao’s family anymore. , So I don’t agree with him going abroad. Over the years, I have always regarded him as his own son. Jiang Haoyue expressed his gratitude and touch for this, but the intention to go abroad has been determined and will not change.

The next day, Lu Miao came to the hospital and apologized for losing his temper at his mother. Lu’s mother also realized his wrong mentality. When Jiang Haoyue was packing her luggage at home, she found the video of her birthday with Lu Miao when she was a child. She recalled the two people’s childhood and childhood, so she went to the beach for a walk and left the city that grew up. He didn’t want to leave Lu Miao either.

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